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  1. As TennoCon 2018 approaches, so does our final Devstream before the event. Friday, June 1st will be Devstream #112 where we bring you one last peek behind the curtain. Then, it's time to work on the final stretch of unannounced content and more... Save the date! The Q&A thread will go live on Wednesday of next week!
  2. [DE]Rebecca

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    PLEASE NOTE! Right now on Public, 'objects' includes 'enemies'. We have changes cooking on the Dev build that removes enemies from the 'objects' rule, meaning that melee attacks will freely pass through enemies in range (i.e an enemy cannot block another enemy from being hit).
  3. [DE]Rebecca

    Word filter is abysmal

    Lots to catch up on in this thread - it started with the shared goal to give feedback on our bot, but there's more to add I think. So let's work backwards and remember the big picture: Warframe has been around more than 5 years as a world we've built for you all to play in. The art, code, assets and more all are there for people to come and have their fun! And when people come, they interact with each other. Cooperatively, for the most part. We build tools to facilitate the type of behaviour that allows everyone to enjoy our game from our ruleset alone. That’s why in in-game chat, words that are spammed or are inappropriate for Warframe are flagged. Users, moderators or otherwise, can offer feedback based on what they see within game channels, but it's our choice to determine how our bots work. The way our bots work as it stands means one thing: false positives can happen. And these can be confusing (and often silly, Balla Zaw style). So pragmatically speaking, we have to improve that loop. At the heart of it, we want people to be able to have fun in the world we've built. The varied perspectives in the community come into play often, and our bots have grown as the game has to adapt to spam and slurs that we've deemed unwelcome in our game.
  4. [DE]Rebecca

    Dojo Architect Feedback.

    We will see what we can do + get some answers!
  5. Hidden: "While waiting for the update to download, may as well do some theorycrafting. " We hide posts that don't meet the requested criteria to devote our attention to the ones that do :)! > we appreciate your constructive feedback and encourage you to thoroughly play with the rework before sharing your thoughts
  6. [DE]Rebecca

    Nekros doesn't receive dropped mods

    Can you get a video of this?
  7. [DE]Rebecca

    Where is update 22.20.0?!

  8. Thanks to all! Next Devstream #112 will be our last until TennoCon ... don't miss it later this May! Melee Dev Workshop:
  9. We all use it - even us here. The dizzying yet super-effective slaughter-tornado that can make all other Arsenal options obsolete. But spin to win and melee going through walls - should it stay the way it is? At present time, we don't think so. via GIPHY We do not think Melee is at its best when you are facing a wall and spinning into it over and over again. And if we do not address that, any work invested in our melee rework could be wasted. We want to make melee better overall. Primary and Secondary weapons have all gotten pretty painless overhauls this year. Melee's turn is coming. via GIPHY Scenes like this are all too common, our data shows this method in particular is often abused by automation, and our minds show it just simply isn't fun. The melee review is taking the longest. It has the most complexity - you can equip Melee, use combos, channel, stealth kill, hit multiple targets, and so on. Removing the clear 'spin to win through walls' is our first step in this plan of making all things melee engagement better. The first change melee will see before it's broader review is a change to how melee attacks work. The coming change: Melee attacks (including spin attacks) will no longer sweep through walls or objects. As for the rest of the steps? What follows is an open door to what we're working on internally. This may not release exactly as described here, but we want everyone to be on the same page of what our plans are. While channeled blocking is useful on paper (hello 100% damage block + enemy hits reflected back), channeled damage has never really been celebrated beyond 'cool factor'. Getting rid of a separate channeling button frees up an input allowing us an additional attack button to use in combos making them easier to perform. Channeling is blocking, blocking is channeling! Normal blocking now performs like channeled blocking currently does. Experiments such as constant energy drain or a separate resource, blocked hits adding to Combo Counter are ongoing. We're still working on how/if to include the 'cool factor' of Channeling in combat. Combo Counter minimum hits per tier adjusted significantly so higher tiers can be reached more quickly and easily. Combo Counter damage multiplier may apply to heavy attack only and all points are spent on attack. Revisiting Melee will focus on slam and heavy attacks to make them more useful and fun to use. You'll be able to dual wield any one-handed weapon with any secondary weapon - as shown many moons ago on a Devstream! Dodge canceling any melee attack! FX treatment representing the true Range of melee attacks will be implemented. Mod adjustments will come to speak to the above, too! We will be taking a look at everything! And last but not least, and sadly what only looks like one bullet point but actually touches well over 100 weapons, and is in fact parallel to the depth of the Secondary/Primary rework we did this year: Complete stat and Mastery Rank pass in line with the Primary and Secondary weapons. Base damage increased significantly to compensate for loss of channeling and combo counter multiplier on normal attacks Stances will be revisited to normalize combo inputs AND all combos will be reorganized to be more useful and fun to use! These videos show what we have so far. The first is showing quick attacks and heavy attacks together, with emphasis on direction ground attacks. The second video hows you how combat looks against invincible enemies so you can get a feel!
  10. [DE]Rebecca

