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  1. 3 hours in sp disruption and you will see a big difference ye, otherwise it doesn't make a big impact
  2. From the post: I really hope it's bad wording. If The 3 status cap is just a misunderstanding the melee meta will be as powerful as before. If not...then they just killed the game for a lot of players that want to go on high levels without exploiting frost bubble true damage etc.
  3. No, I said this is big but not AS BIG as the CO nerf, especially the max 3 stacks of statuses - that means that this equation Total Damage = Base Damage × [1 + Damage Mods + (Condition Overload Multiplier × n)] × (1 + Elemental Mods) will become essentially this Total Damage = Base Damage × [1 + Damage Mods + (Condition Overload Multiplier × 3)] × (1 + Elemental Mods) I don't remember the max cap on co with maximum status effects but it was somewhere in the realm of 16 status effects - that means 120x16=1920% melee damage(most of the time you get from 5-7 status so that's 840%)
  4. All of the other nerfs are kinda big but not insane, you can live with them...everyone is ignoring the giant nerf CO will get - lower damage, stacks only 3 times? They essentially killed berseker and CO with this and it was supposed to be a 10% nerf (like the first devstream talked about)? By killing CO they essentially killed the status kuva nukor(even if it wasn't nerfed for the chaining) or any other proc weapon out there(it is not worth it to get a specific loadout just for 240% melee damage) I really really hope that the primary/secondary mods can do this ban atomic bomb of a nerf a
  5. That's the same thing that stops people talking to other people in a bar/club. It's all social awareness and it's easy if you don't care.
  6. to collect and try out the weapons - I did this when they were introduced so haven't "hunted" in quite some time
  7. You are not paying them, they are your slaves.
  8. Well they did it for broodwar (and it still have tournaments, live ladder games etc 20+ years later), for sc2 (still has tournaments, ladder games, custom games etc 10+ years later) I saw this for couple of other games too so I presume it's the case when the game is no longer on the world "spotlight".
  9. I don't see a problem. What is the topic about really?
  10. the timer for the extraction is 1 min, the timer for the fail state is 5 min...you did something very wrong
  11. Probably, but 10 for an hour instead of 0 an hour is not much of an upgrade...and for plat at that. It's just permanently bugged some missions.
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