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  1. This year give them time were 15 days in the new year
  2. As the title states. You cant equip synth charge on kuva brakk and pyrana prime. the mod in general has many issues thats been ignored for ages. Not the only thing from fortuna that has many issues that hasnt been looked at. *Cough Profit Taker Cough*
  3. I hope so, the ogris base looks like a dirty lava lamp with a sack, the drakgoons projectile would look wicked with the augment, and the sthalta's skin look slick and sexy. and they all look clean with the fact that they ditch the factions style of o wapons so the ignore scratched and dirt.
  4. can you check out the weird vombvolyst spawn patterns. they were messed with during this update
  5. Can you take a look into the upcoming bug with vombvolyst spawns that changed the spawns of vombs next to the gara lake. it was a changed that came out of nowhere and still hasnt been talked about.
  6. lol i have enough parts to make 3 sets f braton vandal from the last i remember. but i need a bp
  7. few things Nice Nezha and Rhino Kubro Rhino Kubrow
  8. until its made official in patch notes, players will continue to think this is a bug. Just make it public
  9. So its like Nova's Star count scaling with duration and is 100% going to confuse players if they don't use the wiki or info from other players who figure it out by messing around with mods.
  10. cool any plans on adding status? 15% is hard to work with, especially with the archmelee mods we have as of right now. P.S. I realized skana has 1% more status than the IronBride
  11. thats in the arcana update for us, yes i know pc got it already. we just have to wait some more
  12. i can tell this must be god awfully annoying but seeing the video and you swapping out of archgun mode makes me think that you say out loud "mother f@#$!" mid mission. Especially when you went out your way to kill the first drone lmao.
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