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  1. I will not turn down the whole game just to bear a single thing, I like my settings how they are and I can just not use them. Wisp's sun for example, it's amazing, but I avoid using it because I like my eyes. Mirage's clones for example, I ways stick to a weapon with low effects to avoid intense flashes, as much as I want to use Sonicor on her, I can't take it, so I don't use it. Yes it is? I can assume that to deal with "normal" or "unusual" scaling of the game you don't need a build to overkill everything, giving up 2 mod spaces for... one weapon... might not be that big of a deal. I build my weapons the way I feel confortable with. If you are getting into mod space, then I don't see why are you complaning since 98.9% of the builds are the same thing. I mean, you CAN use them, but you don't feel good using them, so you avoid them, and then you complain about the issue that you don't feel good using them and that should be changed. If the screenshake goes away, then how should the weapon recoil be? 100% accurate? Sure, they can go for it, but that would be blunt and boring imo. Yet another beam/ gun that just throw up damage. A beam that goes all over the place? Innacurate bullets? That will break other people's experience and might as well make you dislike the weapon because innacurcy.
  2. Some players might like this mechanic where Big guns make your screen shake, if you can't keep up with it, then toss them aside. You can't have everything. Use the mods and get rid of the recoil, or don't use them and live with the recoil. I might sound a bit ignorant here because I really don't get why complanin about something that is easily avoidable. You like min-maxing weapons? Ok. You don't like those weapons in particular because it makes you sick? Don't use them. For example I hate how bright some weapons/abilities are, turning their energy color to black will just make their projectile inivible, so I just don't use them and move on. am I losing something? Yes. Do I care? Yes. Can I take it? No. Then I just move on.
  3. For the 2 Archguns this is expected and unfortunelly can't be avoided. As for Zenith, don't mods do the work? But if your problem is that, just don't use them. It's not like every weapon that comes out will have this thing.
  4. OP: Saryn (try trading for Prime); Equinox (try trading for Prime) Fun: Nidus; Wisp; Fun and OP: Octavia
  5. wow.... That's REALLY REALLY REALLY cool I need that in game
  6. I think if you look hard enough you can find some R34 about them, but yeah, the moaning is often lost in my shotgun noise
  7. Gotta farm that mod eventually, I'm way to lazy
  8. I shall make great use of this information, Thank you
  9. Does that work with Agility Drift too?
  10. I have fun with Zephyr, even is I'm suck with 1 ability. I have fun with Octavia because I can spread the beauty of Neon Genesis Evangelion. I recently got Titania and she's hella fun too.
  11. I don't use Inaros for this exact reason. Well, you won with that. If you look at "I can use this for X and that for Y" he's indeed a great all-around Warframe, his kit is not very good together, but individually yes, it does work well.
  12. That's the whole point! His kit is all over the place and doesn't specialize in anything! You can use your 1.... or you can wait for anyone to hit you and the use your 1 for free! You can use your 1+3 to buff your 2... or you can just recast your 2 at any time! You can hit 4 and eventually kill lvl 155 enemies (if you can find a mission where staying that long is needed) .... or you can just use 1+3 and kill anything! You can use your 1 to make distractions.... or your teammate can shove a shotgun down their throat! Why would you use his 1+ 3 combo when your 4 can clear what you need. Damage is not the problem. His kit is not comprehensive, the kit fight itself! It's not useless, it has uses, but it's a gimmick SO all over the place that doesn't really perform well! You can Micromanage the entire map just to insta kill stuff, or you can you know, shoot them and kill them just as fast and way more easy!
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