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  1. And here I thought it was handed out as an opportunity for meme creation.
  2. Before I did the Elite Weekly Defense mission today for 9000 points I had unlocked level 6 standing and was 4000/10000 points into level 7. I then completed the Elite Weekly Defense Mission (actually going past the 20 waves required to wave 25) and only received 6000 points instead of the 9000 that was supposed to be rewarded. I also did not receive the 10000 Kuva for unlocking level 7 standing nor is it showing unlocked. I should be 3000 points into level 8 (3000/10000) now but for some reason it is glitched. See screenshot: *Update: My friend who completed the mission with me is also having the exact same issue although his points were originally around 3000/10000 into level 7 standing. *Update*: Restarting the game as @1597 stated above worked for me and my friend both.
  3. Having the exact same issue. The only way to get rid of it is to exit the relay entirely. Please fix this.
  4. My heartfelt thanks to you and the team who are working on this issue!
  5. Same here. Both my friend and I are having the same issue as @Trexu. Reset Warframe, and my computer as well as a full check for any applicable updates regarding Warframe, steam and my computer. Nothing found.
  6. The Filter and Sort By functions on the Clan Directory page are broken. Any settings selected on these functions will work the first time those options are chosen however using the Sort By, or Filter settings functions after the other will automatically override the previous settings you selected and return them back to default settings. For example, say I select the following filter settings: Tier = Ghost, Platform = PC, and Looking for Members = Yes. When I click the filter button to apply those settings the function will work and the first page will show me only Ghost Clans on PC that are looking for members. However, when I use the Sort By function to sort by most recent activity, in those Ghost Clans on PC looking for members I filtered for, all filter settings are set back to default and now the page shows me "All" guilds by most recent activity instead of only showing me the ones I wanted to see. The same result happens when I try to use the Sort By feature followed by setting up my filters after. Setting up specific filters will override the sort by function and cause it to swap back to the default setting of sorting by most members. [Update] I had previously brought this up through the [DE] Community inbox because I could not find any forum or support site that deals with official website issues other than "account" problems. Everything else deals specifically with "game" issues and not website issues. The reply I received was essentially a "we don't deal with that" response that suggested I seek out all the other departments that also have nothing to do with the official "website" suggestions or problems. So my question is can something be done about the Clan "filters" and "sort by" functions or can someone point me in the right direction as to where to leave this suggestion?
  7. Founder only access to council chat would like to have a word with you. LOL Sorry, I just found the symmetry hilariously ironic but otherwise, I agree with you concerning the requirements of increased play for increased rewards.
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