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  1. I hope you guys realise that the only thing that DE is able to put live on all platforms is Nightwave. Everything else is always going to be delayd now. So we might as well get used to it.
  2. Just to let you now. On Nintendo switch the tennogen skins for ivara are not selectable for ivara prime.
  3. Well I trust you at DE to not have the old blood fiasco again. Are there going to be some tennogen catch up? And since the update my switch doesn't stop crashing like 10 times in game or at the launch of the game. Will there be something about that?
  4. Thanks a lot for thoses alerts. We will at least have that. Hope we get the update next week. Keep us updated and keep up the good work!
  5. We'll never get crossplay. Maybe crosssave. And now DE talking about going on Thanksgiving holidays! Is int it great? WELL GET THE HALLOWEEN UPDATE FOR BLOODY CHRISTMAS!
  6. We've been waiting for this update to go to cert for 3 weeks. Then it takes 1 week of cert for the other console and we on switch font have it. Ps4 and Xbox was already a 1 month waiting. Nintendo switch is at a minimum of 1month and 1 week of wait. So yes people are allowed to be pissed when they see DE updating the bloody pc again! When they are already working on the Rising Tides for ps4 and Xbox! Yes the delay is Nintendo fault! But the choice to work on the other consoles and not put the whole team on this Huge problem is DE fault! And you say they give us something as forgiveness. Probleme with that is you have to get the update first to get anything so it solves nothing! There's a bloody elephant in this room so talk about it instead of hiding behind you nonses of who's fault it it! It's Nintendo and DE fault. Nintendo for being pricks like always and DE for deciding it was a brilliant idea to release rising tides on Pc when one of the consoles gets wrecked! So yes people are allowed to be very angry after all parties involved.
  7. Maybe they should ask Epic Games. After all fortnite is like 20G on SD cards, online multi-player and multi-platformes. And update every week and big updates every 3months. OH let's not forget that the updates go live for everyone including pc at the same time... And no issus with the console internal memory or SD card.
  8. That's the problem! Theyre working on the next update and still haven't resolved the problem at hand! The same problem will occur again and again! God how can you all just stay like that. We have nothing! No update, no vault, no arbitration changes, no gauss changes, no mêle changes! All consoles always get everything after pc. Ok That they start separating the consoles themselves? NO
  9. Exactly! Your completely right. Yes it's only been 1 week for consoles... 1 month already on PC... You see the situation now?
  10. Your hoping too much... The chat is going to go crazy just because people are sick of this situation. It's not even about the update anymore its the lack of explanation and the lack of care that DE shows to us. And don't people go and say that's it's not DE fault. It's there fault for releasing an update on pc when switch isn't up to date. They made this choice knowning perfectly that they have a Huge issue with other consoles. And Nintendo is always full of S#&$ anyways. I hope no one believes what they said about the SD card because it's nonsense. The only way DE has now to fix the situation is putting the update live as quickly as possible and NOT do the same thing next time.
  11. The whole ordeal is just depressing. I hope you realize that what Nintendo says is just nonsense considering the number of games that are much bigger and have no problem being on the SD card and getting updates or DLC content. We have nothing while your already trying to get the Rising Tides on ps4 and Xbox. It's just depressing now. And the worst is that the next update for switch will most lickly have the exact same problem... 😔😔
  12. I really don't understand people that don't have a SD card. SD cards are much cheaper now than ever! And don't go saying that people have money problems. God dammit they bought a bloody Switch!! Also Megan said something I find hilarious in the Xbox stream today. You at DE want to make Ivara Prime go live on PC and all consoles at the same time? That's hilarious! Xbox and ps4 are 1 update behind from the bloody PC. Nintendo Switch is 2 updates behind! If the Ivara update has to go through cert like this update(witch it has to go) what are you at DE going to do? Wait for EVERYONE to be at the same level of update or do like you did this time and say "Screw it we put the update live for everyone else, those idiot will just wait!"?? I'm very curious!
  13. Hey DE. For the next update, be careful to not have the same fiasco repeat itself. And the fact that you just put the rising tide update on Pc makes things worse. Yeah I get it that it's Nintendos fault for le old blood fiasco. But the fact that you just updated PC again is just horrible for us. It's nearly 1 month since the old blood update and we have nothing on switch. So next time be careful because what you just did is horrible for the switch community.
  14. Oh so you thinks it's totally normal for Nintendo switch to literally get screwed just because pokemon is excellent? The update came live one pc 3 weeks ago. It already took 2 weeks for DE to fix the damn thing. That I understand. But it's not normal to let us get the worst end of everything! We don't have the update nor do we have the prime vault! It's not because there are other games that they can just say "Hey pokemon came out, we can take our time to give them the update they won't care." It's because we care and love warframe that's it's pis*** us so much! The whole thing is a total fiasco!
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