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  1. First game of the day: - Join game, enter portal - Host migration, it's now wave 3?!? - Host migration. All alone, different map, it's now wave 4?!? - So I keep killing solo, figure I can at least get round reward. - As conduit opens, I'm teleported out of map, falling vertically, in a loop, I'd say hundreds of meters away, I occasionally see a chunk repeatedly disappear into the sky in one direction. Timer at zero, efficiency locked at 16%. - Forced to abort. WTF?!?! Nope, not my internet. And next run went fine up to ESO 8/8
  2. 1. People joining and then leaving when they don't see a rare/radiant relic means those who play straight can end up with fewer choices in the end. It also means people can end up getting added to match at a point where they cannot open their relic before completion. 2. Better LFG mechanics? Yes please! 3. Bounty scumming = Joining a bounty and then going fishing or mining or just straight up AFK while the rest of the party earn you rewards. While also breaking spawns and/or costing you bonuses.
  3. And no mission rewards for bounty scumming on the Plains and Vallis....
  4. With new relics comes another wave of "relic scummers". They drop into a mission, check what relics people are opening and if they don't see what they want, they leave. Recommendation: - Enable a longer count for relic mission start so everyone can see that people actually brought the right thing for a radshare. - 15 minute cooldown on abandoning a relic mission.
  5. While on the Plains my warframe couldn't pick up loot, it would just follow and not pick up. Switching to operator would collect the loot, but switching back to warframe it was still an issue the remainder of the session.
  6. The new interception capture point icons are great for seeing what's going on easily. Except when they don't match the actual state of play....
  7. I ran a top-tier bounty with a group of randoms, got rewards for each phase as normal. But then left squad and started a new one at one of the huts, because I didn't want to evac to start a new bounty. I solo'd all phases but got no phase rewards. What gives?
  8. Except you don't get to pick the host. Warframe does. And ping is only part of the issue. The other part is bandwidth, and when they come under load the ping craters! I have excellent internet on my end, the problem seems to be more is red state hostages to ComCast or other such pseudo-monopoly garbage, coupled with terrible host prioritisation which should be fixable... And lost connection to multiplayer could be recoverable if there was any will to fix it (e.g. client submits session log, automatically parsed to provide loot). Sure that could be exploited, but red-flags for those efforts would abound!
  9. You had an update a while ago that broke button inputs on my 10 year old Xbox 360 controller. So I started using an Xbone one until it was literally crushed in my bare hands within two weeks. Fortunately the Xbox 360 controller issue was resolved by then, so old faithful is back in action.... I have found that the Steam Controller settings tend to break everything and are best disabled altogether!
  10. Also Companions... But yeah, Wukong Clone is LETHAL!
  11. How about the session failures with squishy host connections when: - host votes to leave on endless modes, or - relic rewards load blank and then everything stops except chat...
  12. There seems to have been a dramatic increase in these problems for non-host players with the new update. It looks like, if the host connection drops while it is meant to be updating the mission result then nobody gets anything, except base XP gained. And DE won't help with that because they have no server side logs, because they didn't get the update.
  13. Ok, so y'all say there is nothing you can do, but these sorts of mission failures have become much more common since the last major update. Especially: - Orb Vallis and Plains of Eidolon - Void fissure missions at the reward select screen - Endless mission types where the host votes to leave and everyone wants to carry on The problems seem to be related to hosts not having sufficiently robust internet/computer power to actually be host... What's changed and what is being done to fix it?
  14. I've seen this happen mostly on the free roam areas. Which is why I never fish or mine except when solo anymore. And why I extract after any bounty where I get anything good. Was especially frustrating for the Plague Star event. Now it seems to have spread since the last mainline update!! Host dropouts and game freeze especially in void fissure and endless mission modes. Especially if the host votes to leave, in which case everyone else gets frozen out of controls, followed minutes later by "Lost connection to multiplayer" (possibly when the host gives up and aborts) and a complete loss of mission rewards. Most recently I was stuck with the other non-host players chatting after getting stuck in the fuzzed out phase rewards screen on a void fissure (all rewards were blank). Eventually all the rest of us aborted. This is some game-breaking stuff DE. You spend 20 minutes running a mission and then it breaks because of new bugs. Meanwhile your service ticket people say "we ain't got no record of that, you get nothing". Super disappointing!
  15. "Please understand that we will not able to restore resources, credits, affinity, focus or standing with any faction. If the game client was unable to sync up and verify data at the end of a match, there is no record for us to reference. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused." I provided screenshots. Your failure to log data effectively isn't my fault. At least give us a way to upload session logs or something!
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