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  1. I'm hoping it's not permanent, as it would kinda ruin the whole metaphorical point of operators, for your true form to be meek and small while what you believe you are and what you want to be is big, strong, and destructive. Why should The Second Dream and The Sacrifice even exist if we're going to become able to do what our frames can do?
  2. How? I'm pointing out that's you're wrong.
  3. If you believe what you are saying, then you truly have no understanding of copyright or copyright systems.
  4. cap·i·tal·ism /ˈkapədlˌizəm/ noun noun: capitalism an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.
  5. This is wrong. Copyright applies no matter the monetary situation.
  6. This is probably the first thing that comes up in the dictionary when you look up "entitlement"
  7. These only exist because of Eidolon Hunts. As an occasional hunter, we can live without this.
  8. How about they either 1. Completely remove self-damage, it has no 0 reason to exist in WF. 2. Make Cautious Shot do 100% Self Damage reduction instead of 99%.
  9. Where did you get the Umbral Idea? They seemed like Normal Starter Frames to me. Where was this said? Additionally, we already have things that do that. Amps reset Sentient Resilience, Sacrifical Mods give a damage buff against sentients, and Paracesis just shreds them. That's not exactly what that could mean. There was no showing that the Operator was able to fight with his Warframe at any point, it seems more to me that in this "Duviri" transference back into a Warframe is blocked thus requiring Tenno to fight in their operator form. Wukong makes a Twin of Himself. Not the Operator. They are separate. Think you need to be a bit more clear.
  10. So... you're trying to find people on forums?
  11. Thanks for that man! Nekros Prime better gimme some orokin cells xd
  12. BRUH, do you even realize just how OP Chroma would be after these changes? Jesus christ man, legit everyone would run Heat elemental as that would give you a health buff, a regen buff, a heat damage buff, and a CD buff. You are essential turning Chroma into a Wisp that can do everything that she can, AND MORE, AND BETTER. Dude, seriously wtf. I'm not responding to the rest of this.
  13. I play with heat, here me out here: The heat may give less overall EHP, but with a maxed Adaptation and a high strength Vex armour, you're going to be getting at least a 1000% armour buff with a 90% DR on top of that. That means that enemy weps can only really do chip damage, at 1 or 2 damage at a time, even without extra armour from cold elemental ward, therefore I use heat to live longer. I agree, but if we get another boss that has a giant credit drop that credit boost better not go away! 1. You can't really see the change in "energy color" as it's the first emissive, and no one really sees the emissives in normal gameplay, except in your orbiter. 2. And his ability to change what elemental ward does based on energy color I would say IS a passive. It's different, it's not in any other frames in any kind of way, and it's not a dedicated ability. What suggestions do you have for and "actual passive". Your argument here is a little silly. Let me clarify: You have to not forget about Vex because the only way to keep the buff up is to recharge it before it runs out. That's not a set and forget. (And elemental ward and Vex do very different things, but then again you wouldn't know that because you only use Cold. /s) His passive is a passive, and your solution would only make is basic gameplay style more basic with everyone choosing heat or electricity for eidolons. Heat is worth using tho... Fair. What does this even mean?
  14. NO, I WANT THEM. 343p is all my plat, I bid all of it. I need these chassis blueprints. You don't even know. If you do not sell them to me john wick will come to you house. THEY ARE MINE HEATHEN
  15. So for the contest you featured a submission that was literally just a gallery of screenshots with 1 instruction at the end? With all the people that did original artwork that you did not show, this is quite frustrating. I suppose for next contest instead of trying to make something original and funny in photoshop I should just take 7 screenshots in-game and say at the end "repeat 3 times"
  16. keyface volume 2 meets sandman
  17. Ok question: Are you using all 363 of those weapons enough to warrant having a riven for all of them? Or even a third of them? Or even a quarter of them? And the weapons that you do use often, do you actually need said riven? Currently, I have a pretty great Catchmoon riven, but I don't need it. Sure, it's nice to have, but as soon as I max the primed pistol crit mods I will have literally no reason to own it, as although it is nice to have a riven for that weapon, it's not necessary. So before you continue the argument that more riven slots should be added, think. Are you actually playing enough high level content to warrant having over 90 riven mods at once? Just does not seem reasonable.
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