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  1. I have the corpra skin, it was taken out, but now I have it and I didn't get any message. A bit confused.
  2. Few bug reports: Since the update reopening the game after waking up the Switch from sleep sometimes hangs for long periods, and has completely frozen once forcing me to restart the Switch. Certain energy sources are absurdly bright in Cetus (Ki'teer Sekhara is so extreme it causes visual bugs as seen in the pic) Since Buried Debts every time I try to enter Orb Valis after doing other content the game will crash. Going to Orb Valis immediately after restarting seems to always work fine. When using motion controls, if you aim very slowly (like to make a little aim adjustment while mining/fishing, lining up a headshot, etc.) the camera will initially behave as expected, but will quickly stop moving, and then try to recenter your aim back to where it was prior to you moving the controller (essentially fighting you to go the opposite direction). This seems like it may be an anti shake measure for motion controls to try and keep them from being jittery (i.e. the camera thinks little movements are unintentional so it tries to keep the camera in one place). It has been this way since launch and has become extremely frustrating. Hoping it can get fixed ASAP. Thrown spearguns deal extremely reduced damage to Nova's antimatter drop (unmodded Ferrox throw should deal 650 damage but instead deals 150 damage, Scourge should deal 700 but deals 200, Javlok correctly deals 450, but does not deal additional damage for each round left in the magazine as intended). Switch Pro controller motion sensitivity is still extremely low even at the highest setting.
  3. Awesome can't wait! Quick question: will we ever get the ghoul purge event? It's never happened on Switch so nobody can get the Hunter set mods. Worried about thermia fractures returning since it was mentioned they'd be like ghoul events. If so that'd mean Switch would never get them...
  4. Looks great! Will probably pass on this one, but will definitely grab one whenever it's a Nova skin. 🙂
  5. Things are weighted heavily in favor of vets with the elites providing the most standing. Newbies will benefit most from the slots, forma, potatoes, etc. but if they can't do enough challenges to get them that really sucks. We need more ways to get more standing (fugitive captures give an insignificant amount) so new players can still work through the ranks even if they can't do a kuva survival or eidolon etc. Also prices need to be looked at for the cred shop or some stuff needs to move to invasion rewards or something. It would take over a year of nightwaves to get all the helmets and you'd need to forgoe all auras, nitain, vauban, potatoes etc. Those used to be early game things to keep occupied and feel rewarded while working through the starchart but now they're an insane gated grind. Everything sharing cred makes it feel like you have to choose what to miss out on (i.e. I want a potato, but that means I don't get my alt helmet or nitain). I've been trying to get my family into the game and my dad will start playing tomorrow, but I feel like things will be much more rough for him than they were for me just three months ago. Hoping nightwave 2 makes big improvements mostly for his sake and other newbies. I really like the system generally, but some of the numbers behind it are really off. Thanks!
  6. Yay! Can't wait for more tennogen as well. Thanks for the hard work. 🙂 Will this have the new augment mods by chance? Also hoping I can get a quick vid of a few bugs still causing me a headache. Will post it if I can.
  7. There's a very VERY tiny amount most noticeable in grineer hacking. If I press A right as the spinning cursor hits a block it might make it to the middle of that block before triggering (meaning if you hit A at the end of a block you'll probably miss the block). It's milliseconds in any case that never really matters, even in hacking. If I'm connected to a super laggy host than there will be large delays both input and otherwise (doors taking seconds to open). That's totally separate though.
  8. Here are my issues (all controller related) which continue to be a problem after the Fortuna rebuild. The third one especially has become quite frustrating since I discovered it. Really hoping for a fix! Thanks. 🙂 1) Switch Pro controller sensitivity is insanely low for some reason. 2) Mapping the recenter camera button to A, B, X, or Y makes you unable to use the corresponding warframe ability when holding R. 3) There's a very weird drifting/recentering bug when you try to use gyro slowly as you might when making little adjustments to line up a headshot, or if you just move your hands a little when running around. Hopefully I can make a vid to demonstrate, but you can reproduce it easily. It's most obvious when trying to make a long range shot with a scoped weapon like the Vectis, so if you want to test it I recommend taking a sniper into the Simulacrum with some paused targets. I'll try to describe it here: ..........X.......... .........🎮......... The x is your targeting reticule, 🎮 is the controller position. Your hands are still, it doesn't move. Good so far. If we slowly turn our controller to the right the camera should turn to the right. ..........:.....X.... ..........:....🎮... We're gradually turning to the right (the : shows where we were initially aiming/initial controller position). Great. But wait, now the camera stopped moving even though we're still turning the controller. ..........:.....X.... ..........:.........🎮 Now stop moving the controller and keep it totally still at that position. The camera will slowly go back to the initial spot and stop there. .........X.......... ..........:.........🎮 You have to be very smooth with your motions for it to go back exactly to the spot it was at, but even if you aren't, it'll still fight you to go backwards. Also if you keep trying to turn with gyro rather than stopping, it'll alternate between going the way you want a little, stopping, and going backwards a little. If this happens when you are trying to aim at an enemies head it's infuriating. At first I thought it was aim assist or something, but I have that off as well as the melee auto targeting. If you aim quickly/snap your shots you can mitigate the problem, but that isn't particularly easy. Of course being at very close range also makes a difference since it requires less little adjustments to your aim.
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