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  1. Yep, got the same Problem. @[DE]Rebecca Can you help us Switch players with that one? Nobody can do the Sortie Disruption.
  2. Still can't understand the Oberon Unvault, but thanks for Tigris/Galatine and especially the Captura fix! 😊
  3. I'm also wondering for both the Captura Contest AND Dojo Contest. How are we supposed to participate when the fix is only coming in the next update? Looking back at the last few Updates, I actually don't think we get the fixed Update that quickly. Any thoughts on running both Contests for a longer time or at a later date for Nintendo Switch players?
  4. @[DE]Helen Captura on Switch is broken since the new Update. That means Switch Player can't participate!
  5. If you use the Simaris scanner the visuals are completely broken.
  6. I don't do Liches until the Murmur Grind is smaller. Maybe make them spawn in regular missions. I don't want to play 2 to 3 hours of missions just to get some clues.
  7. So...you needed half a year to find some good spot where console player can get the ephemera? Why not put it to Baro half a year ago when PC player got it?!?
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