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  1. Increases the value of stuff people can't farm anymore. For example, before unvaulting, i could get a Mirage prime set for like 30p, now that she has been vaulted, her prices have been going up, ofc i say Mirage, but the same applies for any other item.
  2. Sorry, but although the idea seems great, you have to consider how it will affect the game. Prices of stuff going lower makes sense, after a certain amount of time, more and more people can drop those parts, dont forget that what balances everything is the fact that items go into rotation because of vaulting.
  3. You can change your region ingame. Go to the optios and select either EU or USA and you will find lots of players.
  4. That's not issues because of lack of power of the console, they are just bugs. Again, with the Old blood, amny ps4 players were complaining about how the performance dropped considerably, and guess what, we didnt have that issue, nor xbox players.
  5. I dont have any issues with this. I was expecting thew update to be released for every console in early 2020 anyway.
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