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  1. YES I had this happen too, I thought that I must have mis-clicked, but I was pretty sure I selected the right bounty.
  2. Any updates on Cross-Save / Cross-Progression?
  3. I didn't know that there wasn't supposed to be a full second or more of lag going in and out of operator until I watched PC players. I almost never use my operator because of this, which is unfortunate because I do think it adds a lot to the game.
  4. Yeah makes sense, I think railjack missions in general have optimization issues too. Like I said, they always seem to get worse as time goes on.
  5. I wasn't pointing out an issue with kill codes, just framerate. We were getting kill codes still, there just wasn't enough Ground squads so we had to wait a lot.
  6. I've noticed that it often seems like the longer you stay in a Railjack mission, the drastically worse performance gets. I was in a Space Scarlet Spear mission earlier today and we got stuck waiting for kill codes. Eventually it got to the point where it was an absolute slideshow even though no one was really doing anything, Is it possible that there's a performance leak somewhere? It seems to happen mostly when I interact with enemies on a Murex / Grineer base / Boarding party. This video shows the performance issues. Mostly just running around since I needed one hand to hold the camera. The framerate is NOT because of twitter, that's what it actually looks like while playing - https://twitter.com/ohgodzilla/status/1260653500947550209?s=19
  7. As of 13-May-2020 this bug is still present and comes up almost every time I try leaving the pilot seat, gunner seat, or forward artillery seat. It's very frustrating as the animations are long, and usually if I'm leaving my seat it's because there's an emergency I need to get to ASAP.
  8. Just ran an earth railjack mission and a viel railjack mission. Pacing feels much much better. Jank seems to be improved (although it was a 2 person squad which tends to run better). Still getting pulled back into my seat every time I try to leave it, which is a huuuuge pet peeve by now, and I really hope it gets fixed. Overall, I enjoyed running those missions and am looking forward to running more later today, which in my opinion is a big improvement on it's own. Previously railjack missions felt pretty painful since it was buggy + long / tedious + poor graphical performance. Since bugs are steadily getting fixed, the tediousness has been GREATLY improved, and performance is bearable (again, 2 person squad though), it's a lot more fun. Thanks!
  9. They mentioned before that all of your avionics are being unranked, and dirac refunded. Since there is no longer different versions of each Avionic, just the one. You just need to reupgrade one of each and reinstall it.
  10. Lots of really good looking changes here. I just went through and redid my avionics, and immediately they felt much better to work with. Before I was always hesitant to upgrade anything since I didn't know if I had the "best" version of it, but now it feels much smoother and less stressful
  11. The switch build goes back and forth a lot on performance. Sometimes it's amazing and I can't believe a game looks this good on switch, sometimes it's.... really not good. Right now we're in one of the lows again it feels like. Not sure if it's as bad as Jovian Concord yet, that's where we had the worst performance, and then I'd say it was probably best around Old Blood.
  12. Also, I know it's low on the priority list, but there's still a lot of old tennogen I'd love to see on the switch, so echoing others in hoping for that since it's been well over half a year since we last saw any come our way.
  13. This has happened to me a few times on Relics. I stopped doing disruption relics because of it (and also because reactant drops incredibly slowly on these missions for some reason???)
  14. Hi, I've had two instances now where being killed by a boss leaves me unable to respawn even though I have plenty of lives left. This seems to be an issue with solo play. Several friends I've talked to have this issue as well. The only option is to close the game and lose all progress.
  15. >Fixed blown out and generally all around broken environment assets in Railjack missions, as reported here: Does this include the weird patchwork Skyboxes? Especially noticable in Railjack missions, but also really clear in Cetus at night.
  16. Not sure what you mean by ground. If you mean enemies in non-railjack missions, yeah it's probably armor you're dealing with which is what this update is addressing. If you mean enemies in Railjack missions that board / are on points of interest, it's not armor at all it's just massive amounts of health, which I actually like.
  17. This is good. Still gives CC but without tossing enemies around (and seperates it from Impact). My Chakkhurr is ready
  18. building for Impact on melee weapons, and sending enemies flying with your fists / hammer actually sounds pretty fun. Bad for DPS, but still.
  19. Armor isn't the issue with RJ enemies, they just have a lot of health.
  20. Huge meta changes. I'm seeing a lot of Status' / Arcanes / Weapons / Frames / etc which are going to be a lot more viable with all the changes in this mainline. Really really excited for this. "Our long-term goal with this change is to build upon this series of changes to allow Status to impact bigger threats like Liches and Eidolons and not just have blanket Immunity. " This is also very exciting to me. Great work can't wait!
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