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  1. It sounds like the obvious idea until you think about blast damage usually coming from already explosive weapons. This means that getting hit by explosions would make you explode, which would be a bit strange.
  2. It's there to slow the mission down on purpose. Without the datamass, a meta mobile defense run consists of one or zero players defending the first terminal while the rest starts hunting down the next mobile defense terminal, ready to activate it the second it's possible. Since that's not really possible without a whole lot of work (switch teleport chains or similar), people generally have no reason to not stick together and play the mission as intended. First thing to happen after removing the datamass would be people asking why they can't hack all three terminals at once like in spy. For clarity, I would like to be able to hack all three terminals at once, but I suspect it is not something DE wants us to do.
  3. Yeah this quest drags on. I still think the mutalist alad v quest with five hives in a row got more stale faster, but this is a close second. At least you get to do the spy mission intermission. At least it earned me a million credits because I had a booster when I did it, and that really helped at the time.
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