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  1. Inaros Prime won't be out for at least another year. Atlas - Ivara - Titania - Nezha - Inaros are the next releases and they are released about 3 months apart.
  2. I came here to mention this. EV Trinity for ESO, endurance runs, Index (A high ability strength Trinity can 2 shot the Auditor), farming runs, really anywhere you need endless energy. Add in the Vampire Leech augment and you give your squad a 1.2k over shield after a few casts. Trinity is also amazing solo since she has infinite sustain. The problem is she is not the most interesting or flashy, even if she can make her team unkillable.
  3. I'm 4 weapons away from MR27 and started playing 6 months ago. This is misguided. While true it is doubtful someone could reach MR27 in 3-6 months without paying money. It is no where near the "thousands of dollars" you claim. A prime access or the highest platinum bundle is enough to boost your way to MR25 in 2 months alone. Keep the credit, affinity, and resource booster up at all time. Research how to get weapons and frames then focus target them. Keep extractors running and always have stuff building. Having a higher mastery also means you are able to level stuff faster due to the extra mod and standing capacities. Paying money to get boosters and platinum SIGNIFICANTLY reduces the amount of time you have to play.
  4. Is there anything in the works for more Syndicate exclusive items? Or fleshing out the underdeveloped Syndicates? I would like to see us able to wear the various Syndicate Agent clothes for our Operator. More weapons and augments are also welcomed.
  5. I'm MR26 and about 12k exp away from 27. I started playing 6 months ago in February. I'm at 580 hours for in game time. Nice to find another fast leveler, OP.
  6. I mean the weapon would be unlocked by a hard series of challenges, not that you would get stuck with a weak version first Sorry, I worded that poorly.
  7. I would personally like higher MR weapons, though I don't think it should ever go beyond 20. Having 1-2 special weapons at the MR 17, 18, 19, 20 spots would be something to look forward to. They should have crafting or acquiring costs at the level of Paracesis or Vauban Prime. Their power should also not come from pure stats but a mechanic like Ballistica Prime, Zenith, or Ocucor. Having a weapon "unlock" mechanic would also be nice. Like doing a hard level Nightmare assassination solo. I did the Ambulus assassination on Nightmare the other day and it was actually a lot of fun, even though I failed the first time. Or maybe completing certain missions as a certain frame.
  8. I wanted to propose these concepts for new mods for sentinels. These mods were attempts at making these underused sentinels more desirable. They could be added to Cephalon Simaris' shop for 75,000 standing similar to the other sentinel mods. Oxylus - came from the frustration people were having with scanning plants for specters and getting Kavat DNA, but I also wanted to throw an Ivara like spin on it so that people would use it to occasionally get additional loot. I didn't give it to Helios, because Helios is already used heavily, which these mods are trying to prevent. Diriga - It was already a mini-Volt, decided to add speed. This precept would have a hidden 30s cooldown. Ideal for speed running. Taxon - To ease the annoyance of dealing with slash and toxin on a low health frame. Would also have a hidden 30s cooldown. Would work great stacked with Molecular Conversion, Guardian, and Shield Charger. Pictures were all taken by me in Captura and the (old design) mods were made using goAggro's Warframe Mod Creator with a bit of touchup in MSPaint. I having these or ones similar to it would greatly diversify sentinel use and relieve some frustration from players at certain mechanics.
  9. Here are the K-Drive races for today. If you have trouble in the future, just ask someone in region chat who does have a custom K-Drive. I would also like to remind you that you DO NOT need to complete every challenge. There are also now fanatic mobs that give Nightwave standing when killed.
  10. No, it isn't even worth considering. It would either drain the battery like mad or cause your phone to crash. If someone really wants Warframe on the go, try to play it on a tablet. There are tutorials showing how to get games on tablets.
  11. Do you even play a max range high strength Volt?
  12. Yeah they added with Update 25.6.0 yesterday.
  13. If you want cover go play gears of battlefield warfare grand theft duty 17.
  14. Technically "was" is incorrect as well. It should be "were" since it is a conditional clause.
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