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  1. I only heard of this from tennoclock on youtube, they discussed it.(I think 3-4 shows ago)
  2. Well when you put it that way I may need to grind that extra useless fodder to get to mr30. This...this will be worth it.
  3. Maybe, report it to the bug section if you are sure everything is ok on your part.
  4. Nidus isn't necessary, any frame with a fully grown cyst can do it. You just need an egg, an open slot and the reactor thingie for breading any new pet. When you start a new doggo, before you hit the last button there is another one before it if you are using your cyst frame.
  5. They just have to give him the kuva riven treatment(not entirely rng) and it will be fine.
  6. idd, this is pretty much the core game This needs positive attention and "upgrades", not open worlds, railjack or anything else.
  7. Thanks for the update, guandao stats look really great. Wait it was working like this from forever, it's even in the wiki: So...is this some kind of terrible nerf or I didn't understand what was fixed?
  8. I want specters to level up with the enemies and when deployed again will be the current level of the mission, this will be sweet.
  9. I would like an augment that deals with the delay for grabbing enemies.
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