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  1. you get the +50% damage but enemies are not slow nor fast this...is not a bad advice XD
  2. Oh, I've wanted to do her firs but last year I looked at my 3 builds and ...in short if I put an umbra in I have to make another nova p because my other 2 builds will be ruined.
  3. guess you didn't read 😄 that's the reason I'm asking yea but even now with the current build(only with the two umbra) she pretty much doesn't run into trouble except for survivability and the third one will give her a little more armour(witch is not bad) but is it really worth it?
  4. No. Remember in wf you never have 100% chance, it's always 99.99%. ;D https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:FINNER/Warframe_Expected_%26_Nearly_Guaranteed_Numbers_-_An_Explanation
  5. So in short I put one umbra on frost p, one on wisp and now I have only 2 left. One is saved for nezha p(if the rumours are true it will be a while...) So that leaves me with one spare to put on a frame. I had an idea to put it on chroma for even more power but I kinda did a build with all 3 with no umbra forma on him. A friend of mine suggested saryn but...does she really need it? Mirage is another candidate, tbh... In short I don't know and I'm asking for an advice what frame will benefit most of an umbra forma ( the build cannot be done without one)?
  6. pennant was made with heavy attack in mind, and he has that passive, so...yea clear winner
  7. levels didn't matter ffs replayability and tenno wanting to go in there for something - rewards in any shape or form if they don't fix this it will be a one hit wonder
  8. the point was not that it was irrelevant but it was convenient and not op(like the nerf-notes say) It's the same case like with catchmoon and it will probably end the same way.
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