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  1. Every drop works for me so far...but never the ducat drop. 😞
  2. @[DE]Helen Great News Helen, I did what @(NSW)bluedrag wrote and it's fixed! So...I have Warframe on my internal memory and somehow the Updates/Hotfixes got downloaded on the SD-Card, even thought I had free space on the internal memory. And thats the problem, after I took out my SD card and reinstalled Warframe everything is fixed. The loading times are now super fast and I don't get kicked out of the groups anymore.
  3. Happy for you, that it fixed your problem. I also redownloaded Warframe and have it on my system memory and it's still the same. Writing back and forth with the Support guy and already told him that there are many people with that problem and the only thing he suggests is to check my internet connection. 😕
  4. Did the same thing and nothing changed...still can't join matches.
  5. Hey guys, I wrote a message in the new "Wukong Deluxe Update"-Thread and linked every thread thats about this issue, hoping to get finally an answer from DE or at least that they acknowledge this issue.
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