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    Please give us Edo Prime for the next Unvaulting

    I think you will all be very pleased with the upcoming Unvaulting!
  2. [DE]Rebecca

    Warframe Prime Time #219: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    Fine we won't come.
  3. [DE]Rebecca

    Days Since Tennocon: 73 Days. Days left in 2018: 104.

    Not everyone watches Devstreams / knows smaller deployment details. Recap/timeline/roadmap/reminders all in one spot.
  4. It's been 73 Days since we revealed Fortuna, Railjack, and the Nintendo Switch at TennoCon 2018. And since I'm counting, it's been exactly 6 years since I made my Warframe account. On September 18th 2012 I created my account to prepare for the 750 MB Closed Alpha launch of Warframe. And now - 24 GB and 6 years later - I'm writing a 'what does the rest of 2018 hold?' post. First let's take a look back this year ... We spent the beginning of the year in March catching everyone up to speed on our lack of 'new' Reinforcements as we favoured rebalancing all things Primary and Secondary. Months have passed since then, including the release of The Sacrifice, Kuva Survival missions, Onslaught modes and more. While still looking back, 2018 has been a fantastic year for Fashion Frame - if you're into that. One of our goals has been to release a Deluxe Skin for every Warframe, which we've made great progress toward this year as well as massive TennoGen batches. But we get it - this only goes so far, and while Fashion Frame really hits the mark for many of us it can be out-of-season for others. As far as what's next in 2018... The near future on PC sees a re-running Plague Star due to popular demand (to follow later on Consoles). We have the next Prime Access launching on all Platforms next week. And onto the big stuff: We have Fortuna launching in 2018 - it's shaping up to be massive, deep, flavourful, and fun. K-Driving through both the Orb Vallis and the Plains of Eidolon is an awesome feeling. There's more Bounty variety and (hopefully) a better balanced economy using lessons from Plains of Eidolon! We have a new Platform launch in 2018 - the Nintendo Switch! We haven't launched on a new Platform since 2014, so many new Tenno have arrived since then. We'll be revamping the categories of our Forums for this launch as well, possibly as soon as this week! Then there's the core of why we play Warframe - combat, missions, gear, loot. Melee 3.0 is a crux of improving this experience but it needs more work - we only briefly showed some experiments on the Devstream and I wish we could have shown more but it's simply too volatile right now. We don't just want changes that get old after 2 hours, so we're still pushing ourselves to make it a true 3.0. In closing & beyond? More people played Warframe in the month of July 2018 than any other month in Warframe's history. The hype TennoCon generated is real, and we know the challenge of delivering not only Fortuna this year, but Railjack in the future. Railjack is not a 2018 project, but you'll see it in 2019 along with Archwing changes! TL;DR: Days Since Tennocon: 73 Days. Days left in 2018: 104. Fortuna comes on one of those 104 remaining days (along with more)! Ah!
  5. [DE]Rebecca

    Warframe on Nintendo Switch: Date Announcement!

    Correct - you won't need it! As for other questions about Crossplay... no comments at this time
  7. Did you watch September 13th's Nintendo Direct? You may have caught mention of Warframe! Warframe is coming to Nintendo Switch on November 20! https://twitter.com/PlayWarframe/status/1040367043420184577
  8. [DE]Rebecca

    Revenant Stealth Nerf in Recent Hotfix?

    See here! "Please note there is nothing in here about Revenant's Energy capacity change because it is not intentional - it will return to it's former values next Hotfix!"
  9. Please note there is nothing in here about Revenant's Energy capacity change because it is not intentional - it will return to it's former values next Hotfix!
  10. Who: Rebecca and the Devs! What: We’re back, and we have LOTS to show and tell. Updates on Melee and what Channeling is becoming, Fortuna + The Orb Vallis' secrets and more await you. And this time our K-Drives will actually work on the Coolant Lakes... or will they? Twitch Drop: We want to stress-test a Riven Twitch Drop! Tune in with your linked Twitch Account to grab your Riven Mod! Link your account here: https://www.warframe.com/user Prizes? Oh yes, Platinum and Prime Access awaits lucky Twitch viewers! Where: live at twitch.tv/Warframe (among other places)! When: Friday, September 14th at 2 p.m ET! This thread is open for your questions! The thread closes Friday at 10 a.m!
  11. Our #116th Devstream will go live on Friday, September 14 at the usual time (2 pm Eastern)! We'll have more information on what you can expect next Wednesday in our 'Coming Soon' thread. Mark your calendars!
  12. [DE]Rebecca

