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  1. I can get this but there goes issues with this as there are in direct ways of health drain on frozen frames while in op. Sometimes frames will be vulnerable while you are in op mode which really sucks as when the animation times out the delay between shift ot and in your frame can kill you a lot. Its puinshing you for no reason and it gets annoying just dying because i shift into operator mode and forget to dash away.
  2. Any plans on reworking steel path rewards in the future, the only good ones are just the kuva and emphemras. Its like arbitrations, it was made to be difficult but inadvertently became a farm spot, Arbitrations being an endo farm while steel path is just a resource and kuva farm. Will Ally and Enemy get tweaked, when we have builds ands set ups the rely on enemies or allies working properly it hurts when they dont. Namely mind control, SotD, Wukongs 1, sand clones, spectres, black excal, and more Wonky AI. My Clone can see through walls but doesn't know that he cant shoot through them. an
  3. You do know that DE Spoiled Nezha prime about a week ago. And also its not hard to predict primes, especially knowing what frame cam before the last. Dont try to act like there are people who like to spoil it. 9/10 DE lets things slip out of the crack way to easily.
  4. The game is smart with keeping players. The idea is you grind to make the grind better. As you play warframe, do quest, gain standing, and more, you will get better gear to kill enemies quicker and better, you will protect targets better, you will be able to last longer in missions. And the sensation of getting better is like crack for your brain. When you hit your first red crit, when you hit 1k damage you will want more. You will go to hitting 1k, 10k, 100k, and more. This encourages players to play longer and more.
  5. i can understand that, the status change in m opinion still leaves a poor taste in my mouth with how things were done. High pellet count weapons suffered alot more than other low pellet based shotguns due to the fact they just only multiplied status instead of giving more status based on weapons. Theres a massive dps difference from tigris prime and santi tigris. Hell tigris has a high status chance over the prime one. Thats because the tigris has one less pellet than the prime therefore making tigris a better status shotgun than tigris prime. See the issue. The status for weapons have changed
  6. Thank you for the confirmation Danielle. Seeing that makes me feel happy.
  7. I have the fears of things being changed without being announced. We’ve had many stealth nerfs and changes.
  8. Just curious, i can see how this works but there are some situations where this calculation does not apply to shotguns/High pellet count weapons. For an example the shots for the redeemer prime has 30% status chance while having 10 pellets. its proper status per pellet is 9%, is the pellet status not includes or is there something else. This is not apparent in the corinth prime as it shows up as 9% on the builder and wiki. But if you were to go to Pyrana prime it shows up as 12% status in the builder but have a 3.6 status per pellet. I believe that the builder may have some slips in the status
  9. Short range for a gun blade, It beat other meele wepaons for range. Also gotta use weeping wounds. Ive seen people use the same for redeemer to make use of viral heat or crrosive heat all the time. Also by undesirable i bet you the "Slash or bad" type of guy as your looking for forced slash procs from a high crit high damage gunblade knowing it would be one of the best if not best meele weapon in the game. I believe slash would be cool but broken knowing it would just make it broken good. Like Tonfas, Scythes, swords, daggers, and more. Its very "original" to have another red crit meele weapon
  10. 1) Not Needed 2) Not Needed 3) Also it arguable which is better but ive seen a majority go for stropha over redeemer for its hard hitting crits and punch through
  11. Thats the best thing, Lmao it doesnt need any. Aldo that tek mod is better than Exodia hunt.b
  12. Artemis bow with concentrated arrow has faulty dps due to the lack of its bonus crit chance. It shows up as the same crit chance as normal and charged shots. Another issue s the fact that Charged shots for some reason have a negative sustained dps. Finale issue is incorrect damage numbers according to the wiki. Artemis has 1680 damage on the wiki vs Warframe build which shows 2,100 damage. just some errors with artemis bow here and there Concentratd Arrow wiki Artemis bow wiki edit: i can see some confusion as artemis bow on WB has 1,680 puncture damage.
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