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  1. Maybe it's Friday evening and they're more concerned with just getting the damn patch out so we don't have to wait until Monday, be patient and grateful.
  2. It's a Tennobaum miracle! Thanks for getting this to us, and before the weekend no less!
  3. No one is saying you shouldn't voice concerns here, just don't be an antisocial prick about it. It's really not hard. I haven't been mindlessly slobbering over DE here, but I'm trying to be respectful and treat them like humans. Spamming this topic with nothing but negativity and petulance like some people is counter productive. I hit quote instead of edit on that other post.
  4. Is there a way to block posters that I can't find? There are some really petulant whiny babies whose posts are adding absolutely nothing and I'd rather not have to read them any more. Edit: there doesn't seem to be a way to do so in mobile, gotta do it in desktop
  5. An alternative to extending the prime vault period that I also think would be reasonable is to give us a few alerts with guaranteed vaulted relics as a reward, kind of like the Saryn Prime alerts earlier in the year. While I definitely do appreciate the 2 relic packs we will get with the update, it's entirely possible for those to give us zero vaulted relics. In my experience the average is 1 vaulted relic per pack, with frequent 0 and the rare 2. I don't think I've ever seen 3, but it could be possible.
  6. Thanks for the update, and for the alerts. That said, I hope there is some recognition that some free blueprints doesn't really make up for 3+ weeks of lost farming time, and for two of the rarest primes on the Switch. I don't think it would be entirely unreasonable to extend this prime vault period a little bit to make up for it.
  7. You think Nintendo would give employees a week and a half off during the busiest and most important time of the year for a video game company? They got Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving. They'll be back at work Monday. Chill.
  8. I've played on switch since launch and spent hundreds of dollars since then. If anyone has the "right" to be frustrated, it's me. And I'm kind of frustrated. Of course, it's frustrating. But because I'm an adult, I recognize that as frustrated as I am, I'm not nearly as frustrated as people at DE are. You honestly think they just don't care? This is awful PR and they're definitely going to take a financial hit from this. Not to mention there are humans on the other side of the computer and it just sucks to have to read comments from upset, angry people. Get a grip on reality, it's just a game and you can still play it while waiting for the patch. If a patch being delayed makes you genuinely upset you should probably step away from the video games for a bit.
  9. People see what they want to see. It says "tomorrow at the earliest" and people see "the patch is definitely coming out tomorrow!"
  10. I'm petty sure the cert process has nothing to do with how buggy the game is and is really just to make sure the update doesn't brick peoples switches or introduce vulnerabilities, like for hacking etc
  11. Yeah I just wasted 100k syndicate standing to get a bunch of Valkyr and Saryn relics, which is kind of a bummer
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