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  2. and it might take em years before they would even think about buffing or reworking a weaker warframe
  3. the major point is that rivens are basically like lootboxes but for weapons, as for operators, umbra modes, corrupted mots, etc those arent RNG you basically upgrade them and nothing else, as for rivens they are RNG, which encourages people to go for lootbox like ways to bait people in, as if rivens were removed imho and the devs focused on weapon balancing, it would make things alot better and less RNG like.
  4. controversial opinion but the helminth system is overrated: ive never crafted the helminth system and i still managed to enjoy the game without the need of replacing warframe abilities like everyone is saying, i like warframes with their default ability kits, it keeps their originality, and but thats my opinion, the real problem i want to mention is the fact its a nightmare, because not only can you can you take one good ability from a weak warframe and slap it onto a meta frame which makes meta frames more broken and weaker frames more terrible is it makes it easier for the
  5. same for the arms being attached, i do feel like its a good design because it allows for better movement and allows for the limbs to reattach themselves back onto the mech if it gets torn off, which makes the limbs unique compared to other mech designs, it can also further increass durability because the limbs dont need to be repaired if they can just reattach like a magnet with ease.
  6. and what are they? ya need some almond milk?
  7. at deimos and fortuna throwing almond milk at people
  8. based on this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=%&^YQn81xNA
  9. but come on cant they fix the current mech by buffing it a bit?
  10. eh they are just as bad, they want to do all these sacrifices just to fuel their BDSM kinks
  11. but still cant they just buff the current one to be a bit more potent in melee combat to?
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