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  1. Los cupones no se pueden dar o traspasar a otro jugador, tienes que ir directamente a mercado, y en la pantalla del objeto que quieras regalar te saldra la opcion de regalar y usar cupon. Por cierto, si te estafan al comerciar cupones ilegalmente, no tendras derecho a quejarte con soporte ya que te lo advierten al inicio del chat de mercado, asi que te recomiendo hacer esto con un amigo o alguien de confianza
  2. Dude, just post some trash and farm reputation
  3. Afaik we will get a way to obtain it in the future, and is not too big of an advantage, the bonus 150% melee damage that you get from it is barely noticeable
  4. Yeah totally, we have an infested slave on our ship, everything is possible since he can manipulate living things and flesh, but gameplay wise i dont think it will happen
  5. I would play real life, but i cant take a break from warframe since im addicted
  6. Not based, the flatulence and death stench should be just a secondary effect of the rotting meat
  7. Yesss i forgot his name Edit: i want to smell this warframe through the screen
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