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  1. ❤️ Bah coup j'avais absolument pas vu que tu avais fait ça avant de la poster exactement au même endroit et c'est super choupi ^^
  2. Well I am glad people won't have to gather wisps by packs of 100 to get an operator arcane set done. I'm slightly salty over the 900 wisps I collected, but am really glad for those who won't have to get as much.
  3. Hi, I aside from a thread about dojo stuff here in the spoiler, I have a few questions: 1°) About the redesign of the intro, can we hope some stitches for the slight contradictions between the intro we have and some later quests, and more importantly, a proper introduction for Teshin? For players who experience Natah and have not tried the PvP, he kinda pops out of nowhere, acting like he's a known mentor and all, even though he's never done any of this. Some changes here would be nice. 2°) Also, old events as quests, are there any news on that front? 3°) Any news or wafles for the Kingpin system? 4°) That roadmap for the last devstream was pretty rad. Can't wait!
  4. Hello, here's my dojo! Clan Name : Void WatchersClan Tier : GhostClan Platform : PCClan Role : Warlord Aside from +/-600 gallium, this is solo work. Also, the video is a little more than 3 min, but the presentation of the dojo itself is 3 min. The rest is there because I couldn't cut a track from Shadow of the Colossus. I hope you like it!
  5. If I had only one power to comment about Titania: PLEASE make it so that people don't have to look up in a wiki what the buffs do in Tribute. Try to cram it in the power description with an indicator, maybe the buff icon next what the buff does and then its stat. The names of the buffs say nothing of what they actually do, and I think it's very damaging to Titania. because you don't know what they do, you don't use them. Also, the type of buff being dependent on ennemy spawn is... well, annoying. Warframe being a horde-mode style gameplay, singling out an ennemy that's not a boss or a giant thing can be hard, especially in crowded environements or the like. And that's not taking into account you have no way to know which buff will be generated by a specific ennemy. Couldn't we have a toggle, like Khora, Vauban or Ivara, to choose which buff we want for ourself? That being said, I think it's the first time I had a clear look at what the buff do in like... forever. So, just to be clear. 1°) Dust: Not so many people care about ennemy accuracy (I by that I mean no one), because when it could become important, one shot or two are enough to kill you, even if it wasn't aiming at you, so RIP accuracy. If they were more powers/items/things about ennemy accuracy (and a way to measure it, but same goes for "evasion"), maybe it would be kinda usefull, but for now... Yeah, nah. 2°) Thorn: I saw someone saying that one buff is nerfing the other if you have an accuracy debuff and a damage reflection damage buff. They're right. Please make the buffs so they cann all be usefull if used together. They should strenghen each other not weaken. Furthermore, unless there are solid and usefull things in the blocking (and reflecting) mechanic in the upcoming melee 3.0, this is also useless. Blocking is seldom used, and reflecting damage is even less so, to put it mildly. It's a good buff for a Mesa, but's that's about it. 3°) Entangle: Genuine question (I know, I should check a wiki, but then again, I shouldn't have to to get the basics of how a power works): how does it work? If the slow effect is affected by power strengh, yeah, sure, but that's kinda weak for a third ability. 4°) Fullmoon: If the other bufs were usefull (exception maybe for the Entangle, idk), having it affecting only you and pets and not teammates would be a good tradeoff compared to Rhino's Roar. I mean, I like playing her, but I never use this power for these two reasons. Well, it appears I have a few things to say about Razorwing, too. Could the butterflies stop disappearing? What's the point of having them if they disappear almost instantly? And most of the buffs from Tribute are useless in Razorwing: Dust/Thorn anti-synergy like thing is conpounded with Razorwing's evasion, and Fullmoon's change is useless as soon as the butterflies disappear because.... companions disappear. Could it be, when we get into razorwing, taht the companion (be it a sentinel or an animal) just continues to do its thing while we stay in fairy form? It's not like it's going fast or anything. Other than that, the changes seem welcome and good (except Nyx passive, the one we have is fine and the one suggested is... meh), and the change already in the works for Tribute are a step in the right direction. Oh, I had one Nyx question: will ennemies controlled by Nyx first power still be time-stopped in Limbo's Rift? reading it an hour later. Sorry for all the approximative English.
