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  1. - Clan name: Inferus - Clan tier: Shadow/Rank 10 - Clan platform. Nintendo Switch - Your clan role: Founding warlord - Feature image: This is our dojo, here we spend most of the time like a clan, we build together, we fight together. This is our story, let me show you... Our journey start here in the elevator that comes from our basement, where the generator rooms are. The next step in our journey is the Garden of Life, that is connected to our Chem and Bio labs. The Bio lab is connected to the Garden of Life, it seems that the nature has spread in... The Chem lab has evolve, all the machinery has been upgraded. Corpus City (Spawn) this is our spawn room, here we have our vault and trader post. Also we have our own Cafeteria, resting area and server room. In the next room we have Serenity Falls, this is our place for relaxation, a waterfall from a subterranean lake, with a soft touch of nature. Right next to the Serenity Falls, our personal forest kick in, our Garden of Hope, a place to meditate and let the nature flow through your body. Our Journey finish in the Space Catwalk, a hallway that leads to our Observatory, the place that lead us to ur battles This is our video for the entry hope u guys enjoy it I wish you all good luck in this amazing contest!!
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