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  1. I think it will be a better idea to be able to click links, it might be risky to click links in case it is a scam but I'm pretty sure this community is not as bad as other games (no offense to the other games.) Plus, this game is a 18+ game (or 13+ if parent permission), mature enough for us to spot scams (or at least should) I hope DE add this feature to help this community a bit
  2. Maybe something like hold middle click to select a whole stack apart from 1, that might help
  3. that's true, i think there should be a button where you hold it and click on that mod to sell duplicates like.. Ctrl for example. That could be a good idea still, i'm too lazy to click that much.
  4. There is a lot of ideas for Warframe to make it better, I'll try to list some. 1. I think Kuva Survival should give more, I've done a 1 hour Kuva Survival, 20k Kuva and it's only about 6 rolls. I think it should give more Kuva in 1 capsule or at least start with 50 kuva and increase the kuva gain by 20 each capsule 2. Simulacrum bug, Operator can kill their own sentinel/kubrow/kavat with the operator's amp/void blast. In Simulacrum, there should be a modding place so upgrading mods in simulacrum is a possible thing to do. 3. There should be a feature that helps to sell duplicates fast. Something like on the bottom right corner there is a option that we can tick called "Select Duplicate" so if we click on a mod and select all apart from the 1 mod. I Hope DE see this and put some of my ideas in the game and I hope people who read this will agree too.
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