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    Play OUR way.

    Another irony is that the same thing happens when players complain about a frame they actually have the tools to avoid but would rather DE nerf it into the ground instead. You wanted to use the abilities on that warframe you just got that DE designed specifically for these types of mission your headed into but... Want to use that Saryn you just leveled to help your buddy level his weapons efficiently in an invite only ESO by sporing things so your buddy can kiil them? Sorry some longtime player who already leveled all their weapons and frames (using the exact same same method you wanted to try) is now mad because he crossed paths with another maxed out player who tweaked his Saryn to the hilt and didn't allow the first player to solo the zone with their melee weapon. Want to run that badass Mesa build you just finished to complete that nasty solo mission you have been having troubles with? Too bad another maxed out player got bored with running his maxed out mesa and claimed she needed a hard fix to add challenge instead of swapping to a lesser frame. While the examples above haven't happened yet at this rate they will happen soon. All because players who have completed the content are upset because they refuse to use the tools provided, to reduce their chances of running into or swap away from, these frames that trivialize content for them. Instead they demand that "Everyone play THEIR way" by requesting nerfs that change the abilities of warframes across the board, no mater if you play privately in preformed groups or even solo. In public groups I will gladly try to adapt my play-style to those in the group. But I don't read minds so if you don't tell me what you want me to do, because what I am currently doing ticks you off, then that's on you not my frame. My first time playing ground in Spear I didn't know what I was doing so I took limbo because I knew he was the one frame I had with the highest chance of survival. I even asked my random team to let me know if they wanted me to change something. First thing they wanted me to do was stop dropping cata the moment the condrix hit the ground and wait until the codrix was dead. So I did! Why? Because they asked! The second thing they wanted was for me to start dropping cata the instant the condrix hit the ground from wave 10 on. So I did! Why? Because they asked! Just because you come across a player who doesn't play the way you like in a random public group is not justification to eliminate that style of play for all existing players regardless of the group mode they play in. Honestly the audacity of people who refuse to recognize the fact that not all players have their resources and that they themselves weren't always tweaked out living gods. When most (not all) of these people scream for nerfs all I hear is "No one else should experience the fun I once had now that I am bored with it!" Under that premise warframe should just end the entire game now. /rant. No wonder warframe loses most of its new players.
  2. Aesthier

    Play OUR way.

    ^ That would be awesome! Thank you for recognizing that my chief complaint was with the fact DE pulled the nerf mid event. If it was something like nightwave I wouldn't have cared as much because nightwave isn't limited by any true means. Scarlet spear however seems to fall in the category of those limited events that DE suggests they might bring it back later which means 7 years from now or quite possibly "when they get around to it" (never.) The following is just me blowing off steam feel free to ignore. The secondary issue is that DE designed a good portion of the warframes to go hand in hand with specific missions types which support their original intent that players should swap out frames to match the missions. (right tool for the job and all that). Over the years the power creep has given those who have played longer or more a massive advantage in completing any content thrown at them; thus missions are now trivial in respects to the maximization these players are capable of. This isn't the fault of the players its just that when you have nothing else to do but tweak your warframe for years on end where is the challenging content? But DE can't create challenging content at a rate experienced players can chew through it leading DE into the bad habit of nerfing the very functions that made specific frames good at certain mission types without nerfing those missions themselves. While this lowers the frustration levels of those who have pretty much maxed everything it creates an additional boundary to those who haven't yet been able to or are just starting out. I love this game but the constant whiplash the devs provide through the create/nerf process is giving me a headache. I wish they would stop nerfing the core abilities and begin nerfing the mods that generated the power creep in the first place. I mean really DE; claiming Venari's ability to heal defense points was changed because it was unintentional until a player showed you the tool tip stating she could do that! WTH is going on in their minds? Please! For the love of all that is Tenno, share with us the overall objective, and don't just say balance then continue to make reactionary knee-jerk changes.
  3. Aesthier

    Play OUR way.

