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  1. I was hoping with the new trophies it would pop my glitch one but no luck. I just want them to add a Manual reset for challenges at this point.
  2. Yes i also tryed doing it again on ps4 then going back to ps5. Uninstalling both versions and deleted all saves ect. After every update or hotfix I try all this again and again.
  3. For me I'm the captain now on ps5, it's the only trophie that didn't auto pop. I have been waiting on a fix for over 9 months now.
  4. Yes it is the better option, but at this point I don't see them ever fixing them. People like me have been waiting over 9 months for fixes for the trophies. With not even a we working on it. So let us reset them, it's better then what we have now.
  5. If they add this, the people with glitch trophies can fix them.
  6. Welcome to a club nobody want's to be in. Most of us have been waiting on trophies fixes for over a year. I'm 9 months and 2 days today.
  7. Yea it is wild. The very least they could do is say. Hi we see the problems you guys is having and we are working on it. This is what's really making me mad because it's very disrespectful.
  8. New update same problem. 1 of the new trophies pop. But I'm the captain now this haven't. So back to waiting on next update for me.
  9. Yea its funny I told my friend 30 minutes before hand then right after 100% forgot until right now.
  10. Have you deleted the game and reinstall it yet?
  11. TYPE: In-GameDESCRIPTION: When I First log into warframe on ps5 all the trophies auto pop but( I'm the captain now) it just says in progress.VISUAL: I'm dont know how to upload pictures REPRODUCTION: After 100% warframe on ps4. Login in to warframe on ps5 for the first time.OBSERVED RESULT: When I login to warframe on ps5 trophies was auto popping then the game hard crash. EXPECTED RESULT: all the trophies should have auto pop for 100% on ps5. REPRODUCTION RATE: Only happened 1 time.
  12. June 24th was my 6 month mark for me. The updated bug report says we should add pictures of the bug but I don't know or understand how to do that.
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