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  1. You just shocked me! I just lost 20 euros on a bet thanks to you! 🤣🤣 You wont cease to amaze me at DE.
  2. Sevagoth changes for consoles ? Or consoles dont deserve them?
  3. I dont think we need to explain Zephyr. She just got a rework so she was 100% sure to come out of the Vault. Chroma on the other hand is curious one.
  4. When are you going to implement the Sevagoth changes? Hope your not going to wait like... Oh I dont know, next update...
  5. TYPE: In-Game (Nintendo switch) DESCRIPTION: Constant lag everywhere. VISUAL: none since it is lag EXPECTED RESULT: loading anything, accesing all and any menu fast, foundry, arsenal, entering missions, dojo, railjack(especially railjack!), trading, relic menu, command input etc... OBSERVED RESULT: I have at least a 10-30second lag since the update launched on every damn thing. No my internet did not change since pre update. And it worked fine before( well fine is a big word but better than now)
  6. We will wait and see. As a Nintendo switch player, I do tend to be carefull with the "live on all platformes " shenanigans DE tends to pull.
  7. What did you expect them to give us the update fast?! XD thats rich!! If we have it at the end of April it would be a miracle! Even worse for switch!
  8. At least you on XBox will get it faster than us on switch. They wil surely "find" a probleme and wont be able to put the update before at least end of May.
  9. Well as a Nintendo Switch user, I will see that update at BEST at the end of next month.
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