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  1. Next time, type /unstuck in chat. It'll move you back to the last spot where you weren't blocked by anything.
  2. I'm at level 30+21, still a way to go before I hit the cap.
  3. Same here and reported by others in clan chat.
  4. This bug was also reported by one of the PS4 members in our extended clan and in this forum. Is this an example of cross-platform compatibility? 😁
  5. This site includes an Earth day/night tracker - https://deathsnacks.com/wf/ - which is different to the Cetus day/night timing because .. uh .. reasons? 😕
  6. Quick addendum to this, I've just re-logged for the third time today and I've got no recovered tasks. I'm at level 16 of NW and I'm aware others have reached level 30 already so I don't think I could have completed every previous mission in the week and a bit that I've been back.
  7. This isn't working. I'm playing catch-up having returned from a break where I missed the first few weeks of season two. I've completed my full week's worth of tasks, then the catch-up brings up a single mission which I complete, this goes around a couple of times then all tasks are shown as complete. If I log out and back in I get one more task and the cycle continues until a new week. The implication from this update note is that I should always see three catch-up tasks until I've completed everything. Which would be nice.
  8. Green doors that refuse to open. Happened three times in eight runs on Ishtar (Venus, sabotage) earlier today during relic runs. I also get the never-ending loading screen sometimes but that's less frequent, only had to ALT+F4 once today (so far).
  9. I didn't log in for a couple of months, came back and got a 50% coupon. Then a couple of days later, another for 25%. That's 75%, right? 🤔
  10. As a relatively new player, I've enjoyed Nightwave for the most part. It introduced me to areas I hadn't considered, such as gilding kit weapons and fishing, both of which I'd figured I'd leave until after completing the star chart. If anything I've been spoiled for choice, chasing too many new things instead of focusing on one area with a few diversions here and there but that's an issue with me, not the game. What I haven't enjoyed is the Wolf. Maybe I'm just the luckiest little boy in all of Warframeshire but he seemed to spawn every time I thought I could grind some new weapons or a new frame. I've had him pop up four or five times a day and I've lost a couple of radiant relics through his interfering in a mission. I've got three frames sitting in the foundry but why should I claim them if I'm going to get thoroughly stomped by Wolfie and The Invulner-chums the moment I try to play them? I understand that veterans haven't had nearly as many problems dealing with him but they can carry the right tools - half my weapons aren't high enough level and the rest I don't have the necessary mods to really make a difference to a highly armoured boss with status invulnerability. Even on those occasions where I've been carried through a 10-minute fight by random team mates, receiving a single uncommon mod for the effort feels like a slap in the nethers. The biggest problem is that you can't always get away if you can't hurt him. It's not so bad in something like a mobile defence mission (teleporting convicts aside) but with straight up defence, the mission doesn't offer an ending after 5 waves because he's still there. The other assassins were tough when I was a newer player too but at least they'd leave once I'd been downed and I could revive and continue the mission. Finally, I'm not sure of the lore behind the Wolf anyway. He was a Grineer convict of the Corpus so why doesn't he take his grudges out on them? Why is he hunting Tenno? What did we have to do with his imprisonment? Maybe that'll be explained in later instalments but right now, his motivation seems to boil down to little more than, "See that noob grinding a level 4 rifle? Watch this ..." Good riddance to the howling halfwit.
  11. I played a 40-round defence earlier today but I don't have any friends. 🤔
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