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  1. Other ideas I had were Split screen: One plays as frame, one as the Lich Heck, it'd be cool if we could choose a lich as a regular loadout companions
  2. I think it would be kind of cool if, when playing solo, your squad was filled with a random assortment of your converted liches. I feel this would also make sense in the (hopefully coming) command tree. What do you guys think
  3. The problem with removing the time gating is basically giving a middle finger to everyone who got those items FROM the time gating. They would need to give those players something equal to the amount of time they put in, or all the Loyalty they put in over the years is now moot. This would then cause another problem, as people will then complain that those players not only got the free primed mods, but something additional as well. This would just lead to discord within the community IMO.
  4. I have a full range nekros with blood altar instead of punch, It is hilarious to watch nekros jump 50+ meters away to skewer an enemy.
  5. The Sol Set. Ember Sol We put fire in your fire Sol Redirection Sol Flow Sol Intensify
  6. Put Breach Surge on Hildryn instead of Balefire, now i just spam breach and blazing pillage with Haven up and watch enemies melt Pillage or rebuild shields for Harrow isn't a bad option after you use penance Put Warcry on my Inaros, Gave Khora Thermal Sunder, and I find it fun to combo with Strangledome.
  7. Y'all been waiting for invites? I just show up. Many good times, lots of good food.
  8. Next Umbral Mods I smell are Umbral Redirection and Umbral Flow
  9. Just sitting here laughing about the idea of Hildryn with Harrow's Penance
  10. My last lich (Killed him 2 nights ago) spawned in 5 missions in a row, last of which i murdered his lich face. My current lich is up to 3 in a row It would be nice if there was an option to extract all kuva from the lich, either reverting it to base level, resetting its requiems, boosting its weapon status % and giving it an increased chance to come with an ephemera if it didn't have one. Effectively New Game Plussing your Lich but not killing it or converting it, but makes it stronger This would do a few things Ease the process of hunting higher status weapons Ease process
  11. Jumped on my kdrive out of the gate in cambion, and fell off the map. Decided to let my character keep falling, and lo and behold, k-drive standing kept going up. stopped at 300 pts bc im not a cheater.
  12. Blazing Breach Surge Hildryn (Replaced Balefire) I just activate Haven, then spam between Breach and Blazing Pillage. EDIT: I also put Thermal Sunder on Khora instead of Venari.
  13. I was playing some defense with a few friends on Hydron on "Friends Only" and one of our members had to get up for a few minutes for reasons. right as he got kicked, he returned, but was in Hydron by himself and was all "Where'd you go?" Can we not have auto-kick in Friends Only/ Invite Only squads? I am friends with these folks, and I know they have things come up at times, but I do not mind them AFK'ing. We either need to disable auto-kick in friends/invite squads, or allow for a "Kick Vote" where it pauses the mission, and says: Player John Smith is AFK. Kick? If he is not kicked
  14. I'm a little disappointed about the removal of the 9th Arquebex slot. I felt that was a breath of fresh air and really cool. In the meantime, I've been having issues with the HUD going missing, and locking our squad from starting a mission,
  15. I support this. It would allow my usual squad to go in, one person fish, another mine, and another collect tags.
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