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  1. I just want slots designed for a certain kind of mod, utility, like the the slide mods or bullet jump mods, slots for survival and defense and mods and abviously ones that affect abilities
  2. The one from the devstreams and tennocon? Yes pls
  3. If they are common, or have a low ducat value, 1 pl each
  4. Maybe the mask is a free reward, and the operator is using it because it looks cool
  5. "Wts smoking body ephemera 700 pl pm" You know what? Sure dude, i have 7 of those
  6. Not since i made an infinite energy doggo
  7. Is this thread still going? Just give him one for free, it is not like he will get an important lesson farming it himself, its just a basic mod from a meaningless farm
  8. None atm, its only useful if you are minmaxing different builds
  9. What do you mean by new suit? All of our operator fashion is wasted time and plat? Maybe a new mod system for operator, but not a new suit
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