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  1. I don't think anyone, including OP, has said Hydroid needs attention now. In fact, I'm pretty sure OP and others have said that while Hydroid definitely needs attention other frames will need it even more and should be worked on first. I still think even as a CC frame Hydroid leaves a lot to be desired and can at times annoyingly impede teammate progress with his 4.
  2. I haven't tested them, but what about the synergy with Nekros? Strabgledome can deal slash damage which is why I think people mentioned she would be a better pick, since Nekros is better for loot then both of them and you would bring Khora or Hydroid more as a supplement rather than have them alone most of the time
  3. His 3 can kill anything. Very slowly. Other frames and weapons can kill what Hydroid can in 2 seconds. But as stated before, Hydroid is likely supposed to be a CC frame. As other posts from myself and other Hydroid users have mentioned, he is subpar at this. He can lockdown a map with his 1 for a very short time. His 4 can lockdown sure, but like his 1 is not consistent in where exactly it will hit. His 4 does true damage as you mentioned, but it's too low to matter in later content even when (as I have) you mod for power strength (which does improve his 3 killing power but is still slow as hell and weapons beat it out as a result). His 4 is also bad because it swings those it's CCing wildly so you can't aim and kill them since god knows the tentacles won't. Also, the initial tentacle cast for some reason launches everyone. I agree he is fun, that's why he is my main. But fun is not the OP's point in their original post. I even find Vauban fun but we all know he isn't necessarily good. It sucks when every other frame can outkill you easily so you never get to contribute. Then, the few opportunities you can actually CC in this game, people tell you not to cast 4 because it throw enemies across the map or because it leaves enemies alive and hard to hit. His 3 is almost his saving grace except that it's far too slow in a game where time to kill is the goal. Also, his 2 I literally only use for what you mentioned with barriers. It's crap otherwise. Sounds negative, but the way I see it his kit is fun in how they have unique effects and somewhat synergize in good ways (though as I mentioned in a previous post, his 3 and 4 have anti-synergy) and make for a frame that really has things no other has. But they are ultimately not very effective in the game. Useable? Of course. Effective? Meh
  4. No one shoots into his 3. I have even told people to shoot into his 3 and instead they (rightfully) target enemies not caught in his 3 to kill them instead because that is more efficient for ridding the map of enemies. His 3 does not have terrible damage, it is infinite scaling but what it does have is SLOW scaling that again makes it a bad choice for killing fast in a game where killing fast has unfortunately become the game style. That plus every new enemy that enters begins it's own damaging scale. If the scale from previous enemies were conserved so each new enemy entering died faster, this would be a nicer option for killing. Furthermore, I've personally used it in simulcrum, been impressed "wow, I can definitely get some fast kills, and plenty of them" and in actual practice the same does not happen. Enemies aren't static for you too just pool under a large group. Because there is no aggro effect to the puddle you have to turn into one at the right spot for them to walk into it and even then they won't necessarily do it unless you pull them in, and ultimately you rarely get as many enemies as you would hope to make the process worthwhile. On top of that as mentioned, it's slow. A dozen seconds is a lot in any game especially this one. All that would be okay, because ultimately he is likely supposed to mainly be a CC frame so damage and killing should rightfully be secondary to good CC skills. But as mentioned by many posters, his CC is subpar. 1 locks down too randomly and for too short a time considering it's cost. 4 explodes people away then flails them rather than hold them in place so they can be shot. Both make for CC that isn't team friendly and not synergy friendly. As I have stated, it's not that his abilities make him bad, it's that they AT BEST make him a mediocre choice in all instances. And it sucks only because small tweaks to how they work (as Hydroid mains have mentioned since they know him in and out and how he plays in several situations) would make him as viable as he appears in simulcrum. Also, his 2 and passive are still pointless in how they currently work. I agree his 4 isn't meant to be for damage but since his 1 and 2 can't do it and his 3 has the issues already stated, it can lead to his 4 being the default especially for non-mains who don't know better. So yeah, good damage potential that can never be realistically met and is slow anyway. CC that is either not too effective or an actual hindrance. As for Khora replacing him for farming? I guess we will see. Console has had the new Khora augment for less time and I'll have to see how it goes. Her ability def does more damage, catches people in a static place so they can be shot down, and synergizes well with her own abilities and with nekros since it deals slash. But it's 65% rather than 100% so not sure how the offset works there. Even if she does, might be a gift in disguise because ultimately no one cared for having a Hydroid in team unless it was to farm. Maybe this will give DE more thoughts on how to make him viable in other ways. After of course Vauban and Wukong who definitely need more love than our main man here.
