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  1. I dont care about points, i need more slots! How am i suposed to equip proton pulse?
  2. Hell, i would even be happy if we were able to buy additional features from simaris, i dont want this rework grind free
  3. Basicamente, la unica forma de volver es comprando el platino negativo que te queda cuando eliminan la cantidad frauduleta, igualando tu balnce a 0 o superior
  4. Sep, solo puedes comprar directamente de la pagina oficial, tendras que comprar el platino verdadero para reponer y quedar positivo con DE y poder jugar otra vez. Fuera de tema, DE te puede banear incluso sin razon, en los terminos y condiciones que aceptamos aparece eso, son dueños absolutos de tu cuenta
  5. Can someone post the drawing of a guy on a bicycle shoving a stick in his front wheel?
  6. Daily reminder to read his "about me" section, farm your reputation and move on guys
  7. Yeah, i said that without thinking, it doesnt really affect me, ignore me
  8. I dont even have it yet, but i agree that it should cost 100 shards, we only need 1 copy of the ephemera anyway
  9. Are you familiar with monster hunter world training area? It has that feature. Our current simulacrom is actual trash, you should be able to use any kind of equipment and mods that you dont have, it should be able to simulate sortie conditions, needs new maps, dps calculations, being able to spawn even eidolons....... it just needs a massive rework
  10. Some are on saturn and the rest is on veil, check the wiki, its very interesting
  11. I havent really needed a lot of farm, since i only craft mk 3 with 59% or over bonus, you should focus on farming those, and when you get a nice roll you will have enough resources to craft them Edit: you should farm rare avionics too, when they become tradeable we will be rich, there is a lot of people that refuse to farm avionics and will buy them as soon as they can
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