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  1. Sadly, the 777 amp does not exist on the year 2017, check the date of the thread
  2. Try to get in a clan, those are common mods that you can get for free
  3. Its probably because i have a groll for it
  4. Depends on your warframe, nowadays i use 160% efficiency on all my warframes(except meat wardrames like inaros) i just got bored of managing my energy, the skills are slightly worse but its worth it imo
  5. Yes, smite with the augment works, eclipse would also work if they didnt spawn at night
  6. Probably an oversight, it will be patched soon Edit: DE always forgets that arbitration exists lmao
  7. Clearly not as effective as eclipse, you can kill a juggernaut behemoth lvl 160 with one slide attack
  8. It doesnt fluctuate for me, i had low status to not interfere with the test
  9. Tested myself, without eclipse each shot dealt 967 damage, after spawning the same enemy again and activating eclipse each shot dealt 5900 damge Edit: forgot to test the diwata,brb Re edit: im back,tested diwata without eclipse, deals trash damage, activated eclipse and respawned, now it deals the damage of a good unmoded weapon, in conclusion, the diwata needs a buff or rework
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