  5. You hit the nail on the head with this post. Still my main due to stubbornness though, ha.
  6. Hydroid DOES have CC ...it's just garbage CC. I main him and have him set up for damage. I use no shield/armor/health mods because the one thing I'll admit he has going for him is that his 3 with augment definitely keeps him alive since it's invulnerability plus healing so death is not a big issue as long as you pay very close attention (though the cast time for 3, like with his entire kit is long enough that you can get screwed). His 1, while decent CC as said, has absolutely garbage damage at higher levels to the point that it's augment is the only reason to use it. It's only decent CC because it last such a short amount of time compared to it's cost and CC abilities from other frames can CC better easily with less investment. Also cast time means by the time it's activated you could already have taken lethal damage. That or someone else already killed the enemies by the time it's fully casted. His 2... I just see no reason to ever use other than meme or running faster down a hallway with absolutely no turns and no doors. It's damage is terrible, it's costs is WAY too high for what it does, enemies immediately get up and shrug off whatever you did when you ran into them, and even for movement it fails because you can't steer and it's either too fast or too slow depending on mod set up. It's augment... Who cares? His 3, while being good for keeping him alive has drawbacks as CC or damage. As CC, like OP said, heavy investment needs to be made in range in order to make it large enough to function as a good CC trap. Doing that hurts ability and channeling costs so you wouldn't be able to trap anything for long either. Plus, this ability really needs a lure/aggro component so enemies actually walk into it outside of you dragging them in for even more energy cost. I'll admit, the infinite scaling damage is clearly a plus. But in a game where damage frames can kill large rooms in no time and certain weapons can do the same, the time it takes for damage to scale on his 3 is MUCH too slow for it to be a good source of damage. Not to mention that every enemy has their own damage scale to start so it's not like trapping the next enemy means it will die faster. I do like 1 augment plus this though for tough enemies even if it's still a slower kill compared to other methods. His 4. SUPER long cast time which is definitely one reason his CC can't keep him alive. By the time he casts it, he could already have taken enough shots to have died. As CC it has other issues. If you mod for power (which his 3 calls for unless you really want to go have an entire dinner before it scales enough to kills things) the initial cast of this launches all enemies into the stratosphere rather than simply grab them and CC. It's bad enough that I've been told not to cast it because it launches Ancients too far to kill them to negate their effects. Once an enemy IS grabbed the flailing of them makes it tough to kill yourself or for your teammates to shoot, which causes some amount of anti-synergy in a team. A good solution would be for no more launching and for them stop flailing when they grab someone and simple hold them still while squeezing them for damage over time so they can be more easily shot. It's true damage, as mentioned in other posts, is too weak to matter at higher levels even with double damage from his 3. Going into that, his 4 emerging from puddle makes it worse CC since it shrinks the range and then has anti-synergy with his 3 since it keeps enemies from going into puddle due to launching or grabbing. Maybe it should instead drag all enemies it hits into puddle? Also, let's be real, outside of Hydroid mains like myself or OP the augment for this is the only reason anyone even breaths his name...and even then they want someone else to play him I know I literally complained about his entire kit but he is still my main for 3 reasons: 1)I love water elementals in games 2) the fact that at best he is just mediocre makes him a fun challenge (at times) to play as(and his kit is still somewhat fun even if it's not good)and 3) I've invested so much time into him that I don't want to give him up now. It's sad only because a few tweaks to his current kit would help tremendously. I honestly don't think he needs a rework that replaces his abilities other than possibly replacing his 2 with something else entirely, just one that makes them more viable. If Hydroid really was anything other than mediocre at best, more people would play him
  7. I think his 2 definitely needs to be changed. Currently the ability I rarely if ever use. I actually like his 1, I just think the issue is it's damage does not scale at all. His 4, I would just like if it didn't launch every enemy in range on initial cast and instead instantly grabbed since blasting them to the stratosphere is a lot more disruptive to what the ability is supposed to do. And it goes without saying, but cast time for 1 and 4 needs to seriously be decreased. By the time it finishes casting many things have either damaged me a ton or simply moved if not outright killed by someone else
  8. So we have frames with no Shields and only health and energy. We just got a frame with no energy and only Shields and health. The next logical step is a frame with zero health, all Shields and energy /s