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    Tenno! You may recall us confirming back in Devstream #100 that we are looking at changing how the Daily Tribute system works. 15 Devstreams later, we had mockups to show, and we relied too much on recall of that 100th Devstream to properly explain the changes, so here’s a write up of two parts: the Scaling day-to-day, and the Milestones! Scaling Day-to-day: In the current Daily Tribute system, the day to day rewards have very little scaling. There was two tiers of rewards, so for example, the lower Endo reward was 50 Endo, and the higher was 80. And then we decided if you got lower or higher based on Mastery Rank times 5%. So a Mastery Rank 10 player would have a 50/50 chance and a Mastery Rank 20 player would be guaranteed to get the higher reward. Which isn’t much scaling at all. On the new system it now scales based on the amount of days you have logged on. They increase by 25% for every 50 days. So for the example of Endo, the starting value will be 50 Endo, someone at 400 days, will get 3x the rewards as someone just starting, 150 Endo. For the veterans on day 900, it would be 275 Endo. This is just free Endo for logging in that now scales better - we know that’s not headline news, but it is better. MR Old Endo Average Days New Endo Average 1 50 1 50 5 57.5 200 100 10 65 400 150 15 72.5 600 200 20 80 800 250 25 80 1000 300 It’s largely the 50 day intervals that are under discussion, so let’s take a look at the changes there: Milestones: For Daily Tribute milestone rewards, we’ve divided them into three separate categories that will appear at the intervals listed below: 1. Sigils and Resources. Days 50, 150, 250, etc. Includes packs like Sigil, Forma and Orokin Reactor. All existing packs will be an option for these intervals. Includes evergreen packs like 3 x Riven Mod and we are considering adding 3 x Forma. 2. Primed Mods. Days 100, 300, 500, etc. 200, 400, 600, etc. All existing Primed Mods will be an option for these intervals. 3. Weapons and Equipment. Days 200, 400, 600, etc. 100, 300, 500, etc. This includes the Azima, Zenistar, etc. But also includes the Lodestar Syandana and the upcoming Lodestar Armor Set! The simple explanation here is that once you've reached a given category, you pick an eligible item from that category. We are also looking into adding a fourth category past the 1000 Milestone with more 'evergreen' rewards'. Under some amount of debate is also Milestone rewards such as Primed Mods and Weapons, being tradable. At this time, we are removing this from the plan. As a final point, we are making these changes because the linearity and complete lack of customization of the system is starting to show its age. We've made it only slightly more flexible while still respecting the core need to login frequently. Personalization is a huge part of Warframe and we think that this changes the Daily Tribute system to better reflect that. With the new track milestones, we're hoping each Tenno will have a reason to look forward to those 50 day logins. So stay tuned all, hopefully this clarifies the current plan! EDIT - 2:31 PM EST After reading your feedback, we are switching the tracks for Primed Mods and Weapons/Equipment to respect current milestones. The main post has been edited to reflect this change, here's the list of updated tracks for posterity: 1. Sigils and Resources. Days 50, 150, 250, etc. 2. Weapons and Equipment. Days 100, 300, 500, etc. 3. Primed Mods. Days 200, 400, 600, etc.
  13. Thank you for watching, see you in 3 weeks! GRAPH POWER!
  14. [DE]Rebecca

    I can't log in... [RESOLVED]

    We are looking into fixing this, sorry for the disruption!
  15. Who: Rebecca, Scott, Steve, Geoff and Sheldon! What: We’ve got a multi-stop destination for this 1 hour ride! Join us as we stop into The Orb Vallis, the Plains of Eidolon, and even Cetus to visit Nakak on this Devstream! Warframes, weapons, and more await you, viewers! Prizes? Oh yes, Platinum and Prime Access awaits lucky Twitch viewers! Where: live at twitch.tv/Warframe (among other places)! When: Friday, August 17th at 2 p.m ET! This thread is open for your questions! The thread closes Friday at 10 a.m!