    Where is update 22.20.0?!

    The Bad News: No update or hotfixes this week. The Good News: We have a mainline update cooking that’s packed with changes & improvements. We won’t spoil the details in this thread, so to get an early look at what’s coming, tune into our Devstream this Friday, May 11th @2pm ET! Who knows... there might just be a surprise Dev Workshop soon too! I see Danielle and Pablo working on something in the distance... Wednesday, May 16 Update: The week of mainline has arrived! It's going to come tomorrow (Thursday), we have one crash we're chasing down. The notes are about 17 pages long. Get ready! The major items include Saryn Revisited, Dojo Changes, GPU Particles, and other changes and improvements!
  11. Who: Rebecca is joined by the usual suspects Geoff, Steve, Sheldon, and Scott! What: While the majority of the dev-team is sworn to secrecy on various projects, we’ll be highlighting a lot of in-progress items, talking about some Warframes new and old, and we’ll be taking a deeper look at the continued Dojo improvements this stream! Who will be the best at my personally designed obstacle course? Hobbled Keys only! Prizes? Oh yes, Platinum and Prime Access awaits lucky Twitch viewers! Twitch Drop!? Starting with the Devstream, all weekend long Warframe Partners will feature Twitch Drops! Watch any the Devstream or any Partner for 1 hour to receive 1 x Nitain! Where: Find us at: twitch.tv/Warframe When: Join us this Friday, May 11th @ 2 p.m ET! Please ask your questions here! Thread closes at 10 a.m ET on May 11 and we’d like to choose from some of your questions!
  12. Since Warframe began, our PhysX Particles have not been 'one size fits all'. They've been tied to specific GPUs, never on console, and it's been a visually delightful but imbalanced experience. The next Mainline update (this May) will see "Nvidia PhysX Effects" become a new, universal & proprietary experience: "GPU Particles". Read on for the Why, How, and When! Why? The latest version of PhysX (the physics framework that Warframe uses to simulate the world) is dropping support for the physics particle simulation feature. So in order to be able to take advantage of the many performance and stability improvements that Nvidia has made to PhysX over recent years, we're making a new particle system solution ourselves! This new GPU Particle system will be less RAM intensive, work on all Platforms, AND be completely optional! How? We are converting the main PhysX items to our new GPU Particle system. We'll have many particle FX converted at launch, but will spend some time continuing to upgrade our catalog throughout the year. Our new system is universal, works on almost all GPUs (really old ones might be out of luck), is not locked to a given manufacturer, and is not locked to PC! When? We expect to have Mainline with GPU Particles on PC mid-May! Consoles can expect GPU Particles soon after PC. Bonus: What? Now I’m sure you’re wondering how all of this will look! Here are our new GPU Particles in action. A particle burst from our tests in April. You can see them interact with the environment as they hit the floor: Added more features earlier this month! GPU Particles respond to game physics and gravity More refined particle physics: GPU Particles respond to explosions and collisions Beautiful visuals. All platforms. This month! This is shaping up to be a particle-arly lovely update 😉 Thanks for playing Warframe!
  13. This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone have details on how this came to be!? We are blown away... omg.
  14. Be excellent to each other and see you next time!
  15. [DE]Rebecca

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.7

    Just catching up now, going to review what was hidden to see for myself - there's always a difference between devbashing and feedback. On one page alone I see a photo of 'bathroom use rules' with a woman on her knees and a man in front of her + meta complaints so we're off to a good start....