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  1. Revenant is my favourite warframe and i love his design, his abilities, but there is one thing i cannot stand, the fact that everytime he turns his head around, or just running while wielding the tatsu, his neck looks broken. Can you please fix Revenant's neck?
  2. Im having the same problem with it. I cannot circle an object or a warframe. The camera follows the path of another camera, not the object. I love doing capturas and this is terrible, i hope it will be fixed.
  3. I never played equinox before so from the equinox players i have a question! Is it normal that im instantly in day form when i join a mission?
  4. I finally got my hands on equinox prime but i felt like something is off, it was weird to put people to sleep in DAY form and MAIM people in NIGHT form. All of the abilities are switched and it really upsets me to get this broken equinox, please fix this. The animations are also completely switched.
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