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  1. Bump, with a picture. You can even see something is wrong on the skin icon to the left. His back flips that come with the prime are also invisible. Or were they removed due to being unable to fix it?
  2. Title. This has happened to me several times and I do not know what is causing it, but upon adding a forma all the mods will get removed from one of the slots of the upgrade page. This has occurred with weapons, pets, and most recently a Warframe. It is extremely frustrating having to remod a page, especially if I don't recall everything that was on it. The most recent example happened after adding an Aura Forma, no other pages were affected.
  3. I just crashed while in Orb Vallis, haven't had a game crash in at least 2 months, not sure if it was update related.
  4. High quality is subjective. You should be more specific or provide examples/idea of what would be new "high-quality" content.
  5. Are there plans to fix Zaws and Amps having sorting issues as well? These having existed for years.
  6. My most used Amp by a long shot with zero kills. My "most used" amp with 1/20th the experience of my Lega And before you say that I had it for leveling, that is true, but I've used the Lega Prism almost exclusively after leveling up everything else. Second most used melee. Appearing at the bottom of my usage list in my arsenal, along with 4 other Zaws including by 6th most used melee, Cyath. Are there any plans to fix this or even possible solutions to fix it on the user end? Edit: It appears new Zaws are not affected by the sorting issue, but the
  7. I came here to post that those 3 achievements are not on Steam. Posting here so that it gets more attention.
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