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  1. "Collect Medallions without mission failure" for riven doesn't register medallions collected for Survival on Grineer spaceship tileset. Picked up all 8 and they didn't count, but the previous 15 worked fine for the count.... And another mission Corpus spaceship resuce. No progress despite 4 more. Stuck at 15/20 progress for the riven
  2. Also THIS!!! "- Failed Host Migrations resulting in a failed mission with a loss of all rewards and pickups. I know there was a recent fix to address failed migrations - but I'm not sure if this part was actually addressed or not." The number of times I've lost all my rewards in missions, especially when farming (or Plague Star) on the Plains or Vallis. Wiped out about an hour of hesperon farming the other night, because I forgot to go solo!!
  3. Nice. Any news on when the Jordas Golem is getting some love? He is broken AF...
  4. Are you guys still working on fixing Jordas Golem? I saw he got a minor patch recently, but nothing since... Good job on fixing the Ropalolyst fight, but Jordas needs love too...
  5. Great to see poor old Jordas getting some love. He's been badly broken soo long. Archwing Pursuit also seems to suffer the same bug where the ship sometimes flies backwards when you're trying to shoot out it's engines...
  6. After my Xbox 360 controller didn't work properly, I found the Xbone controller was compatible. Until I crushed it within a few months. But the 360 seems to be working now. So I'm back to using my almost 15 year old Xbox 360 controller again. Just won't die!!! Note: It may be that Warframe detected the Xbone, and then accepted the 360 inputs when I switched the plugs over.
  7. When is the Jordas Golem getting any love?!? Poor bugger has been severely broken for months/years...
  8. And it's back up. Quick work ppl 🙂
  9. Yup. https://downdetector.com/status/warframe shows a spike in problems as other people start reporting it....
  10. No issues with any other internet services/websites. Even Warframe.com loads, although it also rejects login.
  11. After much digging it turned out the upstream network provider where traffic went from ICAN into commercial US infrastructure had screwed their DNS server for about an hour. So I could proxy or ping via other routes, but traffic using DNS would crap the bed. Which also impacted all content on other websites that used CDNs, although FB and Amazon hosted stuff was unaffected. Of course, now it is down again, but this looks like a Warframe login server issue, as there are none of those faults, and even warframe.com loads, but won't login...
  12. I'm getting this. But also all my other internet works, browsing, you name it. And even warframe's troubleshooting tool tells me no trouble reaching the update server with a clean tracert and 40ms ping...
  13. Great job on fixing the awful, awful bugs the Ropalolyst was released with. We've gone from 8/10 runs being super buggy to like 1/10. Which brings me to the Jordas Golem. It's been out for ages and suffers all manner of game breaking glitches such as: - People being ejected into space without their archwings. - The golem getting stuck in all kinds of things - The golem routinely (10/10 times) sticking it's vulnerable bits inside structures making it effectively invulnerable. - Members of the squad being in some sort of alternate null space where the golem doesn't exist, but damage can, and where a bunch of functions don't function. - All the other non-game-breaking bugs it has...
  14. Verified. I had this exact same bug today on a relic/excavation mission, on a corpus tileset, using Wisp.
  15. And there was much rejoicing. Except now I never need to run it again since I already got its good drops (? citation needed)
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