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  1. I retract my message pending further “investigation”. Seems my positive review was way too rushed.
  2. Haha. Points well taken. And no, you are right in not assuming. But that goes for assuming me NOT knowing as well. ;) I have been hugely critical of DE for a long time. But I am also very fast in admitting when they get something right. But ofc not with the same perseverance as when they are wrong. Even the most subjective thing becomes objective if enough people agree. They just never REALLY know as they haven’t set up anything to reliably receive feedback. Which is crazy. Feedback is EVERYTHING for any company. But like what I was on about with my analogy with the plane landing, it’s quite normal not to be showering people with praise for doing what they are supposed to be doing. DE created the (sometimes) exaggerated negative feedback they receive. People start yelling when they feel their words fall for deaf ears anyway. When they stop yelling, they stop playing. The disconnect is sometimes mind boggling. Sometimes when I hear them talk about stuff on stream I just go: “U wot. U wot. U wot.” 😳 E.g. when Steve very recently, with a very serious and kinda happy with himself look on his face, said and I’m paraphrasing here: “… that’s why we introduced the changes to RJ with the Corpus RJ. Brought those mission types (nodes) into RJ … we bridged the game as people wanted …” I was almost in shock. In disbelief. Wasn’t sure if he really meant it, or it was a bit of corporate waffle. Because, you know, not only is that NOT what anybody asked for it’s also completely wrong. Jamming Starchart nodes into a system is NOT bridging the game or bringing the islands together in any meaningful way. What they did there was just relegating the actual RJ to being a secondary mechanic. Doing less RJ IN RJ no less. A taxi between starchart nodes. And then taking it a step further FORCING the whole squad OUT OF RJ to do a Starchart node. That was a crazy move. Instead of splitting up the squad all still working to solve a common goal. Which also opens an actual point in min/maxing the squad itself. Bridging means getting the systems to naturally overlap. And overlap does not mean stopping one thing completely to do another thing. I might as well just stop playing RJ, go do Hydron and then go back into doing RJ. Bridging would have been actually implementing RJ the way they introduced it at TennoCon (kinda some of it). The way Liches were supposed to work, the uplink etc. etc. etc. And bringing only the “final stand” with Liches into RJ isn’t bridging either. Whereas having the possibility to farm murmurs in RJ as well as the Starchart absolutely WOULD be bridging. It’s no wonder some people have their heads explode when they say stuff like that with that amount of misplaced confidence. Let’s talk admissions briefly. As far as I’m aware they don’t really do them at all. And I don’t know if that is a Canadian culture thing, but I do know it does not work on the global stage. It actively works against them when they gloss over things. They say they are doing stuff, make promises etc. and then just seemingly abandoning it without a single word. The last time I saw any kind of admission was when Megan said this on a home stream in regards to them not releasing Primary Kitguns when they promised they would; “Oh. Primary Kitguns didn’t come out yet. That’s our bad.” - and she said it by chance you know. I was really annoyed they didn’t come out when they said they would and it was never talked about at the time. But I instantly calmed down a bit when she said that. Even tho it was just random. That’s literally all it takes sometimes. And when they don’t do stuff like that people feel disrespected. It’s kinda human relations 101. Admit when you’re wrong. Definitely do not make it seem like you’re still right but enough people are wrong so you have to change it or roll back a knee jerk reaction/change you had/made. Say you didn’t think it through, say you misunderstood, say something. That doesn’t mean people will think less of you. They will feel more connected and heard. Like they are part of it like before. And then they wouldn’t have to tell you those things all the time. Get in front of it as you would in politics. In regards to the “LEAKS”, they probably WERE real. Which is one of the reasons they just pushed back the Dev workshop surely. Lol. Now that’s a disconnect if I ever saw one. Jesus 😅 Lastly, right back at you mate. Been a pleasure. Fun to have an actual convo. Also wherein we are latently talking to a third silent party. Lol GG! 🙌🏾
  3. No offense taken what so ever. And I completely agree with most things you are talking about. I don’t need to look any of that up as I’m very much on top of it. Although I’m pretty sure your reply wasn’t really aimed at me as much as it was aimed at DE. ;) Buuuut we have to try something and not give up on them. And me totally berating them will certainly not work. If we give up, then we might as well just stop playing. And I’m not quite ready to do that (again 🙄). Lol And in regards to criticism of changes, implementations, DE misreading their audience, not really understanding what we actually enjoy about the game, how we play and why etc. etc. Then I will argue that certain creators ARE right 90 % of the time. DE are people like us. I understand they take things personally sometimes (alot of times). Especially when criticism is aimed at something they made. E.g. Just look at how happy they were with Yarelis idle animations. They absolutely loved it. The chat on stream was also mostly over the moon. And I haven’t seen anyone in the community sharing those feelings (some do ofc). They seem to sometimes get bogged down in the positive feedback loop which is their streams and the chat. Feeling good about everything they present, and thinking that the feedback they get on streams is anything to go by in general. It’s not. With a disconnect like that feelings are bound to get hurt, and they are bound to think everyone else are just out to get them. But they have to get over stuff like that. That’s their job. At the end of the day we are ALL working to make this game as good as it can be for as many people as possible. There isn’t really room for personal subjective feelings. And they simply HAVE to listen to their community, even when it hurts. I hope they read my post, and if it did ANYTHING at all, that’s something. Not really much more we can do.
