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  1. this is absolutely disgusting, this has been in the game for multiple weeks, id bet its to sell prime access. I 100% regret giving money to this company. And they are doing it again with the tennocon drop!!
  2. is it just me or does releasing the fortuna people (as a client) no longer give time (and also no longer consume the charges)?
  3. After casting hallowed ground there is a delay after the animation has finished. This delay scales with range and fps (more range -> longer delay)(lower fps -> longer delay).
  4. Nice QoL fixes, but it seems nightwave recovery is still broken. Often if you complete a recovered act with normal act still open you have to relog to get the next act recovered, but eventually even that stops working.
  5. i feel like that if the invul of protective dash is removed, radiation friendly fire against objectives should also be looked at. it was the only thing you could do in rad sorties against trolls (or accidents).
  6. Boy, radiation mobile defense sorties back to begging teammates not to kill the objective. at least with protective dash you could protect it.
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