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  1. Lets be real. Trinity is MUCH more usefull than Mag. So better have 2 usefull frames together than a great one and a meh one.
  2. It felt longer because they gave no infos on anything since it when live on PC. That is the true probleme. And its not acceptable.
  3. WOW FINALLY SOME INFOS!!! TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH I can't even say I'm happy because your did not give us ANY infos since you launched the update on PC. THAT is one of the things that annoyes me the most! You do realise that us console players nearly know how to do the whole new quest without even having the update! You really need to work on your capacity to put an update on consoles much faster than what you currently do. Other compagnies can do it so you can do it to.
  4. Finally! Some infos ! Thanks you very much DE Helen!
  5. Then where is the thread. Why is there no stream or anything to say that its on cert? DE did NOTHING this time so how are we supposed to know if they dont post it in there OFFICIAL FORUMS? If you find that thread and its NOT for PC, im interested. If its not the case, DE just didnt do there job. AGAIN
  7. Since the update the stability of the game is horrible. Always get kicked out of a squad or lose people during loading times. BIG PROBLEME
  8. Oh I might have mises that! Thanks for letting me know, i was really stressed. 😉
  9. Bug? Did you change magus lockdown. My clanmates say yes but my magus lockdown still cc up to 9 ennemis and does dommage. Just thought you'd want to know.
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