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  1. With a 97% chance to get frugal credit bundles
  2. Did you check the accesories? Maybe it is like the chroma deluxe wings
  3. Not really, is it the one that make the "try not to arrive" ads?
  4. Going to work now, i hope i dont get infected
  5. No one really asked but ill share my playstyle, i have a full crit zaw with condition overload equiped, the crits are strong enough to kill most enemies, but if a stronger eximus enemy appears i use my full status/fire rate rattle guts to inflate the damage from condition overload on the zaw, wich kills them almost instantly
  6. Rolling gives a 75% damage reduction tho
  7. Did you forget about the juggernaut and the 3 minute run to get to the golem fight?
  8. If its too tanky you can cheese it by charging void strike with a low health garuda and do a one hit kill with the velocitus
  9. Or delete the first 5 waves and keep the last five, the fun starts at wave 7 anyway
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