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  1. Gear is disabled for ESO, so I wouldn't count on that.
  2. Moustache: Baron Execution: Unedited (Captura Only) Inspiration: Movember is all about men's health awareness, I wanted to create a homage to Red Baron (who died doing what he was best at) and his final enemy, Arthur Roy Brown (who died of heart attack) linking two important aspects of men's life - passion and health. I depicted Red MovEmber (ah these puns) in Red Elytron wearing Baron moustache to create a reference to main idea and create a piece with slight comedic relief. Shot has been made in Deimos scenery suggesting fight with Infestation (here being a clear reference to
  3. I don't know if anyone remembers the main thing that was behind Nightwave. DE was tired of making quests for Warframes and tying it to lore-rich missions. But still wanted a way to make more exposition for lore in-game and came up with Nightwave, a magical place where inconsistent storytelling can take place. And then tied artificial rewards to it. That's why we are where we are. Stories that would be good if not told over couple months. Rewards that would be good if they were obtainable (newcomers) or interesting (vets). And challenges that effectively cause burnout because of ini
  4. Ok, I had a fair share of thought about it and I believe there might be something saved for MR30. Precisely, what directly connects to word MASTERY. This is supposed to be a top level of being a master of weapons and warframes. Which means, obviously, that all weapons and warframes in future will have full capacity from the get go. But I also wouldn't be surprised if behind magical door DE was hiding... Stalker mode. It makes sense to me, that only players allowed to be a nightmare for others would be ones, that are most profficient with all weapons. Also, because number of MR30 will al
  5. Hi DE! Could anyone from devteam ( @[DE]Rebecca@[DE]Steve@[DE]Megan@[DE]Danielle) answer what's going on with NVIDIA GeForce Freestyle accesibility? I've been digging through the web and seen that it's been on and off, but right now NVIDIA confirms it's status as supported (same within GeForce Experience) but Freestyle still isn't allowed (or supported) when recalled through overlay or shortcut. Can we get a clarification what is DE's current stance on supporting NVIDIA GeForce Freestyle? Thanks!
  6. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Marked for Death often doesn't proc on finisher initiated by parrying with Shield and Sword weapons and stays on target. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Equip Sword and Shield melee, use Marked for Death ability on enemy, parry, use finisher - get disappointed. EXPECTED RESULT: Finisher should finish existing instance of Marked for Death and result in a radial damage distribution as per ability description. OBSERVED RESULT: Using few different setups and weapons and warframes with mentioned ability I wasn't able to consisten
  7. I agree, that MR should have more meaning. But it doesn't. Even with Helminth there is no need to level up vanilla frames that have prime versions. This is a larger issue with gameplay focus. We want a game where "My Progress Matters" when DE is creating "Catch Them All". No need to force MR restrictions to create artificial need to progress. I'd rather have something badass at MR 30 to have this carrot. Becuase I doubt we can be satisfied with anything else distribiuted every MR Rank Up. We got loadouts, standing and void traces caps up and let's face it, we don't care. Until players and
  8. Ok. So I subsumed 3 frames now. And used couple abilities. And gotta say, so far I am well impressed. Sitting on Helminth level 6 and slowly getting to understand the long game. This is finally a system that takes time and rewards for it. Now, before anyone hates on me, not long ago I was still MR 23, now hit MR 26. 4000+ spent with 2000+ hours in missions (rest probably decorating Dojo, which is OPPOSITE of saving resources mind you). So not really sitting on mountains of resources. That being said, I hit level 6 after 3 days. That's a bit too fast for my taste. I see why peopl
  9. Resources fed have four states: Liked, neutral, disliked and hated. Based on how much Helminth likes what you give it (as in hidden rotation based on what was recently given) you get more Helminth XP and more % fill depending on how much he likes resource. Liked (30%) - 200xp Neutral (15%) - 100xp Disliked (7%) - 46xp Hated (3%) - 20xp Subsuming Warframes gives only 1600 XP so best way to go is feed, inject ability, feed, override ability with new one, repeat. Fun fact: Filling one resource category from 0 to 100% gives 666 XP
  10. So far subsumed Nidus and Larva became insanely helpful on few frames (Ember and Nekros are so fun to play with it). Chroma is almost cooked, 3h to find out how Elemental Ward works on others. But did enyone subsume Ember? I have a great armor reduction build on Ember but there is absolutely NO info how it works without a meter. Did anyone play around with it and can tell?
  11. Wawus

    Glitch Ephemera

    Hi Tenno and DE. It's been a while since we had plenty of ephemera added (Looking at you Kuva Liches). But ever since we got such a selection of quality ephemeras I was dreaming about something unique, something that would let us express Cephalonesque desires... How about, in the spirit of all Cephalons and their mistakes, we could get a Glitch Ephemera? (Low quality example attached) DE, could you help us become true endgame glitches? What do you think?
  12. I wouldn't mind if DE decided to blatantly copy Anthem with "end of mission" Ui. Anthem with all it's flaws has a fun summary with xp, medals (MVP stats) and loot. It's lengthy, yes. But all of it still easily can be cramped. Or at least create Fun Summary Medals with unique names ("Headbasher" for most headshots, "Greedy Skoom" for most pickups etc.) You know... make it actual FUN?
  13. Swazdo Lah! It's been a long time since implementation of Captura. We have seen great use of it so far with both fashion-frame and creative shots. But only development we have seen recently was adding more scenes (which is great!). Dear DE, would you consider making a big leap and enabling us to use Dojo rooms as captura? So many players sacrificed insane amount of time, grind, resources and planning. This would enable all of us to share our creations in new way that would also benefit fashion-framers! What do you think?
  14. I would make a terrible detective...
  15. I might be late to the party then, but it wasn't obvious for me. Oh well 🙂
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