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  1. YES! THANKS DE! You guys did an awesome at EVERYTHING! The game, is looking prettier each! Day! The only bad thing isv wish I had all the other tennocon skins that already is in PC. 😕
  2. So... It's a bug then? Welp, if yes, then I think only DE will help me now. :^P
  3. I'm wondering how can I do it. Everytime I press "show profile" I see my Khora in that standard and boring "no pose", while the operator looks in a T pose, but without stretched arms. But, while this happens, I also check other's profile and then, I see their awesome fashion frames, and charmy poses. I tried to use other animation sets, and It worked! But some of them, including Mesa noble, (my favorite) has no "profile pose". Can someone help me in this one, please? ;u;
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