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  1. Short answer - no. Longer - it's a heavy caster frame that need a lot of derelict mods, augments and a lot of experience. It will be underwhelming if you try her now, because you would not be able to get the most of it and without the proper mods/setup she is not as durable to suit your current playstyle. For a "chaotic, guns-blazing playstyle" you need some kind of a tank frame - I suggest nezha, rhino, mesa prime, ember, wukong etc
  2. You don't need 100% status on a sniper, this is not a pellet based weapon that needs 100% before multishot.
  3. bs it's very useful for archwing mods farming(each of the rarer ones are minimum 50p) for fortuna mods farm co farm It's one of the useful boosters. It's in game for a couple of months, not "a long time"
  4. The most important thing in this game are the mods, so look for what you need and how to farm for them. There is an acolyte event right now, it ends tomorrow, get every mod you can from it, because the last one was a year ago and the next one will be in a year too imo. Check wiki or youtube for the things you want to build and if you find a mod or mods you are missing, learn where they drop, how to get them etc. Trust me, with the right mod setup weapons, frames etc become almost irrelevant, at least until you get to lv150-200 and above.
  5. I agree, but I'm gonna buy it, because it's nova!
  6. 1. I dedicated hunt should not take more than 3 hours. 2. This has nothing to do with muscle memory - this is how you don't have to look at your keyboard to press certain buttons, having almost the exact number of presses at the exact time to do some action etc. Pressing the X is a conscious action, because you have to see the X to press it - the brain comes to a decision after it gathered information even if it's a millisecond. The simple thing is you were not paying attention.
  7. lol no I haven't tried the convectrix yet but these ones are not trash o.O
  8. They fixed that option long ago. The people who done it then still can maintain their mr0 rank with access to all the thngs, but you cannot do it now.
  9. I do this ones on the mars boss Lieutenant Lech Kril.If you don't want to overkill him put some mods off and than do it, his invul stage is perfect for it. This is an option too.
  10. All is great but if all that is connected somehow to shorten the murmur grind it will be the best. I've run lich missions for the past week with unleveled frames and weapons just to make some "challenge" and to be able to die.
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