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  1. We have had the fake lotus longer than we had the real one by now...hope they really fix that and just give us an end on that.
  2. how the hell is it hillariously outclassed? The only other good one is zetki turret dmg for gunners.
  3. you answered an hour but I still didnt get a notification. Is the forums alerts that slow?
  4. So does the projectile benefit from elementals? And what about warframe buffs. Also is dokhram best strike for the zaw? And can it proc statuses?
  5. thats a pretty terrible gimmick lol. critical on only only headshots for 2 shots on a high fire rate weapon. dont want to lose my mind dodging for hours
  6. Nah forma is fine how it is...if you really want forma badly just wait for the next plague star
  7. the combo is stopping even without me falling off on the pearl
  8. Well thats for DE to decide, I just delivered a vision that we need a duration increasing augment for this ability that removes the need to recast it.
  9. thurible should have lasting thurible augment that increases duration for getting kills/headshots and tribunal should be in the base ability to make harrow usable in pubs
  10. Im thinking about magnetizing pull on 3 to make pull the enemies closer to vitrify wall after its cost to help build splinter storm faster.
  11. Im thinking about something to increase survivability like ensnare
  12. well I cant even do 1 race. I probably cant do them even without time limit.
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