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  1. blade storm got nerfed twice in PVP it only hits 5 target now and damage reduction =(
  2. go to support and report it u will get the all the stuff back
  3. I dont think there is sales beside the the login reward I might be wrong
  4. i think so excal and new prime acess this week =)
  5. need kick system badly for those who afks
  6. i dont think electric damage from electric shiled combin with ur weapons elements.
  7. dread is good enough to solo vay hek with ur warframe ability
  8. they should make auction(market) system like diablo
  9. lol rhino prime helmet+vanguard still looks natural
  10. so ps4 release new prime acess today ? doesnt that mean pc is also today?
  11. craft and keep it in ur inventory to trade and u can have only 1 same helmet at a time.
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