  4. You focusing on the next update is totally fine. Just make it a bit better than what you came up with in regards to “Command R10”. ;) Not that it’s bad, bad. Just not sure that’s what anybody expected after you guys saying you were holding off until you came up with something really good. I kinda like it, but don’t seeing it making any difference as it’s not exactly needed in the current state of RJ. But we’ll see. 🙌🏾 - In regards to the upcoming melee nerfs. Please, please involve a mix of players that actually know why so many of us enjoy melee. It’s not all about the effectiveness and damage. And hearing you guys talk about it on streams is really, really frightening and a bit cringe. Especially Scott and Geoff: Scott; “… it makes no sense. You can’t even see what is going on…” (U wot? What does that even mean?) Geoff; “… It doesn’t work for ME …” (Doesn’t work for HIM? Ok.) Of course referring to the attack speed and us “not being able to see all the beautiful, beautiful animations you have worked so hard on”. The issue is, that NO ONE will ever love your creation as much as you do and the combo animations are just not as important to us as they are to you. We don’t always use stuff as you thought we would. What you thought would be important when creating it is rarely the case in our “world”. That’s true for a lot of things other than games too. We care about the flow, speed, gameplay and efficiency etc. - How stuff FEELS to use. And if the last hit in a combo looks good, that’s a plus. What we definitely do not want is to be taken hostage to soothe your ego and pride of creation. Us: - “… I can’t move and I’m not hitting anything!??!” Scott and Geoff: - “Yeah…. But look at the animation! Isn’t it just the coolest thing EVER? 🤩” - What we care about more is how these animations makes us move, how they feel and how they translates the damage. That’s true for almost all the animations. How it looks and feels when we jump, run, bullet jump etc. etc. Looking cool is great and definitely expected, but not the most important thing at all. Why do you think we care so much about the look of the idle animations? (HINT: The answer is in the name). I’m sure most people are fine with only being able to equip 1 attack speed mod (Rivens not counting), you could even make hits have diminishing damage output or not make every hit actually land. What we are NOT ok with is you guys making the knee jerk nerfs that takes away from the feel of the gameplay. Especially because of your own pride, the cost of it being our enjoyment. You actually made melee really, really good and FUN. In almost every way. That’s rare. Take pride in that. Take lessons from that and implement similar to other systems. Melee is not OP (like you think) in its own. We don’t go through missions just pressing one button. We jump around, use the combos/heavy attacks etc. We use primer weapons and many different game mechanics that compliments each other. Kinda like you intended this game to be played I’m sure. THAT’S what makes melee as good as it is. You seem to not even know that. It’s obvious you guys don’t know how to handle it when you actually succeed with something to this degree and that thing making it obvious where and what needs major improvement. Nerfing something or making it irrelevant to make something else more relevant… You know that is not the way at the best of times. - Let’s talk feedback. You rely heavily on how things are received by the chat during streams. But you must know that “all” those people do not represent the community to its fullest extend. Not even close. It would NOT work as a representative sample in any scientific study. Most players don’t watch it. Most players don’t ever comment on it. Not even when you’re are doing something shiz. Most players watch recaps etc. Like most players don’t attend TennoCon. Unhappy players probably just stop playing, or play less. Waiting for someone else to push for changes. You still haven’t figured out how to just push an in-game inbox message out asking players to rate changes, ideas etc. Doing that on the forums is as reliable as thinking the live chat is anything to go by. Also the commentary on your hotfixes aren’t representative either. Especially not the “Thank you for the hotfix.” ones. They are akin to people clapping when a plane lands. When the MINIMUM expected is fulfilled. On the other hand - if people in your stream mostly dislikes something then you know you are doing something wrong. Kinda like when Creators like TacticalPotato actually criticizes you. Then you know it’s real. Not that he is doing anything wrong at all. He is just heavily focused on facts and positivity. So listen when he he, and others like him, calls you out. And listen to ppl like Kategari, GazTTV and Brozime. I get it hurts your feelings at times etc. But they are right 90 % of the time. And the only reason they get as mad as they do, is literally because they love the game. But the praise in those other cases is very rarely a community expression by any means. But it mostly is when it comes from people that are kinda harsh. You must know that. - Hoping for the best. Wishing you the best of luck with it. 🙏🏾
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