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  1. I was pretty underwhelmed with this update so decided to start playing Enderal and it's very nice. See you all in a month or two...maybe.
  2. I think DE is fibbing on this one. I made databases for a manufacturing facility for 20 years. They can get pretty large plus no one just has one database. I had over 20 and a front end could easily grab data from all of them. I fail to see how increasing riven storage will have a dramatic effect on the size of the database it's going into.
  3. Yes and have which load out your items are in the the arsenal screen.
  4. Unfortunately everything in Warframe is about grinding. The new event is okish but still quite grindy and not solo friendly for a new player. After trying it I'm gonna have to skip it since there is no scaling for newer vs older players.
  5. Weekly Elite: Survive a host migration after spending at least 20 minutes in a mission.
  6. It's a rep grind that resets itself after x weeks so you can do it all again. No thanks. I'm just hanging around a bit to see if they adjust it before I move on.
  7. Pffttt, all of the riven mafia clan should be banned for economy manipulation.
  8. Put in an auction house please. For some reason DE thinks an auction house will decrease Plat sales. I have not bought any plat since I avoid the trade chat. It's a horrible inefficient system that I do not wish to spend time on. Having an nice AH to looks at items to buy would tempt me for sure.
  9. I agree with everything in this post. I also greatly enjoyed the secondary objectives to rank up as I have to play solo the majority of the time due to me having bandwidth limitations as WF uses quite a lot of data. The system does seem more dead now with no alerts. The alert system did need some adjusting but this is worse.
  10. No, an AH is a great system and would enhance the game. Having an archaic trade chat only keeps many of us from bothering with it.
  11. Yay, another grind! Not just another grind but one that resets ever 10-11 weeks so you can do it all again! Yay! Are there any solo friendly online games out there? It can be a paid game. Asking for a friend.
  12. What I see is a timesink in what was not a timesink before. This update has made the game worse for me. I'm am not interested in even logging on at the moment.
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