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  1. They used to let players make it shine, but then they nerfed all that. Players: Behold the power of galaxy creation! This lil light of mine, I'm gonna make it shine, make it shine, make.... DE: Light Begone!
  2. You are not alone. While the new corpus maps offer some beautiful tiles I just find them more bothersome and frustratingly tedious than the old tiles. Also I am truly not a fan of DE's methodology of completely scrapping old yet enjoyable content to replace it with something far less enjoyable. I think the new tiles would have been better used as additional content not replacement content.
  3. Sorry but I would really like to see the real statistics behind this claim. I don't disagree that there are some vets that want harder content but to my knowledge there is no place to get the hard statistical data "outside" of DE that supports what any "majority" of players do or do not want. To be bluntly honest DE has a hard time figuring out what players want because they can only guess based of the data of what content players are partaking in the most.
  4. You should add Blessings to this list. I am not saying the ability to give blessings in relays should be taken away but that allowing us to give blessings in dojo's should be allowed as well. While I am not MR30 yet I have received more help from my clan mates towards that goal than anyone I ever met in a relay. Keeping it relay only is pretty underhanded in my opinion.
  5. Blessings are cool and all however they aren't enough to motivate me to go to a relay. I feel the intention behind them was nice but not allowing them to be used in dojo's seems wrong.
  6. Why buy anything through trade chat?!?! I mean honestly why? Warframemarket. It already works and doesn't require Dev time. Nuff Said.
  7. Would be nice if in your survey you clarified public or private matches. What I see /use in private matches with just me and my friend is very different than what I see in Public matches. It would be nice to allow respondents to differentiate between the two for the purpose of less biased data.
  8. I don't use the ignore feature for trades buth then I also use WarframeMarket instead. The only time I ever got upset was when I messaged someone that I wanted to purchase a mod at the price they had listed and upon arrival to their dojo they increased the price 300%. I simply told them that was not the price they had listed the item at, left group, and down rated them on Warframe Market with an explanation. I uprate those who get back to me quickly regardless if a sale is made or not. If they quickly reply with "Sorry man I am in a mission can you wait 3 minutes or so?" I usually do. If I ask someone and they don't reply within 5 minutes I seek out others and pretty much stand by the first to reply decision process. 5-10 plat doesn't make much difference to me if I am already to the point of seeking trades. But never have I ignored someone over their trading habits.
  9. @16BitmanThank you so much for this^!!!! Leveling K-Drives is one of the most frustratingly tedious things I have found in the game. This info helps a great deal!
  10. You can always submit suggestion ideas to the appropriate suggestion forum located at: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1219-feedback/
  11. 1.) Do you use Kdrives? I occasionally break it out if I am bored and want to fudge around but to be honest it just really isn't my thing. 2.) What do you like and dislike about them? I never really enjoyed games like Sonic or Tony Hawk and my skill level pretty much matches my interest level. This is why I enjoy some level of content islands being in the game. You use Kdrives to get more stuff for Kdrives which I think is appropriate. Being able to enjoy more features of the game without locking my enjoyment of the game behind something I don't enjoy. Just because I don't enjoy it doesn't mean others don't. "Generally" I like it when games give us more playstyle options rather than limiting them. So again Just because it isn't my thing doesn't mean it should be removed for others or that I won't ever enjoy it. 3.) Can you think of any improvements that might make players use them more? I worry about statements like this. Shouldn't the goal be to "increase enjoyment of use" rather than "making players use"? a.) For me one of the biggest hurdles is trying to level the darn things. I suck at doing tricks on them and tricks are how you level them (please let me know if you know a more efficient way to level them up besides races/tricks). I don't think the Kdrive challenges should be lowered just because I suck at them as there are many players that don't suck and actually enjoy the races/challenges. I just find the grind to level them to be overly frustrating and too long. b.) Being able to jump and bounce the bottom of my Kdrive off an enemy head/face while still mounted on it might be pretty cool and more ninja like. (not that I could ever pull it off but still entertaining to see.) c.) Decreasing the amount of hindrance when falling off/hitting something. d.) Actually allowing us to melee while on it or at the very least let me use my melee to dismount into a ground slam just like when I use an archwing. (for the love of god why was that never implemented?) Again I do occasionally enjoy breaking one out and farting around but, as I never really enjoyed Sonic or Tony Hawk, KDrives just don't have the draw for me that it does for other players. "Making me use a Kdrive" would only increase my frustration with the game not increase my enjoyment.
  12. Thank you for the civil clarification. I don't get alot of those as sometimes I come off as a troll when most of the time I am genuinely seeking more info. 😍
  13. It isn't. All loot has a timer on it from when it hits the ground. Others have pointed this out to you.
  14. I already stated why. I agree with your reasoning that by increasing the value of rewards locked behind the event (or any event) will increase the motivation of players to play it I agree with the "majority" of rewards you had suggested minus the umbral forma. ^That I would support I do not however agree with the addition of Umbral Forma as a reward from the event. ^That is why I do not support your suggestion. Because it is the dealbreaker for me. Change the Umbral Forma reward to something else or even a new weapon or item and it would be cool with me. I think your getting stuck to much on the Umbral Forma thing and it's weighing down your suggestion. Is there anything else you feel might entice players besides that or is it really that important to you?
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