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  1. Is there something I have to do for the "touch" appear? I left and got back to the plains and still missing.
  2. Granted, but everyone else also has smokin' slick style. I wished I had a real life "no u" card
  3. Imagine if that big stick get's the Vauban treatment
  4. Me. Again, the console itself has input lag. My point is the problem might be with the console and not the game.
  5. Same problem for me, I've already logout and in, still not changed to this glyph
  6. I don't know why you are making yourself the victim, just because people are not having the same issue as you, doesn't mean they are "bewildering" you. I have no problem playing Warframe, but I do experience the motion drift on Splatoon 2 and ONLY when I play on TV. I'm pretty sure in the other thread somoene said for you to check your settings, but I'm gonna say it again. Check your TV setting (again), see if changing the Switch position closer (or further) might fix something. Maybe, just like me, it only happens when docked, try testing outside the dock (keep in mind the Nintendo Switch already have a "natural" response lag for motion control) and see if it makes any difference.
  7. Nice question, I would like to ask the same thing regarding the Broken Scepter
  8. Granted. But it get's the Lavasioth treatment. I wish for Monster Hunter World on Switch
  9. I don't think this is going to work well, but it's worth the try
  10. Any chance of adding new instruments to Octavia? I would love a Piano and 8-bit
  11. Yubasame, Moth and Fortuna are the one I would go for, mainly because they look simple adn clean. But that G Artemis Bow is REALLY cool
  12. Any plans on making the menu, mods, equipment and navigation interface work with touch screen on Switch version? Any new on making offline play a thing? This too
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