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  1. Well that works...I guess. If you want to wait the good 10 or so minutes it takes to load in, sure. It is kind of ridiculous though, honestly. :/ This version has been out for, how long now? A damn good while, for sure. We still have these issues and performance is about to get way worse in the plains. Ugh. It's nice to have Warframe on the go but since my switch doesn't even support my campus wifi it's like I play mostly docked anyways...might as well restart on my ps4 pro at this point. Haven't had any crashes at all so far, that's been nice. I do hope for everybody stuck on switch that they can fix these lingering issues though, not that I have much faith..
  2. I've officially restarted my game on my PS4, at this point due to various lingering issues that make playing the switch version a drag. Especially the lack of response to the Mirage Simulor Exploit. Luckily I have enough free boosters to make the initial grind less awful, but yeah, these issues going unaddressed and the constant crashes making OV really awful to grind in, plus generally lots of crashes out of OV too are what broke me. Not to mention the generally awful host migration making fractures a real pain and other various issues. So uh, yeah, for that DevStream, how's that cross progression possibility coming along? :/ Signed, somebody with like, 700 hours on the switch version.
  3. I've just kinda given up on ever being able to grind for those toroid things to be honest... :( I don't want to risk losing progress when I put so much time out there, it crashed on my 5th of 6th bounty for that one achievement about doing 6 in 60 minutes just yesterday... Any chance we could get an update on that cross-save idea? Honestly highly considering switching to ps4....and I have like, nearly 700 hours in the switch version.
  4. It seems that occasionally, usually in fortuna, some part of the UI won't go away and you are often left with a blinking (distracting) yellow transparent icon towards the middle of the screen. Unfortunately, this happens the most during bounties in public squads. Thanks for reading.
  5. I've never heard anything about this 12 hours of dock usage before. Huh. Still, most times I get these crashes is pretty early into my session, actually.
  6. Alrighty, it happened again, in a relic defense mission, before wave 5, and considering how one of the nightwave tasks is to open relics(!!!!), this is definitely very frustrating. 😞 This is the ONLY game I have ever gotten a hard crash that forces me to hold down the power button...please fix this or respond in some capacity, please devs...? Error code, which shows nothing on Nintendo's website was, again, 2111-0008
  7. Just had a hard crash during a mission...not the first time it's happened during Warframe either. Suddenly went to the black crash screen that the switch has, forced me to hold down the power button and restart the switch. Was on like wave 6 or so in a defense mission on Neptune, I think. Was trying to use the limited 6 hour credit booster I got too. Real frustrating. Only ever had my switch crash during Warframe, too. Hopefully Fortuna isn't the only place for fixes to come in the future from now on? If it helps, and yes, I already looked it up on Nintendo's error code site thing, there is nothing there, the code I got was 2111-0008. Thanks.
  8. Since I originally posted that, new issues have popped up on switch. Yellow blinking light stuck on screen, UI not updating when doing fortuna bounties, more crashes, poor performance when trying to do tricks on the board thingy, host connection issues, playing with 4 people in fortuna chugs really bad in general, etc. Love the switch version, fortuna is great, but it would be nice if from now on you all could be better about having clear communication for this version! P.S. Tennogen Switch when??
  9. Switch player with some concerns about communication and acknowledgment of issues in our version! First of all, really looking forward to fortuna on switch! Buuuut, I really really think you guys need to talk about acknowledging the issues switch has currently. The spawning issues in eidolon fights, the increased(!) crashes I got after the 7.0 switch update and hotfix 6 update, the lack of explanation behind early vaulting, how it's been nearly 2 months since the color bug was noticed, the loss of rewards due to crashes during bounties, and in general: Please focus on more clear communication in regards to the switch version! Thanks for all your hard work, I asked a similar question last devstream but didn't get any answers, here's hoping you answer it this time! I know I'm not the only switch player who is at least a little off-put by the cold shoulder our version seems to get.
  10. Just as...one last final plea to the devs, as it is like...4 am for me, and I'm just...staring at the broken mod on my switch in my inbox that was supposed to be a twitch drop from prime time...and...please. talk. about. switch. I'm not convinced you guys put the same care and effort into the switch version anymore, I really do love this game, but between the scummy vaulting dates with no explanation, messing up the prime drop, the color bug lasting so long, and the lack of responses to most of these queries...it's...really disheartening. I'm approaching 300 hours. Just....getting tired of this roundabout second-hand care this version gets. Love Warframe, hope you guys see this.
  11. Love Warframe, started playing seriously since switch launch...but... -How did that color bug slip by? Not to be rude but considering how up in the air fortuna is, you really should have released the fix already. Part of me thinks that if it were a PC bug, it would have been noticed before it went live. -Fortuna date p l e a s e -Why did you end things earlier in regards to vaults and such on switch? We already had less time than other platforms... -When a player spawns into a current mission, performance chugs, any way to address this for switch? -In general, just better communication about some of these buck-wild decisions would be great. Thanks for all your hard work, just...a little bitter, as a switch player. Still love the game. 💜
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