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  1. Wait a minute. Aren’t all the builds the same right now? Profit Taker is out on all Platforms, and so is Nightwave. If not totally, they are at least nearly in sync.
  2. Names are very important to me. Will I get to choose my alias or will it automatically use my Xbox gamer tag?
  3. I feel like, with Nightwave releasing simultaneously on all platforms, we’re getting closer to build synchronicity. So that’s promising huh?
  4. Things crossplay would add to the game: Being able to play with friends from other platforms. You know. Friends. People you enjoy spending time with. Sometimes they aren’t on the same console as you, and they may not feel like spending 300+ dollars to remedy that. Not to mention it’ll be easier to find people to group up with for certain content when all the player bases are pooled together. Things item sharing would add to the game: If you played for years on one console, spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars, and then started over on another- you lose everything you purchased. If you have to ask why this is a huge deal, it just means you’re fortunate enough to have never changed platforms. Then again, you play on the Xbox apparently, which is the second best platform to play on next to the PC, so of course you wouldn’t understand the need. Heck, depending on the person, Xbox might actually be #1, just because of the difficulty and cost of building/buying and maintaining a high end PC vs having what is essentially a high end PC pretending to be a console for only a couple hundred bucks...I mean...it’s pretty neat. Btw, if anyone wants to add me as a friend on the Xbox, my gamer tag is Fat Gregory.
  5. Actually, you know what? No. I'm going to play Anthem after all. It's like others have said, DE isn't going to learn anything if I keep giving them my money. If I do play Warframe at all, I'm going to challenge myself by going entirely FTP. I know Anthem is an unfinished mess right now, but fudge it, I always regretted not getting the Founders pack in Warframe. Legion of Dawn + Pre-order bonuses, you're mine. Including the GameStop exclusive Pre-order bonus, the Edge of Resolve Vinyl.
  6. I mainly just bookmark streaming sites. To keep track of what episode I’m on and stuff. Since some of the shows I watch have over 500+ episodes, losing my place can be a real hassle. + my various profiles on various sites. And I guess stuff that I want to look at more in-depth later.
  7. I like the way you put this. This is a nice and concise summary of what I’m doing. I may not be doing it well, but this is what I’m doing.
  8. Look, dude. It not okay. It never gonna be okay. You hear me? Just cuz’ you don’t curr don’ mean the rest of us gotta let it go, you feel me? Item sharing is nothing short of an absolute necessity, cuz’ no customer deserves to be disrespected that way. Just cuz’ you fine getting screwed over don’t mean you can come in here shouting “it all good”. It ain’t.
  9. People pay hundreds of dollars for cosmetic items. Hundreds. Just to make their space ship look prettier during the loading screen, or dress up their virtual cat or operator. “Fashion frame is the true endgame” as they say, and primed cosmetics are the one thing you can’t farm or trade for. So why on God’s green Earth WOULDN’T they place immense importance on making sure those of us who actually do shell out for them feel satisfied? People like me keep this game afloat. Make it profitable, worthwhile. Hundreds of dollars. For cosmetic items. And the moment I change platforms, all of it goes up in smoke. I wouldn’t even mind starting over, speaking personally. I wouldn’t mind having to repurchase or recraft my weapons or Warframes. It’s fine. But making me repurchase those cosmetics? And worse, making me wait years to do so? That’s called biting the hand that feeds you. Of course, there are those who would be even less forgiving of losing their progress. People who invested hundreds of hours, and bought Forma, and credit and affinity boosters, who worked their fingers to the nubs trying to create the perfect builds. But me, I’d redo all of that. I just want my exclusive cosmetics. It just ain’t fair when paying players lose the stuff they paid for just because they decided to play on a different platform. It’s disrespectful when only PC players get to keep their stuff but the rest of us aren’t even considered. There ain’t never gonna be a good excuse for that.
  10. In all seriousness, having a themed clan, with members renaming themselves to match the theme? #ClanGoals Maybe I’ll try to start a themed clan on Xbox.
  11. No. No. You’re right. I should at least hold back on repurchasing frames and cosmetics I had on other consoles. Yeah, guess I don’t always elaborate enough. I’m the opposite of concise. They did say item sharing was a lot more possible in January, as a way of introducing crossplay slowly and in increments. And it is majorly important to me that the stuff I spend money on (Primed Cosmetics and Vaulted Warframes) stay with me when I start over on another platform. As for platinum, they can generate as much of that as they need- but it’ll probably only be usable in the in game marketplace. I think they call it “free platinum”. I once got 7400+ of it for reporting an exploit.
  12. I know, I was there. That’s not what I asked for. I asked for more frequent unvaultings of cosmetics only. So as to not affect the player run marketplace. So stuff like Limbo Prime cosmetics or the cosmetics from Primes that haven’t been vaulted yet (but for all intents and purposes, their cosmetics might as well have been vaulted since once a new Prime Access comes out the cosmetics are no longer available for purchase and won’t be until that Prime has been Vaulted and Unvaulted) can be on sale again. So, to clarify. Let’s say someone wants to buy Mesa Prime Access Accessories after the Mesa Prime Access has ended in a month or two. With the current system they’d have to wait until Mesa Prime is vaulted and unvaulted again before having a chance to purchase them again. What does it take, 2 years for a newly released Prime to go back into the vault? That’s how long it took for Banshee Prime to get vaulted. So it’ll probably be 3 years minimum before anyone can buy Mesa Prime’s cosmetic items again. I’m saying they should rework it so that’s not the case. So that, more frequently, those cosmetics would go on sale again. Also, take note- Jim Sterling compelled DE to make improvements to the game by complaining about how messed up that aspect of the game was. That’s exactly what I’m doing. Do I need to become a popular game critic for DE to listen to me? 🤷‍♂️ Probably.
  13. I’m mad at myself, because I at least wanted to wait to rejoin until they introduced the new player experience that was teased, but literally NO OTHER GAME CAN HOLD MY ATTENTION FOR MORE THAN A FEW DAYS, ARRRGGG! 😭 What am I going to spend my day doing if not playing Warframe? Cleaning? Cooking? Volunteering at the local soup kitchen? Pbbff. (Actually, maybe I should consider doing those things regardless 😑 prolly won’t though...) I was hoping that Anthem would tide me over for a couple months at least but...that flopped.
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