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  1. That's what I mean when I said most people don't use any frame above lv120-140, that's why inaros was a top used frame. :D
  2. Happened to me couple of times. Most of the times they just ask for plat out right. I say no and they never speak again. :D
  3. Again - log in, wonder around the orbiter, log out until there is content.
  4. Are you playing the same game? I mean ash with all duration mods could not compare to the duration of loki. That said Loki is outdated, but not in a way that is bad tbh. He is just a very very simple frame with a couple of options, but compared to frames that came after that he might seem outdated. In short you have the easiest to use invisibility in the game(and thanks to the new system de implemented that you have 1 second delay when it runs out before enemies start shooting at you it's even easier to use). Why is it the easiest - ivara's is better in every way except movement wise, y
  5. logging in logging out playing something else until there is content ^^
  6. melee didn't and doesn't need a nerf, guns needed a buff/change from a long long...long time but of course only buffing is not enough to produce rage comments/videos XD
  7. There is nothing like this in warframe. Kuva/rivens aren't it, they are buffs, they are interesting at first(min-max a build, get a meme build etc. ), but they get boring fast.
  8. I think lowering overall will be a bad thing. I don't think they will do that, more like make a hard cap on the top attack speed of every melee. If they lower the speed overall some weapons will become absolutely unusable(karyst prime for example, 0.6 attack speed ...if it becomes even lower than this ),
  9. Assumptions are never a good response then. Take care.
  10. Where exactly did I say anything about DE?
  11. It's not more user friendly. They could implement the progression bar without having to claim it yourself.
  12. idd If it's really a balance I'm all for it. I love melee more, but I also want to break the cycle with some gun play from time to time. We will see. There was systems like this before, it was complete fail. You have to consider also the horde aspect of wf. Whatever they do you have to be able to spray down 30-50 enemies of any level in seconds for certain game modes to be even playable. This is the only reason melee is powerful rn, because in the context of this game it's the only viable tool to do the job that is given from the mission design.
  13. idd It will be better, because there is little they can do to make it worse. :D
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