    Sorry Rook this is one area I disagree with you. I get that it becomes unfun but why should players that enjoy his playstyle and have not finished building limbo (or any other warframe) to the point it makes it trivial for others pay the cost of having those abilities removed "mid event". De begins the event, and people who have limbo built correctly cheese the content, then turn around and complain, once they have what they need, getting DE to shut the door to those players just beginning the content with him. Want him changed? Then DE should do it in between "limited time events" and not during them. The few players frustrated by seeing him in pugs actually have a workarounds available. Players seeking to enjoy his abilities in premade or even solo are now presented with no work around. Its a bit selfish from my perspective.
  4. Regarding the use of nerfs for abilities like limbo's or venari and the plethora of changes DE makes based upon player complaints regarding how "other people play". I would love to go in depth here but as I only have a limited amount of time to play I would rather spend it trying to adapt another warframe to the limited time event due to the reduction of my ability to do so on limbo. The short and sweet of my concern is that not everyone attempting these events has maxed out warframes to the point of sheer boredom. Although I am sure the devs have some overall plan in mind in regards to re-balancing between warframes, however, they often do so when triggered by complaints from players who have already maxed out their entertainment value in warframe and desire harder content. The problem is the devs don't develop harder content and instead provide it at the cost of other players, who have not yet been able to max out their load outs appropriately, by nerfing the warframes or equipment those players need to successfully progress at a appropriate rate. TL;DR. It gets frustrating when vets (who have maxed out just about everything and have outlandish resource pools) use specific frames to cheese new content, and then complain to DE that it is way to easy. This ensures players still progressing to that point aren't able to keep up as DE nerfs the very methods the complainers already used to achieve what they wanted. All this does is pour more resources towards vets and creates additional obstacles for those left behind. Obstacles those vets did not have to deal with or are completely trivial with the resources they have amassed. The current scenario from the past year or two feels like the following: DE creates new content, Lets the privileged few through, Then closes the efficiency gate to everyone else claiming the methods used by previous players negated the entertainment value for those same players. If no one else is allowed to acquire the assets the same way then remove those assets from those who did. I apologize but this habitual knee-jerk reaction has grown very frustrating because it never seems to end. While I don't really think vets should get what they gathered taken away the feeling is representative of the level of frustration these "untimely" changes cause. If you can't create solid engaging content for vets then just admit to it rather than nerfing existing content; and if nothing else please refrain from making these changes during limited time events. Overall I love the game and I really think highly of the team but sometimes it just feels like they are completely out of touch in regards to the player base and only focus on those who complain. Well ^ there is my complaint.
  5. You can also find more info on the matter concerning @Letter13's reply to another post dealing with a similar situation here: TL:DR rule of thumb I wouldn't try it. Hope this helps.
  6. In regards to Please see the following taken from https://www.warframe.com/terms :
  7. I didn't care to much for EQ bards as they always seemed to find where I was trying to hide while I was resting and train the entire zone's worth of mobs over me. I will freely admit however that If I had made a bard I probably would have enjoyed doing the same. Ever hear of Fansy The Famous Bard? Look it up sometime its a giggle to read if you have some time to waste.
  8. ^ This makes me suspect that you played EQ at one point.
  9. If you truly want to get items fixed then used the feedback section or report it though support. The game is in beta afterall. P.S. Next time include the full list if you are going to claim your list is everything that is wrong.
  10. Might be funny if they forget to shut off Scarlet Spear for as long as they forgot to shut off Nightwave. I could not only farm arcanes for myself but my entire guild LOL.
  11. @8faiNt Taking one frame that is decent at the type of content you are working on is a far cry from optimizing an entire squad. verb (used with object), op·ti·mized, op·ti·miz·ing. to make as effective, perfect, or useful as possible. That means the "best" of the best. It means a full group would be comprised of the perfect team composition with the perfect weapons and synergy for the job. So yes ground can be run for 5K without optimizing.
  12. Players who want Warframe to be something other than what it is.
  13. I want the bugs fixed too. I also now want some additions to improve the gameplay experience of the passive for everyone, instead of just removing Sentience. Did you read those suggestions? Of course I have read the entire thread. Again, other than the bugs, I enjoy Umbra as it currently is. Therefore... My vote is no to your suggested changes.
  14. Congratulations. Did they give sell you a T-shirt? It is after all the only thing of value Destiny 2 has to offer.
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