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  1. Lmao 15 year ban? I just got 1 week the last time, did you get banned in the past too?
  2. Lmao at casuals with less than 400% strength titania
  3. Primes themselves dont matter, you just buy them to keep the game alive,most deluxe skins are better anyway
  4. Ah yes, they finally see the true endgame, trashposting, and they nerfed it lmao
  5. Try looking for a clan in recruitment chat, there is always noob friendly clans looking to help new people
  6. Me too, i only log in for new things i like now. Now im playing final fantasy xiv
  7. Also, try to get the new excalibur prime access before it goes away, it might take a while for it to come back
  8. This is correct for pc but in playstation you can use them on certain items in the market like individual skins, gear, accesories and animations, etc ingame, not platinum
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