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  1. Yep it will be very hard for mr4(who is new to the game and not a second account), because all of them are on C rotation, witch is usually at the 20 min mark. Also don't rush it, he will be here for quite a while, so you will get him sooner or later. and by than you will have the resources to build him - he is expensive to build for a new player even if you have all his parts.(Nitain, Gallium, Tellurium, Oxium, Neural Sensors all the things a new player doesn't have at the beggining)
  2. I sell 15 no matter if the market tells 15 or 30(for some popular augments for the moment the price rises)
  3. Galatine(prime or the normal one, doesn't matter too much for the levels you point), gram, broken war, paracesis, prisma skana...just about every sword works for that level now that I think about it, even the normal skana. Like you said, you have to have all the mods, (primed, bloodrushy, condition overkill etc) and use them correctly to dish out the damage. For even more damage there is steel charge, naramon to get it even further and some arcanes can help immensely. Combine all that and put a nice riven on top and you have a wonderfull melee cake. My suggestion is if you want the most of your sword build a zaw or the galatine/gram prime and look for some builds for each of them.There are many many variations so try each and find what is best for your playstyle(more critty, hybrid, status monster or some meme build)
  4. You mean the demolysts? Nova slows them(100% sure) and rhino stomp works I think(have to try today). Otherwise I use magus lockdown and go with the frame I like.
  5. You did complete The War Within? If so, restart and look again.
  6. You can get millions of nano spores from the derelict. Keys for it are in the market (blueprints, reusable). If you don't have resources to build the keys - maroo's weekly ayatan is in the void or in the derelict.
  7. limbo , rhino with max power stomp and a lot of energy pads, gara ,frost etc... but limbo is the easiest and safest way
  8. Corvas for the spoder and larkspur for everything else
  9. This comment is the only thing I needed to get the lesion out of my foundry.Thank you. Yea, for example the Falcor. Kills sh1t very fast if you don't kill yourself first with it.
  10. they are entirely different Loki is more begginer friendly tho - easy to build, easy to use doesn't need more than 1 forma(the normal one) and 0 forma (the prime) to work perfect.
  11. You are entirely correct, but... I do not like excavation or the orokin sabotage, so that's my choice. If op is looking for efficiency probably Marduk is the best, yes. I included the unvalted relics for flare, the baunties are much better in my experience. But I wanna do a little survival, level some weapons and have a little fun, so that's why mot is the perfect place for that. It's a shame they didn't put them in ESO because there is much more rewarding and they come up leveled, so I don't have to waste my traces. Just a note tho, it took me less than 4 days to gather the relics and get atlas, he is currently almost half way baked in the foundry.No more than 3 hours a day and a lot of rng goodness. The best advice!
  12. 1. Do you have all the mandatory mods to build a secondary and leveled them up(hornet/multishot/multishot and fire rate, CC, CD elementals, 60/60 elementals) If [1] is ok than the akjagara is great, atomos is a solid choice , pyrana prime, staticor , synoid gammacor , dex furis(if you have them), mara detron, pox, prisma twin gremlins If [1] is not ok - don't build a secondary yet 😄
  13. I had a couple dropped on mot. 20 min and if you can't take more, extract and go again. I think it's the best because you are farming and the unvaulted relics at the same time.
  14. Toran said it best, just don't expect to start earning 100-200 plat in a day from the start and manage your spendings(slots/potatoes at the start and cosmetics after you get the hang if it and have at least 200-300 plat extra on top of you minimum for new weapons slots/potatoes).
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