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  1. I mean.. it's going to be the same thing as it always is. The devs have never made the step to get rid of peer to peer, and they're not likely to do so now. So yes, you're going to have host migration and just as it is in normal missions, if you're unlucky you're going to get booted out of whatever you're doing.
  2. Why should I care about content creators I don't, nor will I ever, watch?
  3. A toxic thread starter can expect 'toxic' responses. You're preemptively calling a delay and essentially accusing DE of being malicious liars, I'd call that toxic.
  4. To be fair, there's those of us that have played this game with the Lotus as an integral part of the experience since 2013. I'll agree story wise that I would like the option to strike her down, but at the same time I've found Ordis's fake Lotus annoying from the moment I got her and don't want to be stuck with the kid replacing her either. So game play wise I would value the choice to keep the Lotus as fairly high.
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