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  1. Hello I'd like to report a bug on nightwave. TYPE: In-GameDESCRIPTION: the token shop of nightwave does not load.REPRODUCTION: I have no idea, it happens all the time for me, there is just nothing.EXPECTED RESULT: I should be able to acces the nightwave shopOBSERVED RESULT: Just empty screenREPRODUCTION RATE: All the time I acces Nightwave.
  2. I NEED that Gara and Vala glyphes! They are beatiful!
  3. I'd like to report that the new ephemeras are hardly visible even with pure white on Switch. I changed my settings and all but even with everything maxed, they are still nearly invisible... Maybe make them much more saturated?
  4. The waverider quest is an aweful. Did you even try thoses k-drive stuff??? 3400 points to get a page! Its nearly impossible.
  5. Your kidding right? We ALWAYS get a buggy unplayable mess after every update. Each update breaks stuff from the previous one and corrects something from the one before. They offer a service, it's there job to keep it up. They are PAID for it. They dont do it because they like it or not, they do it because its there job and it pays the bills. We waited patiently 1 month for any infos, got none so I think I have the right to start ranting now.
  6. Hey DE is the update still in your mind or you finally decided to stop trying? This page is up since the 31 of May and last update from the 18 of June... Its the end of the bloody month now! SO??? Was update before tennocon another lie? Tik tok you have 2 weeks!!
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