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  1. Yes! That. It would also give us something to do in the gorgeous side objectives in the corpus railjack other than rush to a console. We get a decent buck for our time, DE gets to have its gorgeous environements enjoyed more and we get engaged by what's happening in there, everybody wins.
  2. Hello everyone. First off hats off for the quest, love it, sea shanties for days and all that. <3 Also like a lot the possibility of doing some relics in railjack missions. That being said: as is, I see people going to do some until they get one sevagoth or two and never come back for one very simple reason: time. I'm not saying that railjack void storms are bad as a concept or anything of the sort, and I'll detail my reasonning below (I will not take into account fissure issues in grineer railjack where you have to board crewships to get your reactants. I consider this to
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