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  1. I've took a break from the game since Scarlet started but I'm almost 100% sure this wasn't fixed yet. So, fix it.
  2. OMG i love these changes!!!!!!! Cant wait to use galatine prime now that u buffed it at 0.55 POG. I especially like the fact u r going to disable riven trading till these changes r live!!!!!!! I also hate ppl trying to exploit rivn knowledge to get plat.... how is that even a thing???? evil ppl rlly. Cant wait to see next wave of balance changes to see galatine prime at 0.6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also love the fact u r conservative on riven dispo changes. Steve believes that the fact revenue went down last year is that DE was too experimental, and I think he is right!!!!!!!!! Pog. Also i like the fact you forgot to add some melees starting with G and after....... Seeing galatine in there after refreshing page 12 times made me scream in happyness????
  3. Gas proc damage still doesn't scale with modded Heat+Toxin. When will this bug be addressed?
  4. The issue isn't viral. The issue is that the only relevant enemies in this game are armored ones, and everything else is litteral trash. What works better against armored enemies is Viral and Slash. So Viral and Slash work against litterally anything. The issue isn't only Viral. It's the fact armor scales when it shouldnt and HPs don't scale enough.
  5. The issue with Gas damage was also that the proc dmg didn't scale with elemental mods. Was this fixed?
  6. You make armor a flat value, then you start balancing the actual damage and enemy HP values. You can't balance a game when a faction has more than 15 times the EHP of the others.
  7. Daily reminder that Armor needs to actually be a flat value.
  8. When it comes to elemental damage proc, the damage per tick they do is basically Base Damage x ((1+modded element)/2) x Faction Mods. This works quite well, except in the case of gas damage. The Gas proc damage right now is: Base Damage x ((1+modded gas)/2) x Faction Mods. You might be asking:" What is the issue? Put Heat and Toxin mods on your weapons and increase the damage of your proc." Except, well, it doesn't work. The game, when accounting to proc damage calculation, doesn't fuse the elementals on your weapon but keeps them separated. A good example of this are Pox and their Toxin forced proc damage getting increased by the Toxin mods on it even if you modded your Pox for Corrosive. The solution would be to count the elemental as "fused" in the code, and not "separated".
  9. The HP scaling is not the issue for now. The fact armor scales is the issue.
  10. The new armor equation multiplier, that is followed after level base level+80, is y=1+(0.45*(x - base level)^0.7), where x=current level. This graph is basically what was shown in the DevStream, the values in there are quite clear. The function is basically shown, if you look at the excel graph you can see the coefficient and the exponent. After getting the multiplier you need to multiply what you get with the base armor value. So, for example, a CHG at base level has 500 armor, which means 62.5% damage reduction, or 2.6667x multiplier over health(500/800). At level 108 (100 levels after the base level), it has 12.303 times the base armor value, which results into a value of 500*12.303=6151.5 . The damage reduction in this case is 95.35%. Which results into a 21.5x multiplier over HP. This is why Slash/Viral, Corrosive and Heat were and will be always meta unless Armor becomes a flat value. If they can deal with Grineer (by ignoring partially or completely the inflated armor value), they can pretty much deal with the other factions. And the game will never be somewhat close to being balanced.
  11. I wanna drop to you, DE, some big brain piece of knowledge. Basically, take the Shield scaling and the Armor scaling and throw them out of the window. Make the Shield scaling graph equal to the Health scaling graph (eg: if an enemy at base level has 20 health and 40 shield, the health to shield ratio will always be 1 to 2) and make the Armor value a flat number for each enemy somewhere between 50 and 2700. Then, start trying to balance everything else: damage types, procs, multipliers. There is a lot of work you have to do. But if you don't start with realizing that one of the biggest issue in this game is the fact that Grineer EHP scale way more than Corpus and Infested EHP, you will go nowhere. Especially considering the fact the whole game right now revolves around ignoring armor. You NEED to try to make the environment as controlled as possible to try to balance anything. Right now the state of the game is so wild it feels like a magnified sandbox without the actial good stuff a sandbox would provide: different valid options.
  12. There is no triple dipping involved. What people usually refer as triple dipping is the fact faction mods(and multipliers like rhino's buff) were calculated three times for calculating gas damage. Right now this is double dipped for every proc that does damage, even gas. Viral/Magnetic doubling the damage has nothing to do with this. By the way, Gas is the only elemental proc that doesn't scale with modded elements. This is the issue. Adding more toxin or heat damage to the weapon doesnt actually increase the damage of the proc.
  13. It already did. Like every other proc that deals damage. You don't know what you are talking about.
  14. I want to remind to the people commenting this post that Gas damage 1)Doesn't scale with modded Gas 2)Has some of the worst multipliers in the game 3)Is actual trash against the infested because of toxin ancients. 4)Has ZERO actual use. Now, let's look at the other AOE damage proc, electricity 1)Actually scales with modded electricity 2)Actually fine against the infested 3)Does CC keeping the enemies in place to make them take full damage 4)Has okay multipliers, compared to Gas. Even if they fix the gas not scaling with modded gas damage, there would be no actual reason to run Gas. Gas needs to keep the old damage calculation to be even playable. It making Gas or Toxin damage isn't the biggest issue. It being worse even where it is intended to be played in is the issue. Gas only does damage, yet it is not allowed to do it.
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