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  1. Nope, there are individual players on the leaderboard that still have scores only attainable by using the exploits. 49,000+ can't be possible... And what about the plat they gained from using these exploits to buy up and sell arcanes? This is weak....
  2. Yeah, over 1000 cheaters on the leaderboards. And not a peep from DE on it... Apparently cheaters DO prosper...
  3. Agree. Hopefully they strip their scores, back-grade their clans accordingly, and delete the plat and materials they made as a minimum. Preferably bans as well.
  4. How easy was it to understand the new Operation and what you have to do to succeed? Easy enough if you read the PC update notes and have played Scarlet Spear. How was using a Necramech in a “normal” tileset? Some tiles have doors and areas that block the necramech but are only slightly smaller than the others. Did you have any difficulty finding or using a deactivated Necramech? I brought my own, but new players often struggled with that issue, and needed their locations being shown on the minimap to be pointed out. A big problem was that you could easily jump into a ne
  5. So it turns out that the 40k+ runs are people using FPS rate exploits. Hopefully DE wipe their scores, their phasmic purchases and ban their accounts. Otherwise, why should anyone not cheat at everything?
  6. Ok, so how do people hit 40,000+ at the top of the leaderboards? Because it looks like scores max out at a bit more than 20,000
  7. Leaderboard scores are completely broken and don't bear any resemblance to what my clan and I had already achieved yesterday, let alone current scores
  8. I have raised and reopened tickets for this issue since the original broken release of necramech back in August. I rushed building my necramech (costing 50 plat) and then found it was hopelessly bugged and gained affinity was lost constantly, plus the 150+ other bugs that they launched with. I asked for my plat to be refunded, but the only response months later was "oh yeah, we fixed those bugs, case closed".
  9. At long.....long.....long.....long....long....last.... Fixed Clients losing all Necramech Affinity gained in mission after a Host Migration.
  10. TYPE: In game DESCRIPTION: purifier/plant bounty doesn't spawn enough plants to achieve objective when the purifier spawns at edge of vault map REPRODUCTION: Run arcana bounties. EXPECTED RESULT: Enough plants can spawn to achieve bonus objective. OBSERVED RESULT: With the purifier at the edge of the vault map, there weren't enough plants spawning to be able to achieve bonus objective. Either, spawn a minimum number of plants in the playable area to make it possible, or prevent purifier spawning too close to edge of vault map. REPRODUCTION RATE: Happened on 1/10
  11. TYPE: In game DESCRIPTION: Running a T2 Arcana Vault, the Emitter station spawned back where we had already completed the T1 Arcana vault. This made it impossible (extract emitter from T1 vault, run to T2 vault, no chance in hell). After completing the T1 emitter bounty, the station for it remained as a visible waypoint. REPRODUCTION: Run lots of vaults at all tiers EXPECTED RESULT: The emitter you are supposed to use spawns in the same vault as the objectives..... OBSERVED RESULT: See description REPRODUCTION RATE: Happened on 2nd run of all bounties being don
  12. And somehow STILLLLLLL no fix for losing all gained affinity on a necramech on host migration. Which is why I now exclusively either form a full group first, or run Deimos bounties by loading into the Cambion Drift, and then initiating them from Mother to avoid wasting an hour of my time running the bounties to have my progress wiped.... Because not being host just means throwing time in the toilet.....
  13. Not being able to queue for iso vault arcana runs is ridiculous. Instead you need to: - queue for a regular iso run, get three randos who will stick around for the arcana run and NOT SCREW IT UP. - and then have those randos also stick around for doing 4 more runs to get to the final set This is basically impossible without dedicated clan runs. Also not helped by apparently putting me in squads with randos who do not speak any English... My spanish and portuguese isn't that great...
  14. Still no fix for necramech affinity being wiped out on host migration. Also, Bonewidow uses an archweapon slot. Rather than a vehicle slot...
  15. Heck, it took from 29.0 to 29.5 to mitigate the MASSIVE under capacity issue that necramechs have when trying to fill 12 slots with the same mod capacity as an 8 slot weapon.
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