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  1. Tbh I think it should show rotation as well, the game already has terms for it. Hieracon (Excavation, Rare), for instance. Not that it matters in the slightest. For Axi relics you do Lua/Apollo, maybe Void/Marduk if you're solo and just very sick of disruption. Don't have to check that codex, just memorize the literally 5 nodes worth playing.
  2. A lot of modes have existing voice lines they could simply slap onto them. Darvo and Clem could take over survival. Teshin has Mobile Defense covered. Loid could take over exxxxxplllllloitation excavation. Teshin could talk about good deaths all around for exterminate, and maybe Eudico could chime in for Corpus exterminate.
  3. I didn't even know they could appear in vaults. I flew around Cambion Drift for about 10 seconds just checking my radar, maybe I got lucky.
  4. It's dumb. Let me pull you some wiki numbers: Lancer, lv1: 100HP, 100 armor (25% dmg reduction) 100 / 75% ~= 133 Effective HP Corpus crewman, lv1: 60HP + 150 shield = 210 EHP Infested charger, lv1: 80HP = 80EHP Let's crank these numbers up to level 100, and then add steel path modifiers: Lancer, lv100 + steel path (+150% hp, +150% armor): 26948HP, 3388 armor (91.87% dmg reduction) ~= 331334 EHP Corpus crewman, lv100 + steel path (+150% hp, +150% shield): 16169HP + 19206 shield ~= 35375 EHP Infested charger, lv100 + steel
  5. If you can believe it, the olden days was even more press 4 to win than these days, just slower. Regarding archmelee, you must have access to some sweet mods I don't, which is admittedly not that many mods. Maybe you also, I dunno, invested in them. Potato my Veritux? I need that potato for a real weapon. Craft an archmelee? I need that oxium for a real thing. Or maybe a helmet. When it comes to Imperator and Veritux starting out, however, Imperator is OK and Veritux is... not. This discrepancy made me never pursue the category further. If was allowed to sell Veritux for 1000 credits
  6. I can't remember because melee was worthless. I guess it's not remembered so much, but the melee/guns state was considerably more sad before melee was on the OP side. If melee is more effective than guns, that sucks but at least guns will always have a use. There's always going to be something you need to snipe, a weak spot to hit, that one weird gun mod that lets you shoot energy orbs, applying other statuses while you approach your enemy with a gun. My Lato and Strun I used in 2013 are still topping my usage stats because I relied on them a lot. Skijati soared to the top half a wee
  7. I think just as deimos and the iso vaults exists as the entry-level open world due to being way easier that their counterparts (and mechs trivializing the rest of the open world content), the arcanes exist as entry-level arcanes. I.E. you literally just get them for the revives, but they're the easiest arcanes to get so you'll get them before any useful arcanes.
  8. At the risk of putting words in OPs mouth, I don't think they meant "evasion does nothing", but rather "evasion isn't tangible." You can't feel the result of evasion, and thus it doesn't really add to the fun of playing her, if that makes any sense. I think I've noticed it? But might also just be Chaos and Mind Control doing their jobs. It could be helped with some audio/fx work. Every time a bullet that should've hit you misses, you could get a streak and a wooshing sound indicating it, something to that effect.
  9. - Vector pad made about twice as large, first off. - Stacked pads combine into a new field that increases in size and strength, with a direction of the two pads' dot product. - Stacking two pads erects a field going up, increasing with stacks. Since the cap is 4 pads, this makes it possible to maintain two such fields, or one larger. Two different vaubans can merge fields. - Friendly bullets passing through this field in the arrow's direction increase in damage and projectile speed, this boost depends on the relative angle between the bullet and field, with a perfect alignment g
  10. In short, to make sure I understand correctly: Melees are stronger than guns, and this makes sense for what's supposed to be the riskier option. The former statement flies out the window when we can just be immortal. The problem is not melee, it's immortality. Cool vids.
  11. It wasn't super thought about! Luckily it's Uranus, you can just ignore them. Get above water and shoot them from there if you haven't just crafted a Mausolon already.
  12. Remember when sentinels had more armour than your typical Warframe? Zeddy remembers.
  13. Probably the world's crappiest build, I even have a condition overload I didn't remember to put in there, but I recall using this machete during an Eris survival and doing just fine. Was it really two hits? Hard to tell. I'm using Vauban, so enemies tend to... Blend together. If you want to kill steel path Grineer, might I advice using corrosive/blast Cedo? It's a full-auto shotgun with a built-in, self-applying Condition Overload. Just build a little for maintaining its rapidly depleting ammo reservers and go in there with a tanky frame. I'm a fan of Ember, myself. You can also use
  14. You can use Voidrig's guard mode to take out weak spots in roughly half a second, so they fare pretty well. Slap Rift Haven on unpotatoed, un-formaed Limbo to keep lures safe/healed, and the only real bottleneck is amps. Bonewidow isn't amazing, but can at least murder the final phase or perhaps go for the knees.
  15. It unlocks the node! I believe they specifically added this system to give players more foothold in steel path.
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