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  1. Park RJ far away at edge of map. Use archwing to board enemy crewship. Use Crewship to kill fighters then blow up Crew ship. Wash rinse repeat. No RJ needed except to get to the map and get out.
  2. Reading the forums and not going completely insane take more patience than either of those in my book.
  3. Neither is having a frame you enjoy nerfed to the ground.
  4. Or you could just go join groups on steel path. While it might not remove all the newbies I do believe it would be more effective in filtering out the skill challenged chaff than the notion of MR locks.
  5. I guess OP doesn't understand the first rule of conclave.
  6. I really would like to see the definition of AFK DE is using because as far as I was aware AFK means "away" from keyboard. I agree that simply getting rid of the hole in the floor would have been a much better solution than messing with the AI. What I have a problem with is DE's use of terminology in a very loose manner. Were players exploiting the fact that Khora's web (or other warframe abilities) has clipping issues? Absolutely! But that is not the same as being able to endlessly farm while you are not at the keyboard. Is it lazy play? Yes! Is it really AFK play? No a
  7. The reward from steel path is the satisfaction in completing "harder" content. That is enough for those that were demanding the harder content in the first place.
  8. I would find it funny if at the point you reach MR30 your account is simply banned and all attempts to login result in a redirect to a webpage saying: Congrats Tenno You won! Thanks for playing!
  9. Remove all Rivens from the game would be a good start.
  10. LOL Yeah I don't conclave either :)
  11. 1 Is purely subjective and hypocritical. (Again see: I don't want to be forced to do content I don't like but it is ok if everyone else is.) 2. Please feel free to explain. As far as trading/purchasing from other players I think is one has that capability then they both should have. 3. Point taken about the Quills rep not being "required" to obtain arcanes however the brunt of the main warframe arcanes drop from Eidolons which "is" required if you want those arcane without purchasing them from other players. Thus Quills rep goes a long way in strengthening one's ability
  12. Speedrun conclave and then get back to me.
  13. Ignis everything and pick up (X) the cindered corpses that don't disapear. Win win to me.
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