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  1. Before I start, thank you for your time. Warframe has a multitude of different goals and objectives that in return help a player achieve more powerful loadouts. Main system recognised as local “progression bar” is Mastery Rank. Some items and modes are locked behind certain Mastery Rank levels to ensure, that player is equipped and skilled enough to tackle more challenges and use better weapons. But even more focus is put on other, gameplay assistive systems. Focus system helps grow power of an Operator, so he can be more efficient in battle as well as buff squad and skills. Mods as a whole create plenty of options to customize playstyle and adjust statistics on all items. Rivens, Nightmare Mode, Derelicts (Vaults), Lua - all provide unique mods and require strong loadouts. Void Keys used to be a thing. Last corner of the Solar Map with unique, upgraded, mystical Prime Items. Exchanged for relics and devalued. Arcanes were close to being the endgame item. Provided through Raids that required both teamwork and power, were dropped to the early-game pool and lost value. Arbitrations, Sanctuary Onslaught, Boss Assassinations, PVP, Disruption. All these modes were a tackle on the “Endgame” subject and fell short, even though they provided unique rewards. Finally, Syndicates. Once quite a big focus, today discarded due to opposing powers progress bar and their unique items being sold for tiny amount of platinum. Why do we have to go through all this? To see why none of these would have been a sustainable endgame content. 1. Mastery Rank should matter As a prime measurement of overall progress through the game’s content, Mastery Rank should be primarily addressed when making any decisions. Discarding content-lock down to MR 16 causes immediate burnout in the ranks above. If it is possible to complete Solar Map halfway through the content, that means, that there should be something worth it… right? Point 1: Endgame content should address player’s progress up to rank 30. 2. Resources required to progress There are multiple resources and items that make power growth possible and more efficient. Endo, Kuva, Nitain Extract, Research Resources, Prime Parts, Void Traces, Focus, Standing. To name a couple major ones. All mentioned systems use these as reward sinks and help upgrade different aspects of the gameplay. Unique Mods, Arcanes, Relics, Parts of Vandal / Wraith sets. Point 2: Endgame should potentially utilise obtained resources / items acquired. 3. Importance of personal story Warframe is somewhat focused on a story. It always has been “Player’s story”. You choose how you play through. You even make decisions with unknown outcomes. Lore is scattered all over the game. Kuria, Codex, Nightwaves. All bits of Warframe Universe. But in the core is always player. Helminth. Lotus. Ordis. Story in Warframe is personal. Point 3: Endgame has to feel like personal achievement. 4. Warframe is modular Always have been. Learning connections never made any sense. Player had to learn rooms and know how to move through them. This always has been an advantage. Then with the addition of Zaw’s and Kitguns, Warframe moved into very interesting places. Point 4: Endgame should correspond to the core mechanics of the game. Proposition: Warframe has a lot to offer. One of the ways to utilise hours of playtime, learning, testing skills is to give the player final pieces. Modular Warframe is a concept of utilising all aspects of the game in a way that is both rewarding and requires significant sacrifice. There are multiple problems to solve along the way and list will most likely be growing along with the discussion. It’s a unique reward, outside of what is available from the rest of the game. It still uses all systems that other Warframes do (Focus, Mods, Arcanes). It directly requires a player to possess certain items acquired through the gameplay and relates to the main mechanic of progress measurement. It gives power to feel even more powerful, but within reason. It is hard to get. Might be locked behind additional challenges (Raids comeback for blueprints and items needed in this system?) Main requirement is Mastery Rank 30 level. As a final reward for becoming a True Master. This system requires multiple resources to be reutilised, as well as sacrifice certain items acquired through the playtime. 1. Modularity of a Warframe: 2. Melding 3. Focus Beyond 4. Kuva Continuity 5. Fashion Frame 6. Final Meld 7. Personal Story I know it isn’t as in-depth as it should, but this is just a basic sketch I want to work with. Let me know about your worries, objections, ideas. Thank you, Tenno.
  2. There already are some indications. In one of the Corpus facilities you can see clear hologram of Sentients that would explain their experiments with energy weapons and fusing these two technologies. Which itself might be a hint behind New War Also, melee 3.0! More info please!
  3. Absolutely great news! Can't wait for usual chaos with usual suspects 🙂 I'm gonna have a different question to everyone else. With so many new scenes released (including Fortuna Free Roam) would you consider adjusting captura to make it end-game machinima tool? Positioning in motion is insanely difficult, what if there was "capture area" tool around selected position/Warframe, that can record all animations within area? Think: recording every animation and movement within 5-20 meters area that can be looped in-game with 5-10 seconds limit (and later recorded/captured by our own tools, looking at Fraps/nVidia shadow play etc)
  4. Clan name: Alaris Collective Clan tier: Ghost Clan Platform: PC Clan role: Founding Warlord Participating members: none Alaris Collective is focused on lore-friendly story. Group of rebellious Tenno who decided to stop following Lotus Order found an abandoned Orokin Tower. They used scrapped technology to build their own hideout, making credits from Black Market items stolen from Corpus and distilling Kuva that is famous for it's distinct taste among other space scums. It didn't take long before they have found grave secret among Orokin ruins - exaled cephalon Alaris, who is hungry for technology. Being disconnected from The Weave, he's leading newly formed Tenno group with his great ambition to unlock their full potential. I wanted to focus on building consistent atmosphere. You won't find giant robot sculptures. You won't find forests, magic runes. This Dojo is dedicated to tell a story and all assets are supposed to correspond with that. I hope you enjoy. I started building this Dojo 18 months ago. It went through countless interations. Newest idea shown above started February this year. Original post (May 2018)
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