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  1. BSN? Bioware Social Network? The old days of Mass Effect 3... The good old days... I would hang out with some small group of friends from Legion Effect. I'd do some crazy gold shenanigans, like use the Incisor on the Quarian Engineer. Anyway, with Warframe, I don't really consider myself the most "top-notch" player, utilizing no Forma, but I do tend to jump around and use different frames, weapons, and builds. I'm okay, at best. I don't really go down often, but I do relatively fine.
  2. To be more descriptive, when the mission ends, this happens: You will see a grid view, with noting atop of it, which should be the end-mission progress. This carries to the menu, but when that happens, the game will "freeze" -- it will still be running in real-time, but any actions afterward will do nothing. This forces you to alt-tab, and quit the game. This seems to be frequent after the Europa Excavation mission, but I don't know if other missions are having this problem as well.
  3. The Latron Prime has a reload animation. :D It recently came out with 14.5. Check it out! Though you are right; the Latron series, being the wraith and Tenno cousins, need their own animations.
  4. Until now. The Latron Prime had the standard Braton reload animation for a long time now. Now with Update 14.5, the animators gave this weapon its own reload animation! While it is a bit rough around the edges, from what it seems like, it is pretty neat looking. It is always the little things that make the experience a tad bit better, and I always wished for a better reload animation for this weapon, since it felt out of place. Hooray! Just felt the need to point this out. Another random rambling from me. :p
  5. Well, this is something going in a very backwards direction. With my experience with games of Perfect World origin, namely Blacklight Retribution, it was fun while it lasted. And about the cash shops, chance packs, and miscellaneous items... the people are right. Perfect World Entertainment put out gambling immensely. While we the people complain about the randomness of Prime components or basic Warframe parts, it pales in comparison to that. At least you're not spending money to go into the Void, let alone letting a box determining whether you get said key or not. As far as I know, Bl
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