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  1. 5 must have mods for Soma serr, Hunter muni, point strik, vital sens, spli cham. Last 3 mod you can do viral and bane mod or riven. Some people use argon scope and bladed round with primed cryo or riven with element.
  2. Wisp, she has melee speed buff like valkyr and has hp buff for tankiness rather armor of valkyr. Also she has healing and shock that helps for melee.
  3. Just move explosion over to alt mode and make the orignial mode same as normal zhuge and silent. Everybody happy that way. The grenade launcher random idea gets to stay and so does the real zhuge prime that we were waiting for.
  4. whoever made that place should give an option to hide ur account. I wont be playing this game for a year or even more and I dont want the 69 rivens I have listed to cause grief to people who see it and then cant buy them. And I dont want to delete them all either cause putting these stats ina lot of work and I dont want to repeat that when I come back. I wish there an option to just hide everything you listed. Oh nvm theres an option to unlist thanks Goodbye guys.
  5. why dont u want ragdoll? use tombfinger for that
  6. go with the -ms roll lethal torrent easily counters it. left side has sc which is so useless for catchmoon.
  7. You guys got any clues on which weapons likely to come with the upcoming prime access?
  8. I build duration for pulse disable mainly. I dont know how to survive with mag if enemy start shooting
  9. wow people who never went past lvl 50 nullifiers commenting about it needs to be harder..schools dont teach kids anything these days.
  10. so for feeding bubble supra vandal is best as it has most fire rate? and which dmg is stronger? feeding bubble dmg or trying to kill with extra bullets of more dmg bullets?
  11. Do you need punch through for bubble weapon and also if im use mara detron vs lvl 200 grineer do I need sc on it or will the extra bullets strip armor anyway with only corrosive 90 mods? I made this build with augment and should I put in narrow minded for more disable duration of augment
  12. game-breaking? why would DE allow us to break their game? what are you saying
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