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  1. I doubt it as there's a lot of testers already as far we've been told and I wouldn't get why we should get more, though we can always hope.
  2. No worries bud & we're all here to assist fellow tenno like yourself!
  3. I'd ask you to make a support ticket about your specific issue as chat suspensions depends what exactly you did and if you've done it in the past, so I recommend making a ticket to get that resolved then making a public thread on the forums. Support tickets are located "here"
  4. If you're on pc it's simply doing this, right click the channel and make sure it's not muted and do as follows: If you're on Mobil device do this: Mind you cause of the large server it is you'll not get a mobil notification but if you're on a computer device, you'll have the icon looking like this: I hope this helped you!
  5. This is indeed true though you must always see it like this "New weapons/warframes in their early days will revive either buffs or nerfs till they're somewhat stable for the game" if they didn't do that, image the all the things they've done in the past would be busted now even but they fix it eventually and this might be a big nerf as a whole but it's better to nerf things then out right leaving busted things there. Same applies here, I don't use it to begin with as I mostly use Limbo and has no benefit of having that weapon in my loadout so I can't speak for those mains that actually do use it constantly.
  6. Okay I'll post this cause I feel it's justified to be. Countless people here states they want their stuff returned for forma and other things they did for the xoris but let's be real, did you expect it to remain the same forever? No, I didn't expect it as I knew when it entered our game it'd be busted due to abilities n such and made it stale and I know the whole deal with "I spent platinum/forma/other stuff" on this and honestly that's on yourself, nobody forced you to do it, it's a free choice so if you did do it, then suck it up honestly. DE won't give you it back not cause they don't like you or anyone within our community, rather cause you have a warning before applying forma or anything on a weapon and if you decide to spend something on it and it later gets nerfed when that will always happen in a forever developing game, that's no concept we can avoid or foresee what to occur. We've to simply live with our choices as I do know how it feels to spending x amount on a specific thing for it later becoming bad and you know what, I don't sit and complain about that rather I'm like, okay I did this while it was in it's prime and now it isn't, maybe in the future it'd be reworked and become better and sometimes it does occur and that's something we've to wish for. TLDR: Stop complaining about wasting x on the xoris, nerfs will eventually come at a time and if you don't like it well too late, you've already done it.
  7. Okay so for once I must say, I like this cause when this weapon got into the game the meta was only that and the mass amount of damage you could use so it became very narrow in what choices you had while using specific frames, I can't speak for everyone here but as someone who plays Limbo quite regually now, this doesn't effect me much but I'm thinking of those that use those specific warframes mentioned You really didn't have any freedom in what you did cause you know, the Xoris is so op in their capabilities and honestly it bough my joy down seeing how busted it was and made me move away from playing wukong all together but once this update drops, I'm looking forward to this and see how the meta will slowly get back to where it was and enjoyable from personal experience. TLDR: I like this change as now more melee's can be used with the specific warframes other then only xoris, if you don't like it well than it's your personal opinion and this is mine.
  8. It was a joke haha, I know it was the specific items listed, it was rather a simple meme/joke as that's what I always called Titania prime.
  9. Butterfly prime going in the vault, but who will enter in their absent? we will never know.
  10. As I can't see if anyone brought this up, so let's be real here yes it's a grind but do you know what this game is? It's a grindy game and there's three methods you can obtain kuva, relics, floods or whatever those missions are called and kuva survival and simply yes I do agree it takes a while, but you can also use your nightwave credits to purchase 10,000 kuva for 50 of her credits which isn't a large amount and honestly it's a smooth and fast way but once again it's a grind game and it's going to take a while to get what you want but that's the purpose of rivens, they're suppose to be rng and if you get a good one than good on you otherwise you must spend time to get what you want. Honestly I like your idea but couldn't see it becoming a reality as they're transmutable like mentioned above from eidelons and yes I know it's a hell itself to farm for that but once again it's a grindy game.
  11. As many has said above me, it's quite obvious it'd ruin the economy of warframe as whole as obtaining platinum this way would be ruining economy quite heavily and if it was once even it'd still ruin it a bit and let me explain why both once time gained and constantly would be a bad things. Boss killing: Okay so let me first say that some bosses are super easy to kill and can take less then two minutes to complete if you have a fast frame and even a slow one you could complete it somewhat quickly as many people has mentioned the boss "The Sergeant" located in Phobos, he's one if not the easiest boss you can kill and if you simply earn 5 platinum that way then imagine how many people would get 100+ per day by simply farming him, it'd be so exploitable the platinum costs of items will either rise super high which leads to constant farming of bosses or making prime items so high it'd be ridiculous and then if you want to buy a weapon from the normal market it'd be like nothing and same with reactors n such and crafting is the same, the market as a whole would break down. This wouldn't be a suitable thing for DE as a whole to make cause I'm not saying you must buy platinum from their store but it'd sure as hell make it less attractive to do it when you could earn such a high amount on simply farming one boss over and over again. Once per boss: Okay so, what I think of this is that we have 16 bosses if we include everyone that I found and considered myself to be a boss and let's do the math now, 16 multiple with 5 and that comes out to "80" so in that sense we'd have 80 plat which in itself wouldn't be game breaking but you could've earned that amount by simply opening relics and then selling prime junk or sets for less but more quickly and sometimes more. Simply granting players that amount of platinum is too much even for myself and than again it's "80" compare to most players that might be little but image the shook way it'd create in general if people got free 80 platinum for simply beating all bosses then most thing would either sky rocket in prices or making them worthless as some sets of warframe parts are less then 80 so be my guest. My conclusion As someone who has played this game for 2+ years and if not more on console as well wouldn't work giving people free platnium would break things in the game and honestly if you wish to gain platinum we have a trade chat made for that purpose mostly, so if you want it you have to choose to either farm parts, mods or other valuable items, it's going to take a while yes but it's a grind game after all, I don't like this and honestly think it'd be too much for this current state of the game. *How I counted the bosses from this so please if you feel there's more that should be considered a boss in my math, please quote me if that's the case*
  12. You must complete chains of harrow to begin that quest as it's locked behind it.
  13. No worries & it's quite often that occurs, but I heard that as well at times though I'd personally not call him a mage but then again you're free to call him whatever you want and honestly I'd respect it cause I'm not here to shoot you down saying it's this or that, as it's a free choice and personal opinion of what you think he is.
  14. Okay, so I won't go into details on all frames you've mentioned just limbo himself as I do quite often play him now a days so, let's begin. Yes that's indeed true though you can use limbo for more then defense/excavation as his passive is a great survival tool and I run him on survival also but with a lower range so if I want to use a life support I can do that in peace without being heavy damaged in the process and I know operator is a thing you could use but his kit instead and if you're in a squad teammates that either need energy or cover for a time can enter it without any larger risks of dying. I do wish there was more builds for him as there's always roughly the same builds being out there, either super low range and high duration or long range & strength for nuking purpose but I want to see his other abilities being used more then his two and four as that's what I feel is the only usable abilities in my eyes. From my personal experience limbo has one decent augment which is this one I see people sometimes using this augment and it's somewhat decent honestly but not amazing, his other augment are laughable in my own personal experience, I don't see a point in them though this one is a great example of a good augment if they buffed it a minor bit but otherwise it's manageable. I wouldn't mind they either buffing the other augments in his kit or changing them up a bit to a better state. He isn't a mage per say, rather he manipulates reality in a sense as his bio says in game "Limbo manipulates the very planes of existence to divide his enemies and conquer them in the rift" so per say he isn't a mage, simply able to change existences/spaces his is stick if I'm personally honest with you. I like though what you're thinking and I hope somethings become a reality eventually.
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