  6. Hi, fantastic update and all, I just wanted to ask a question (that's the only qualm I have with the bundle): can we have the option to purchase the garuda sigil outside of the bundle? 565pl for a sigil locked in a bundle seems quite excessive. I get it & am ok with it when it's in the Hunhow pack because this one is mostly cosmetics, or with weapon skins locked in a deluxe bundle, because this is entirely cosmetic. But a sigil locked away in a warframe/weapon bundle? Please don't do that and let me buy please pretty please? The syandana was purchasable on its own, why not the sigil? (this is not an attack, it's a genuinely curious question). I just want to spend a little more plat on you ppl ^ Also, the new glyphs are really cool and the new UI theme is spectacular.
  7. Dojo questions: Decorating the Dojo is like my own little endgame, the reason I'm farming for, so I have several questions concerning those: 1°) Can we hope / ask for a button on a room console to fund every decoration present in the room? When you're on big projects, funding everything can take an absurd amount of time. 2°) Light clippings are better since Chimera update, but still present when one builds something, like interior. Areas get lit or in darkness depending on your point of view, some places are in the dark when they shouldn't, etc... Any hope this might get a look at? 3°) Since the introduction of the gorgeous, big-asss and much needed giant halls, some of us with already big structures like the one in the picture can become tricky to connect to existing corridors. Would it be possible to place doors manually on connectors to fit those needs, or to have new connectors with doors on their sides? 4°) Any hope the 100-something cap with the number of rooms is removed someday? Or that we could fuse a few corridors as one unique room? The fact that the tiny straight hallway counts as much as a custom parkour room in this cap is a little meh. 5°) Can we hope to get aquariums as gardens pretty please? And place the fishes we catch in those rooms? 6°) Once there was a few words about NPC's we could place in the dojo? Any news on that front? 7°) Whenever we try to decorate around the doors, we can't place decorations, or it becomes very tricky. I understand the need for a safety net around the room console, but it would be nice if this "nonplacement" zone would be smaller, and that it would not concern doors. Hiding a door leading nowhere is pretty annoying tbh. 8°) Placing decorations while inside a room can be pretty much impossible if you want to be symetrical, or place things that redefine how the walls look like. It's possible, but you have to glitch outside the rooms to do it. Could it be possible to have the option to change the anchor point of an asset from which we manipulate it? (If needed, examples and pictures can be shown for questions 2-3, 7 & 😎
  8. Hi DE, thanks for the update, but there is another bug: Nakak says speak to Konzu, but Konzu has nothing to say. Or, this is not a bug, and it's all there is to it. Which is fine, I guess, but then it becomes a matter of setting expectations: when you say "mini-quest" on a devstream, I don't know about others*, but Personnally I'm thinking "A Man of Few Words" or "Saya's Vigil". Mask of the Revenant is not a mini-quest, this is an in-game teaser. I'm not saying it absolutely needed a Chains of Harrow level of treatment, but this felt like the intro to a mini-quest, not the whole thing. Oh, so it's a Limbo/Mirage-like quest; ok. I'll have an opinion when I'm done then. Also, while we're here: 1°) In the fifth bounty, don't you think the rare reward pool begins to be a little crowded? Add only one reward there and it will be half of the total pool. Time to move some rewards elsewhere maybe? 2°) Wisps... Ugh We really need about the way we acquire them compared to the quantities we need. can't we get a complementary way, ANY OTHER complementary way to get some? 3°) On an almost unrelated note, when are we doing anything worht of notice in the awesome caves we can barely visit? *but the vibes I'm getting on Chat around Cetus tell me I'm not alone there, though I cannot precisely quantify that sentiment.
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