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  1. In the case of game reviewers on youtube I have always felt the title of "content creator" is a misnomer. They don't create content they simply review content created by someone else through the lens of their own bias. Just because you have a camera, a mic, and a "friend" in the company doesn't make you an expert in game balance and development. To bad DE never understood this. If a player is truly serious about improving the game they should drop their epiphany in the suggestion forums like the rest of the community.
  2. ^ Subjective. My opinion is the opposite of your opinion above. I find killing 1000 Steal path enemies far more enjoyable than the trash that is Profit Taker. To be honest I don't think this NW goal should be removed at all. There are tons of NW objectives that exist that various players do not enjoy. This one is no different; you either choose to complete it or you don't. However I would support those who would like the amount of enemy kills lowered as not everyone enjoys what I do and shouldn't be expected to.
  3. They already have this. Brilliant Eidolon Shard's are exclusive to Eidelons. No changes needed.
  4. I am bound by a court ordered NDA not to tell because I was operating under the age at the time. But WOW it was fun!
  5. I love the Ballad of Buster Scruggs!
  6. I agree with OP. Please fix once you finally get the waypoint system fixed. (Still broken)
  7. How easy was it to understand the new Operation and what you have to do to succeed? Review: I wouldn’t say it was hard to figure out just that the first couple of times in (playing solo) it was slightly confusing. Like many things in Warframe joining a group and just following them around quickly showed me what to look for. How was using a Necramech in a “normal” tileset? Review: Clunky to be honest. The first run or so it feels sorta novel being able to swap into a big cantankerous mech, but after the initial run or so being forced to be in a mech honestly ruined th
  8. Sorry I know not these passengers of which you speak.
  9. I would like to see some proof of this assertion. I agree that most raids were premaids, however the idea that premaids never faced connectivity issues "just because your group didn't" I find to be a misrepresentation of what actually happened.
  10. Actually they don't as they aren't running them now. If they wanted to bring raid content like trials back, without facing the same issues they did before, it would require dedicated servers. While you may not have had an issue with them there were many that did. If you were talking about a company that had never attempted to put the content out there then sure I might agree that they should be added; but DE already tried this and failed miserably to the point they actually removed that content/access to it from the game.
  11. I want a resize for the Ariculas so I can make full sized ones along with the ability to replace the Loki Statue in the dojo trophy room with a gigantic articula. Wouldn't it be nice if you could use the Statue in the trophy room to recognize the weekly or monthly accomplishments, dedication, or contributions of your members by picking one of their frames to display there complete with all its fashion?
  12. What I meant by resources was the need for a dedicated server as opposed to p2p which brought a series of problems for raid type content.
  13. That doesn't mean it "NEEDS RAIDS" in fact I would say it needs to link together what it has more than it needs to waste time on a function that it has proven it doesn't have the resources to ensure stability for.
  14. Wouldn't it be nice if the title or opening reply contained the name of any game other than warframe in it then that thread would instantly get kicked to the "Off Topic" section of the forums where they belong? 😆
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