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  1. And that is crap design to begin with...to this day, DE still hasn't learned how to design a boss properly. It's either a bland bullet sponge that just shoots stuff at you or a jumping rabbit on cocaine. The Eidolons(that includes the Ropadopalopalyst) and Orb Mothers are probably the only well and I mean actually well designed bosses in the game, with clear objectives to take them down which require both DPS checks and gear selection. DE had the bright idea to give Liches/Sisters Warframe abilities...but they half assed that as well. They were meant to have abilities from the Warframe you killed them with when they were larvas...you know...to make them a personal enemy...what we got is 5 abilities and some stupid "vaults" and "charges". And don't even get me started on the clusterf**k that forms if a fight goes for a bit longer. They also had the bright idea of marking the boss with the same icon as the dogs/thralls...so good luck catching the jumping cocaine rabbit when your screen is full of null pulses, you're getting staggered by the dogs and shot from 13 directions while the boss goes through the map walls and floors. Also, their "personalities" are laughable...since you kill them so fast...they become boring, and once they're dead, they don't interact with you in any way...just another enemy checked off a list. Compare that to their initial intent of having them being similar to Orcs from the Middle Earth games. Imagine having a "Warlord Lich" with smaller General Liches, each with their weapons...the Warlord could guarantee the stupid 60%(another gripe entirely) element but it would also take like 4-5-6hrs to kill their entire platoon. All the while it would interact with you, send teams to mess with you, sabotage your missions etc... but no...we got some "kill stuff to find a combination of stuff that does nothing meaningful other than kill big stuff". Having said all of those...yes, anything to skip these meaningless encounters, that includes employing a mechanic and ability THAT IS IN THE GAME an DESIGNED TO DO WHAT IT DOES.
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