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  1. dang I'm mr 18 don't tell me their's more silly MR test that have completely nothing to do with the game play, what do you have to do on this one? grab a pubic hair off the infested while standing on one foot while the ground disappears after 1 second when you stand on it?
  2. Archwing 2.0. well said, hated Archwing 1.0 got to ask my self do the developers even play this game? any good review is nothing more then a money grab fail see you next year..
  3. Where to start I run mine on a separate hard drive but I do have it hooked up to the sata I also use Windows 7 instead of Windows 10 due to a lot less resources no defender running in the background . Also I have automatic updates off and do it manually , don't need windows to be checking while I'm playing. I also run a straight version of Window s with out manufactory bloat .
  4. I hope you realize forma and a harrow chassis is a joke? right sarcasm...
  5. and replace it with something else ! maybe a harrow chassis or a forma...
  6. yeah Im trying to do the nightwave daily and can't do any either lol! tried ash and Ivara use to be able allday while invisible
  7. long troll story short she rocks Tenno
  8. Ive had W.O.H with 21k buff and had been one hitted lol!
  9. yeah i get some troll that says yicky yak I'm back and steals from me, how do get rid of him?
  10. I was up to the ship skin next in line award and did 3o minutes kuva and elite sanctuary and another that gave 4.5 and I did not rank up and get the ship skin WTH?
  11. ok I did 2 7000 nightwave quest and one 4.5 and never ranked up to the ship skin when it was next WTF ? bugframe?
  12. ok thanks for the info Nora wasn't very pacific
  13. it was under the second from left bellow the help clem mission pretty sure it just said kuva survival
  14. I tried it twice the timmer hit 0000 but still stay 30 minutes and no Nora Night lipps ...
  15. shame almost make the argument mod worthless and even at 50% it's still a hell of a buff
  16. ok using the the argument mod that allows me to apply this buff to other players but finding it really difficult to target them in the cross hair unless they stand still, is their another way to target , cycle through team members to apply this buff?
  17. will agree on that I had the steam version then dumped it due to steam always screwing up and did not want steam to run in the background just to chew up ram
  18. stance works as it should have, now my favorite melee wep and Ember I like it ...Kuva Ill pass
  19. and the Kuva cr@$p just another archwing , i got to ask my self sometimes do the developers even play the game ?
  20. I just bought him and he ain't worth the effort or the plat
  21. I think he's more comical then practical, wish he farted a toxic cloud killing all enemies in a 40m radius
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