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  1. I like the idea, although I have my few "buts": 1. Arbitration limit to 1 per hour forces commitment to the mission and discourages people who would usually go for usual 5 waves per public matchmaking. If we leave 3 options available it would be important to consider longer cooldowns for refreshing missions, between 2-4h Mark to keep consistency with player engagement and properly balance risk-reward ratio. 2. The random damage for weapon buff is standing directly against purpose of Steel Path. Instead of straight damage buff I would reconsider adding unusual buff system per wea
  2. @CrimsonSpawn I do agree that adding variety of buffs and debuffs would definitely add flavour to the game mode and make it much more appealing, but locking them to only one frame and weapon will prevent diverse gameplay. I think that if anything, adding rotation of randomly picked special bonuses outside of damage (like lifesteal, extra damage resistance, bigger AOE etc.) might be more I interesting from the RNG assisted gameplay perspective. I wish that maybe next iteration or revisit of Steel Path would bring such changes. Especially if they combined it with environmental haz
  3. The point of knockdown system is to prevent from passive gameplay and force higher engagement from the player. We are not playing Space Marines 3.0, we are space ninja. That being said, you can always utilise abilities on frames (vide Gauss' 2nd, Rumbled Mode, Iron Skin etc) or slap good old Primed Surefooted. These exist for a reason to not exclude those who want to be Space Marines 3.0.
  4. Pets 2.0 are long promised feature with general overhaul on how we can utilise them (companion command system) as well as their overall purpose (reintroduced heavily with newest iteration of Deimos creatures). This is being worked on, but it seems it isn't on top priority list at the moment.
  5. Before any wishful thinking happens, I'd like to remind, that Steel Path is an easier access to high level content with additional enemy buffs for sake of replacing Partners' Simulacrum with actual gameplay. It never was intended to be either endgame mode or anything else. I'm usually far from whiteknighting DE, but this time let them focus full force on content they are already working on instead of distracting towards unpromised, improvised changes. As far as feedback goes, it is much more helpful if you just point out what you dislike about current iteration and let actual Devs de
  6. I present to you Golden Mag, The Void Angel
  7. Hi. I want to say hello to whole moderation team. And to You who is reading this. I have experienced the most peculiar situation in recent days involving not only deletion of posts in an exchange of opinions with fellow Tenno, but also shadow edit of my own post deleting accusation towards moderation team regarding such activity. I do understand the need for occasional enforcement of rules and keeping forum tidy. We are the players of many backgrounds, many cultures and many different manners. But I find it utmost unacceptable that anything going remotly against Glorified Mode
  8. One of these: 1. Deceased body from cave entrance in TWW 2. Blood messages from CoH 3. Golden Maw statue 5. Resizable Void Key 4. Operator Transference Chamber from TSD
  9. EDIT: i would like moderators team to stop either deleting my posts or shadow editing and sillencing my voice about being edited. This is censorship 101. I keep my receipts of these actions and as I do not violate neither forum rules neither EULA, please respect my voice. As I said before my posts got deleted and this one got edited, I would like to repeat myself: Playing this game for a while, it becomes more noticeable that there is a disconnection between what is said and what is delivered. If we treat time as non expandable currency we can see why some players may feel that their
  10. Thanks for stopping by. I want to focus your attention for a minute on what do we do as players in Warframe for 90% of the time. At the very beginning Warframe was a roguelite with generated maze of map pieces. I was shooting through enemies, keeping my distance because close encounters were most of the time a grave mistake in groups larger than 3 or 4. Slowly climbing though the mods and gaining more power let us be more reckless but it still kept a lot of time in check due to scaling attributes of higher level enemies. Then Warframe became a power fantasy. With spammable abili
  11. I have only one wish. Bring back Void Keys and scrap Relics system to the abyss.
  12. The final version is here! I hope you enjoy! (Check the NEW PHOTOS in the top post!) P.S.: Video will be made as soon as I can, aiming for end of the year (30th-31st)
  13. I will make a little video clip as soon as I have a moment! Hopefully tomorrow / day after!
  14. Swazdo-lah and Merry Christmas Tenno! I just wanted to share my mini project, attempt of recreating Giger's style and ambient within Warframe's amazing Dojo decoration system. I utilised almost every category to achieve the effect. Main props are from new Infested decorations mixed with Fortuna metallic items and iconic Orb Vallis Not Xenomorph Egg Inspired Seeds. Few Sentient and Grineer bits made a great addition though. Finished it off with atmospherics and leaked coolant for that extra Giger crisp. UPDATE: Waiting for 24h for the Queen to finish building. We might be an
  15. I see a lot of people misreading what I said. I agree that cooldowns may be fun to play with. My issue is with artificial timers locking out abilities instead of tying cooldowns system to existing energy system. Ìmagine scenario: You just casted your ability and procced status on enemies. Now you drained your energy and need to wait OR can take few shots in a face and utilise Rage or Hunters Adrenaline and reduce cooldowns and use Life Steal melee attack to recover (extra damage for Condition Overload). Hildryn already has narrow gameplay loop due to her tight ability kit and re
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