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  1. Tenno, Next week we continue The Great Ensmallening on PC: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1223735-the-great-ensmallening/ To recap the main point from our original post for today: “we’re probably going to free up at least 15GB by the time we’re done. To reduce the pain for people updating we’re going to break these remaster updates into three parts spread out over the rest of 2020….” Today we will discuss Part 2, what it is, and when to expect it. While part one of our first update touched our Lightmap compression, Part 2 brings us to the rest of Warframe’s TEXTURE
  2. That screenshot is not the item, you will have to keep looking.
  3. Heart of Deimos: Nezha Prime: 29.3.0 NEZHA PRIME HAS ARRIVED! Engulf your enemies in the sacred fire of the empyrean as Nezha Prime. The Prince of Flame arrives in his ultimate form along with the Guandao Prime, Zakti Prime and more! NEZHA PRIME Behold: the Scion of the Burning Wind, donned in his most courtly accoutrements. GUANDAO PRIME Engineered for the divine to reap a harvest of lives. ZAKTI PRIME Unleash waves of gas damage with a smattering of spiny, toxin-filled flechettes. Get the newest Prime gear with Nezha Prime Access and Prim
  4. You would do this in the Dev Workshop once it's posted (perhaps early November if things go according to plan)!
  5. Haha, just a thing that happened that was worth sharing just to put into perspective how unpredictable this 32 week span has been.
  6. Hello all! October is ticking away. Today we bring all Tenno an update on what we’re up to behind the scenes is an important way to help you plan the chilly fall days ahead (or warmer days depending where you are)! We still have quite a bit planned for October - even if city block power outages prevent us from hitting those plans on the exact dates (because working from home wasn’t hard enough as is)! First, the big one: Where is the Glassmaker? All platforms are waiting for that finale, and it’s coming (hold the eye-rolls)! As with all things Nightwave this year, it’s tak
  7. REALLY Delayed reply here on our part, but only had enough information today to comment. We are adding 30 more Prestige Ranks when Episode 5 launches (soon TM). Apologies for the delay!
  8. Nights of Naberus have arrived! The ancient festival of death and mischief has begun on all platforms! On Naberus, beauty is banished. Rot and monstrosity hold sway. And Daughter couldn’t be more excited! To get everyone in the Naberus spirit, she’ll be dressing up in Morbid costume and offering exclusive, limited-time rewards available for purchase through her special Naberus-themed store in the Necralisk. Listen to a gruesome tale narrated by Grandmother in the comfort of your Orbiter with a creepy Naberus-themed decoration, or enjoy an assortment of Glyphs, Emblems, Ski
  9. Hi Everyone! This Friday at 2 p.m ET - join some Devs and I to spend an hour talking Warframe! Join us in game from the 'Devstream Relay' on Earth to see the next Prime Warframe first hand! We truly have plenty to show, talking about what's next for Deimos and more! See you at 2 p.m ET Friday, October 9th at twitch.tv/warframe Or, if you're on Switch, check us out on Youtube: https://youtube.com/playwarframe
  10. Thank you for watching! Plat Winners: juacoxx32, justlizi, thep0w3r10154 Inaros Prime Access: masterdthe1 FAN ART Warframe X Arknights [Comm work] by KB-5 https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/84269180 Eva Inaros by LoliconXD D https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/83806744 Ivara by Riceharu https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/8373889 Todoroki / Frost (warframe) by Pavetelro https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/83674947 R63 Infested Kubrow Kavat by LAAPPLEPIE https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/83458436 The Chaos Bringer by 藍/Ai https://www.pixiv.net/en/artwor
  11. Bile takes 3x Railjack Resources. As stated in the original post: Railjack Resources: There will be a reduction in the batches of Railjack Resource Costs across the board required to yield Helminth Secretions.
  12. Tenno! The Digestive period of the Helminth specimen has undergone some study, and we have some changes to announce: Railjack Resources: There will be a reduction in the batches of Railjack Resource Costs across the board required to yield Helminth Secretions. Additionally, anyone with Helminth installed and Railjack owned will receive an Inbox of Resources after the Hotfix goes live that includes the reduced costs. A perfect script is not possible, but a generous grab bag is! If you meet the criteria, you will receive the Resources via Inbox after the Hotfix date.
  13. Talking this over with the team! Thanks for the post.
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