  9. Hydroid is my main, and I love the frame but dude is mediocre at best. I'm not really sure if DE even looks at these posts for ideas on changes anyway but figured I'd give my 2 cents. Passive: This needs to proc 100% of the time on slam attacks, which with the melee 3.0 changes to slam attacks will make it nice. I'm not sure why it isn't already 100%. It's not like localized CC would make him at ALL OP in a game where Saryn can explode and entire room, Nidus can't die, and Mesa can be Mesa. 1st Ability: This is one of those abilities where I feel his augment should have been built into the standard ability. The damage falls off fast at higher levels so it's not great for that. In terms of CC, Knocking down enemies is great as is the fact that multiple instances can be created. The main issue is that the ability does not last long enough for the CC to be as effective and multiple instances obviously costs more energy. So why not add the corrosive procs to start or increase duration (why not both?). 2nd Ability: I'm not even sure.Outside of using it while in Undertow I just don't use this at all. Perhaps better control to the point where we can steer. One thing that would be awesome is instead of becoming a wave of water if instead he created a slower wave and rode on top of it like it's his ship. From there, wave can be steered. Is still knocks people down but now he can shoot from it while riding. If he jumps off, wave continues moving forward like a water projectile while he can act as normal. 3rd Ability: I like this ability as is. If I'm being greedy, augment can be built in. Being able to heal himself and others from the get go adds utility to this frame and more healers isn't a bad thing. 4th Ability: Always had mixed feelings on this. Love that it deals true damage and covers a good area but things go downhill from there. As a CC it has four flaws in my eyes. The first is that on initial cast, this ability launches enemies into the stratosphere. While hilarious and meme worthy, it pretty much is the opposite of CC and should be removed. Secondly, the tentacles wildly flail enemies once they are grabbed which makes synergy with shooting them or having teammates attack them accurately non-existent. Pretty much every Hydroid posts alludes to this and it should be changes to tentacles hold enemies in place and deals damage from there. Third, this ability would be SO much better of multiple instances could be created. Ideally 4 but even just 2 would make this a lot more useful. Lastly, while it deals true damage the damage just does not scale and killing with it is damn near impossible in later content. It could be argued that if this is a CC ability then damage should not be the focus, but to that I say "why not both?" Or otherwise all other changes can be made besides damage increase and I would still be happy. So any thoughts? He also has ridiculous casting times and there is no reason to not cast charged versions to the point that charged should be standard and he should not have the mechanic to begin with (no one likes charge abilities) but I really don't think DE gets that. Still love the frame though.
  10. Ah that makes more sense. In that case I agree with the changes you said. As for his 2, they need to make changes in general to make it more useful. Barely see a reason to use it outside of when I'm in his 3
  11. When you say increase the charge time for Hydroid's 1 and 2, do you mean ability duration? Because if you mean cast charge time then that is a massive Nerf as both of those abilities already have long cast time and when you charge them to cast the stronger versionsthe cast time is way longer. Also,why would you want his 2 and 3 not to drag opponents? Especially his 3 should in order to keep damaging whatever is caught in it. If I am reading your post correctly, you are nerfing a frame that at best is mediocre (I still main him though). It also definitely makes him less fun to not trap those enemies in his 2 or 3.
  12. Sure, makes sense. There was no way to give feedback before implementing the system for us to consume so we can provide feedback so it had to be done like this to an extent. In that sense, they are asking at a good time. Very few things in life come together well in their very first iteration. We all should have expected some issues. The issue isn't giving criticism, that's part of the point, but I've read a few posts here where people seem to be demonizing the team simply for going through expected growing pains.
  13. Thanks for making this thread. I'm relatively new to the game (as you can tell from being a switch player) but for the most part I like the system. I've actually tried eidolon hunt because of it, and while I was not successful it was great to try something new and learn everything the game has to offer. Personally, I don't think you will ever find something that everyone likes. It is totally fine for there to be challenges that not everyone wants to do because they don't enjoy that content while others will do those. Not everything need to be done in this type of game Also,for those saying that "it's too late to give feedback,it's been one WHOLE week"... What are you talking about? 1 week is a perfectly acceptable time to ask for feedback. Enough time for us to really get a sense of the system and enough time to get the weekly reset to see other kinds of challenges. Chill out, DE is being great about seeing what we want. No need to be nasty, most developers wouldn't care to ask or listen.
  14. Any chance of a hydroid deluxe skin coming soon?
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