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  1. You guys broke void storms even worse. Often get stuck in infinite loading transition on leaving the missions, unless host quits and we get host migration. No menus or chat, can only Alt-F4
  2. Oh wow! Y'all are making it even buggier and broken with each hotfix... That was completely insanely screwed! - Invincible enemies board the ship and stand there in idle poses. - Repeated rubberbanding of loading into areas - Still unnecessary wait for entering the interior part of missions, or to leave them, all the while being hit by void storms - And my buddy had a complete crash to reboot.... Not to mention the issue with post-mission infinite loading time until the host goes alt-F4 is still a thing... With no ability to chat, bring up menu or anything.... Just run around the ship and hope the host gets the message and rage-quits so the rest of us get our rewards on host migration...
  3. Text is now unreadable in void storm missions.
  4. Voting in railjack missions has been broken since you introduced it. But somehow it isn't a "known bug"....
  5. Complete void railjack mission. Voting is broken, and now we're all stuck in an infinite warp. Did y'all even playtest this before deployment?!?!? Or just kick it out the door and screw the players, like normal.... All we can do is alt-F4 and hope that we got rewards.... Can't even check what those rewards were except for the WF part...
  6. Why do you deploy on a Friday and then leave stuff broken all weekend? Surely you've learnt by now?!?!
  7. So not fixed the breaking of mission progress if you leave the ship manually while in the countdown to join the squad in the airlock for a mission?
  8. Neither Galvarc nor Milati missile systems can be linked in chat
  9. Railjack mission voting broken. Some people can't vote, voting NO does nothing, cancelling vote and voting drydock breaks everything (stuck in pre-warp animation, no menu available, can't leave squad, can fly around and shoot things though, Alt-F4 required, complete loss of mission rewards) Host can't leave squad. Did you guys even playtest this nonsense?!?!?!
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