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  1. Thank you all for kind words! It seems that link expired. Not to worry thoough, I have reuploaded fashion guide to the main post and attached one below as well! To clarify - main goal was to not only find the most compelling frames that correspond to their Mata counterparts visually, but also to emulate Kanohi (mask) powers through respective Warframes signature abilities. That's why, even if there were better options that would present the Toa better in visual department, I opted for choices presented. Guide:
  2. I've heard that they are planning to do just that 3 updates after lifting the armistice.
  3. Clan name: Alaris Collective Clan tier: Ghost Clan platform: PC Your Clan role: Founding Warlord Feature image:
  4. Done with the quest. To say that it's underwhelming and disappointing is an understatement. Don't get me wrong. I like the vibe. Even the bit of lore. But it's the same aftertaste you have after waiting for food for 3 hours and finding one pretty potato with a slice of carrot in honey. It looks nice. It has some taste. But I would never wait if I knew that's how much I'm getting. On menu: One Warframe in edgy sauce, one weapon with critically acclaimed mash, one skinny Skin, all of that served with a single serving Story Quest that would keep you busy for 15 minutes. I
  5. If anything the green thing is physical manifestation of Oro transformation, force that Tenno posses since exposure to the Void. That preserves them from dying and potentially enables power to revive living things. It could be also an explanation why Vor and other bosses keep reappearing (as Teshin implies in Conclave), although more likely it's just a gameplay decision not tied to lore.
  6. I don't think pillage does, but if you use Kronen Prime with shattering impact it strips armour insanely fast (only way that made The Regor on Steel Path easy as hell)
  7. Hi Tenno, Finally finished my latest project that required way too many Neurodes and ensured me to never farm for them again. I present to you the one, the only, Pacific Rim inspired Hangar! It occupies 1498 out of 1500 pieces in Open Space room, uses primarly combination of newly released Corpus Ship Parts and Solaris machinery with odd bits of Grineer parts here and there and small amount of Infested props. It took arournd 60 hours including ungodly resource farm. Main focus was to recreate and emulate unique feelings of witnessing truly massive
  8. Hi DE. Just found a rather silly bug where checking box in Dojo Vault to Auto Contribute resources to build immediately decoratinos also applies to Polychrome. In result it automatically is funding construction disabling option to choose actual colours and lighting. Also, it seems that timer for preview on light colours doesn't refresh upon selecting another colour and results in going back to already funded settings just a moment after going from colour to colour instead of actually showing hovered colour.
  9. Hi DE! As an avid ikea-frame architect I would love to ask if you could add option to fund all unfunded decorations within a room. Considering the high capacity of some of them (including whooping 1500 cap for Open Space room) it takes insanely long time to farm, plan, organise and place all decorations. Simple option to fund all unfunded decorations would sometimes cut decorating time in half (I kid you not, split between creative placing and then mindless grinding Contribute All is split 50-50). It would make creating these sorts of monstrosities much easier!
  10. Tying Syndicate rep more with the Railjack system could be the way to go. Let's call it just loyalty. Syndicates that you are friends with are most loyal to you and have slightly boosted stats and are reliable. Syndicates neutral are just paid to be there. Syndicates that are opposed could occasionally try to sabotage your Railjack, deplete ammo stock, slap EMP... BUT, they would give much higher stat boosts. Risk - reward. Instead of calling it an annoyance let's call it a gameplay flavour that would actually show impact of our choices.
  11. Hi, Tenno, @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Megan @[DE]Steve After completing my previous project (Alien x Warframe) I decided to take on another adventure and bring to Warframe horrors of Event Horizon. Main parts used were a combination of newly added Corpus Ship assets and Solaris industrial pack with odd bits of fleshy indestation and Orokin tech. On top of that I wanted to see how new background drops work in creating scene and, following the plot of the movie, we landed in the Void. Here is a quick tour around the level with all important landmarks of the ship: PHOTOS
  12. Took way too long, but finally published the showcase video. Room has been enhanced with newly released corpus ship parts to further improve ambiance of Giger's style. Hope you enjoy!
  13. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Bottom rows of cosmetics for crew rendered impossible to equip REPRODUCTION: Open Appearance menu for crew member and try to attach items from respective subclasses. EXPECTED RESULT: Hovering above attachment highlights correct attachment. OBSERVED RESULT: Upon hovering over correct row it highlights items on a row higher instead. Results are inconsistent and seem to depend on what other accesories are selected as inability to equip attachments migrates between items. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% PHOTO EXAMPLE:
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