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  1. While this is definitely progress, this bug still hasn't been fixed.
  2. Still present with Hotfix 25.4.1, which I was hoping would address it thanks to this blurb:
  3. They're in Simaris' shop now. That was literally added this update. Did you even read the patch notes?
  4. This bug is still present after being introduced all the way back in March, and while its severity seems to have gone down over time due to the previously restrictive requirements in order to escape it being lowered at an unknown time, it's still present and still hasn't been acknowledged. This has manifested for me as well. Kogake has been removed from my profile.
  5. Bug still present on 25.0.0. Notably, some time ago actually, pressing the melee key will instantly free the player from the bugged state with no swap tricks or similar required.
  6. It's been 3 weeks since I've bothered updating this thread. Still bugged. Yawn.
  7. Still no fix for: Also, might as well throw a new bug report into the ring, now that a few of these are getting fixed.
  8. I wasn't expecting a fix for this from a simple unvault hotfix, but could DE at least acknowledge the exalted melee bug that has been plaguing the game for two months now?
  9. Yes, as the title suggests, it occurs with all exalted melees.
  10. It is not a standalone issue, happens on all exalted weapons.
  11. Hm. I must have missed a different one, then.
  12. Still no fix or acknowledgement: This has been a game-breaking bug for any frame using an exalted melee weapon for a month and a half now, and I can't even get a comment on the thread. Are you ignoring me intentionally, or are the bug reporting subforums just there for show?
  13. Still present as of 24.7.2, still no acknowledgement from Digital Extremes.
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