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  1. Since the update the stability of the game is horrible. Always get kicked out of a squad or lose people during loading times. BIG PROBLEME
  2. Oh I might have mises that! Thanks for letting me know, i was really stressed. 😉
  3. Bug? Did you change magus lockdown. My clanmates say yes but my magus lockdown still cc up to 9 ennemis and does dommage. Just thought you'd want to know.
  4. Nice ! After seeing you all play Scarlet Spear Im really looking forward to it
  5. Old Blood fiasco starting again. This one is going to be named Red Spear Fiasco. You do hotfixes on PC all the time and thoses players STILL find something is wrong. Just stop one minute and ask yourself if its a good idea to make your biggest player base (there are more console players than PC) wait because a portion or the PC player base is crying because they dont have what they want exactly. And do not come and tell me to go on PC because no. I have a switch for other game too and Im not going to lose my time and money with a bloody PC. Just stop listening to PC players for a while and listen to console players for once.
  6. Its weird because on a video of Knightmareframe on YouTube, he has the wings with the deluxe skin
  7. It smells just like the Old blood Fiasco. Well, see you at the end of april or even may for the update because its sure we aren't getting it anytime soon. A pity really that DE has to listen to ALL the complains PC players have... For them, everything seems broken everytime.
  8. La grande question est quand sera la maj sur console ? Surtout la switch puisque cest celle qui pose toujours problème. Car si vous voulez sortir l'opération Incursion Ecarlate en même temps chez tout le monde ben faut peut-être s'aligner sur la plateforme la plus lente.
  9. Si cest envisagé la semaine prochaine sur PC, nous sur switch on l'auras certainement dans 3semaines - 1 mois. Enfin... Cest du lourd cest bien. Plein de positif
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