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  1. Well I just feel a little bit optimistic, but I'm being careful at the same time, It's not like I said I'm full of sanguine or anything because I am a skeptic. But you do have a valid point though, last week I saw a delay and I was like yep it happened.
  2. What day do you guys think it will come? Since they don't do Fridays anymore one has to ponder because I don't want to get my hopes up, last week I could see it coming but I don't know about now.
  3. Are they going to give an actual release date or is it just sometime within the week? Because I have been seeing people say the no longer update on Fridays.
  4. Yeah man I imagine if this thing doesn't drop today or tomorrow people be like.......(DE IF YOU DON"T GIVE US THIS THING YOU DON'T GET TO EAT NEXT MONTH!!!) I really hope that doesn't happen because last thing we need is a group of angry fans.
  5. Man there has been no new content for like two to three months, what's the deal here?! Content droughts are a bad thing so I'm definitely not getting my hopes up. I love you guys over at DE but come on man.
  6. Yeah that's if the thing even gets released today.
  7. Man it has been that long?! She has been forgotten. But I wish DE would just tell us what is in the update, but I guess they want it to be a surprise. However I tend to keep my expectations low. 🙂
  8. Was hoping nezha deluxe would be coming tomorrow, but that is some wishful thinking. Not getting my hopes up.
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