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  1. Lore :- The lone wolf. The phantom who is feared, they say those that meet him do not live to telll the tale. - Lotus. Release the phantom. The sentients shall know true pain now. - Ballas. Passive : Headshots count twice to sniper combo and +7s duration to sniper combo. (Based off suggestion by crysjal) Abilites :- 1 - Camo : Blends in with surroundings making it harder for enemies to aim at him. Ability : When active, increases move speed by 30℅ and grants 70℅ evasion and 70% resistance to melee dmg. Scales with power str. Augment - Smoked camo : Grants invisibility and opens enemies within 10m at max range to finishers. Scales with range. 2 - IED : Sets up an IED at the current location. Ability : Lays an explosive device under terrain that can be triggered by remote control. Hold to deploy device. Triggered mines will go off only when when 3 enemies in explosion radius of 7m. No limit on maximum devices but all mines will be triggered when ability pressed. Deals 50% enemy hp as elemental dmg determined by energy color with 25% chance for slash proc. Damage and status chance for slash scale with power str. Afterwards, leaves a crater that deals 10 cold dmg for 5 second with 15% chance to proc cold every second. Duration scales with duration and status chance scales with str. Augment - Smart launcher : IED can now be thrown upto 50m away and setup instantly. And can be used while under cover. 3 - Cover : Investigates surroundings for 2 seconds and then takes a secure position. Ability : Initial cast animation of 1s will reveal available spots (behind bunkers, underground, on the roof etc) and then player chosen place is picked for cover. Sniper cannot move and enemies only see him when within 20m. Sniper is immune to damage during cover. Cover is broken after 10 repeated attack instances on position within 30s. Attack instances required to break cover scales with duration. Cover cannot be broken before minimum 15s has passed. Does not scale with duration. Augment : Cave networks - Cover now has noprompt for player to choose but all positions are immediately primed and setup for use as Cover. Player is forced into closest cover place afterwards but then can transfer freely (20s cooldown) between spots by gliding and remains invulnerable during glide. Also allows allies to take up post in cover spots setup by sniper. Max 1 hero per spot. 4 - Soulcatcher : Equips his signature sniper rifle. Kills boost headshot dmg by 5%. Decays 1% per second. Ability - Exalted sniper rifle equipped. Zoom level can be modified by mouse wheel. Stats - damage : 40 imp 40 punc 350 slash fire rate : 2 Critical chance : 35% Critical multiplier : 2.8× Status chance : 30% magazine : 1 reload : 1 Punch through : 2.5m Augment : Charged rounds - Enemies killed explode dealing 60% max enemy hp as eletricity dmg over 10m. Cannot be changed by modding. Ability synergies :- 1. Use Camo to setup IED's. 2. After IED are set, use Cover and then go ham with Soulcatcher.
  2. or better a mod that just converts base dmg to a specific combined element? like 300 base ips dmg changed to corrosive or viral.
  3. this game is about the grind. the grind is literally the game and there isnt anything else. So if you dont like that then you are playing the wrong game.
  4. Wtf is lerverian? What lore you talking about?
  5. Players have already asked to be able to tone done the effects of certain weapons in this game but DE has continued to ignore that stuff in preference to throwing out random nerfs based on whims.
  6. You could have farmed a couple titania sets in that time when she came and bought gauss but nope you decided to be a pleb about it and actually farm this trash.
  7. Totally agree. Its doesn’t even deserve corinth in the name.
  8. corinth prime is not the best shotgun. Kuva kohm and kohm with riven are still the best shotgun. And then there's kuva drakgoon and corinth. And probably phage is still good but haven’t used it since update.
  9. Yes balance is good which is why we ask for saryn nerf not make catchmoon trash tier or any other arbitrary nerfs that DE throws out in a clown fashion. Don't kid yourself, we are all for balancing but not for the charade DE has continued to do in the name of it. If DE wanted a balanced game they would not have released a bramma but they did because they like to tap into the pockets in the form of rivens that players rush to buy for any newly released op broken af weapons. Ofc there's nothing wrong with that but what I don’t accept is DE pretending they never plan for these stuff and its all just an accident that they "fix" after months or years.
  10. Add lifesteal to spectral scream. Make his 4 turn him into an invincible dragon that starts biting and clawing S#&$.
  11. I only want to change her 4. Idea 1: Sonic Shield- A chanelled passive ability like nekros desecrate. When tturned on, she produces high frequency sound waves that shatter enemy projectiles fired toward her. The ability consumes extra energy each for projectile destroyed; like with nyx's assimilate but its per attack instance than damage amount. Idea 2 : Sonic thrusters- Banshee turns on small powerful thrusters fitted on the frame that give her instanenous reflexes. She dodges bullets and melee attacks just as easily. The ability has a meter and too many attacks will cause her to overheat and reduce dodging efficiency. Both abilities improve her main weakness i.e. survivability while not making her into chroma or inaros facetank.
  12. Yes I know. I was just making the point nerfing any weapons doesn’t at all improve another which is something the nerf can't understan. As long as every weapon in this game doesn’thave literally the same stats and only differ in appearance, there will always be n elite class of weapons that will dominate the meta. Nerfing one meta weapon just makes a new meta, nothing can get rid of meta.
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