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  1. If she hasn’t done War within and talked to the quills in Cetus, you cant
  2. Akvasto prime, pyrana prime, zymos are my go-tos normally.
  3. If this is in response to the mr30 post, no one “bullied” you. You acted entitled, we (all platforms) gave you advice, and you chose to not take it
  4. Probably really dumb question, but you did do it from the epic launcher right?
  5. I take wukong with his 4 replaced with silence, ogris for general use, then catch moon and stropha. Mark the mech, heavy attack, and as long as silence is up, you should be good. Helps if it aggros on the clone, but works either way
  6. Yes, and occasionally beforehand too. Wasn’t there shedu rivens before it was released, or was that only because people didn’t know how to get it?
  7. I would say bring a duration-range rhino stomp build. Stomp when they are on the ground, slide and shoot. Also, if you are “eligible” to unlock the riven, a purple thing will pop up on the bottom of your screen, similar to nightwave
  8. I think putting roar or plus strength would help with the duality build
  9. Each frame has a certain ability, if you go to the helminth it will have a list of all subsumable abilities, and bringing a frame will show you what ability is given. And the necramech farm isn’t too bad, the default weapon is powerful, and the mech itself is kind of fun
  10. I personally use heavy stropha with rad, and wukong with silence instead of his staff. The clone helps draw aggro of the mech away, silence keeps it from using abilities, and you just shoot the arms then the body
  11. It’s the same with all the other places. At least the 6 syndicates you can sell stuff from
  12. I personally enjoy the grinlok and basmu. Using the kuva orgris and giving it to my wuclone is just hilarious, as he shoots all 4 in rapid succession
  13. thanks for the fixes! did the xaku changes pt 2 ever drop?
  14. I would say either build up mastery by building weapons, frames, companions and leveling them and, clear planets, or if you need to, grind resources and mods
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