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  1. 1 is for just release them and 3 to spit them I belive
  2. Nice! When Scott mentioned the topic of Vauban changes and how he is (possibly) looking into his whole kit , will the team be touching his Prime Trailer if the rework happens to heavily change him? Also, will the "hidden blade"-ish snake thingy, that will be coming in the (hopefuly) near future, going to be customizable? (Skins and colors in particular)
  3. The New War that is. I am not expecting anything major this year aside form that.
  4. Nice after seeing the Railjack gameplay, I noticed stealth finishers were being performed with a different type of weapon that seems it's coming out from them Warframe itself. Is that a new weapon type or part of the melee 3.0?
  5. You cannot trade non-primed Warframes parts
  6. Nightwave, checa as notas de atualização mais antigas. outra coisa: há uma seção para Portugues, o "normal" é para inglês.
  7. One or the other. My initial offer is 350pl (open to negotiation, I'm only looking for one of them) I'm NOT willing to pay absurd prices (got offers around 550pl - 750pl for each one).
  8. Granted, but everyone else also has smokin' slick style. I wished I had a real life "no u" card
  9. Nice question, I would like to ask the same thing regarding the Broken Scepter
  10. Granted. But it get's the Lavasioth treatment. I wish for Monster Hunter World on Switch
  11. I don't think this is going to work well, but it's worth the try
  12. Any chance of adding new instruments to Octavia? I would love a Piano and 8-bit
  13. Any plans on making the menu, mods, equipment and navigation interface work with touch screen on Switch version? Any new on making offline play a thing? This too
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