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  1. I believe if you use a catalyst and do anything that discards the weapon, you waste a catalyst. So use it after you build the mutalist version.
  2. The new melee rework is good, they finally nerfed spin2win and condition overload, and the fang prime is viable. Well not just viable, but good, because attack speed is the new meta and the fang prime have really good attack speed.
  3. Day trader is very difficult, they also need to reword it so it says all in one sitting. You have to stay invested 3 times in a row without letting the enemy score once. First off, do low risk index, second get on outpost, gas works may be possible but it’s far harder now, I’d wager if it was old gas works it’d be easier. Anyways, you want a Mesa and an Octavia or just two mesas guarding the goal at all times. Ammo and energy may be a little hard but you can grab some as long as you don’t stray too far from the goal. Hydrolyst is way easier, just bring a regular amp and one of the meta frames and just do a tridolon bounty. You won’t have as much of a hard time as you would with Day Trader.
  4. If you can dodge and are really good at moving around like a spaz, do Octavia with quick thinking. You’ll be invis 90% of the time but if you do somehow get hit, quick thinking covers you. All while mallet + resonator (just mallet in case of infested) deals all the damage from enemies that aren’t covered by drones, just bring like a rubico with a crit build or something and most of the time you’ll be one shotting the drones.
  5. Plague star returns every 6 months, iirc, it was here during June/July, so expect it around December/January
  6. They probably did that before the hot fix, or didn’t know that they were creating a lich.
  7. While crit chance, crit damage and multishot with a negative that doesn’t mean anything would be good, keep what you have, because iirc DE has been nerfing Rubico’s disposition for a while now. Best to not waste the Kuva.
  8. iirc they stay around the whole mission, but you won’t see them often.
  9. Get Octavia, her mallet gives you a way of infinite scaling, and metronome makes you invisible if you soak crouch enough. The put on quick thinking because invisible/= invincible, she can still die by getting caught in the crossfire and it’s easier than you think, she’s really squishy.
  10. Just play Octavia, it’s that simple. Her mallet has infinite scaling at a good rate and will kill enemies just the same regardless of level.
  11. You ready for a huge info dump? Starting with fortuna, huge open world, new modular secondary, kitguns, meta used to be catchmoon but they nerfed it bad. 2 new frames with Fortuna, Baruuk and Hildryn. Baruuk seems to be not good but not bad, nothing special. Hildryn is the Inaros of shields. You missed Acolytes, they happened around February but memeing strike and spin2win as a whole is dead, (thank god), The Jovian Concord added a new game mode, disruption, I’ve heard the one on Lua is best for farming axi relics. It also added in Wisp, she’s an above average support but Trin is still the best, and the entire gas city tile set got updated, including the one index map. Then saint of altra, added in Gauss, new fast boi and more disruption nodes than the one that was on Jupiter. Now we’re in the old blood update with Kuva liches, Grendel, better melee, slightly better Vauban, and Ember is good again. Grendel is literally just vore incarnate. The liches are an... interesting addition, and the parazon now is your hacking tool, and it can kill stuff, but you’ll 85% of the time just be using it for hacking. Also you got 3, maybe 4 new primes. As well as Wukong being good now. You got Mesa Prime, Equinox Prime, Wukong Prime and Atlas prime. Get to grinding.
  12. Octavia with a general build, she can’t carry points, but she can kill the enemies at any level with no extra effort. Rubico (prime) for early stages of index, it does the job even though her mallet does it better. Ensure you bring quick thinking on Octavia though, she’s very squishy, and it’s possible to die to some enemies even when invisible.
  13. What about Floods not guaranteeing requiem relics DE? That still hasn’t been fixed.
  14. An odd bug, but it just started happening and I don't know what I did to start it, missing your spear when fishing immobilizes you for a few seconds after the spear has been retrieved again. Like you can't fire the spear again and you can't move at all, it's odd, and it's happened for both Vallis and Cetus fish. Also appears to happen when you catch a fish, after the screen thing that shows that you caught it.
  15. The current one highlighted imo, 3 positives no negatives, while multi shot is really good, it’s not so good on its own. The one that’s highlighted is +crit chance and +crit damage, which is a really good pair, reload speed is alright.
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