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  1. It's the same thing they've done in the past with other under performing and disliked game modes. You have Harrow tied to Defection, Trinity tied to the Ambulas boss, Nidus in Infested Salvage, Gauss in Disruption, Grendel with arbitrations, Xaku requiring resources from All the open world factions. As it stands Disruption has at least been fixed to a be a bit more fun than when it launched and some people seem to genuinely like running it, but I can almost guarantee those other game modes go completely untouched once people have gotten the prospective drops from them. No one runs defection
  2. In most games enemies staggering and or at least reacting to your attacks is a thing dev's do to give some form of impact to what you're doing, usually when an enemy has little to no reaction to anything you do to them it's a bug. Guess DE thinks its a feature.
  3. As the title says, in its near entirety the Nidus Phyrke Bundle is broken. From the broken "dirt" texture on both the frame itself and the infested Kubrow skin, to the fact that the armor for the kubrow is so improperly sized now that you can see the areas on it that aren't modeled, to any sort of ephemera that outlines a frame breaking wholesale with the armor outline. Image and video examples will be below. The only time anything from this collection seems to get fixed is when it's actively making something new look bad; such as the same outline issue with the Spore Ephemera when it f
  4. Have you tried fiddling with the "Effects Intensity" in the Display options tab? There are a lot of things lumped together under a single display option that probably shouldn't be, so that may be where the issue lies.
  5. Just checked in the orbiter and it seems like everything is in order now, the new challenges are there and they're open again. Not sure if hotfixes are rolled out across the board or are region specific, but hoping your issue's been taken care of as well.
  6. Yeah, they refreshed last night, but sometime between then and now they seem to have rolled back Scratch that, I was looking at it wrong, it has all of the new challenges marked as complete, just without the point awarded.
  7. The forward artillery seat isn't affected by the gunnery perk. From its seat you have a wide 160+/- degree horizontal view, but a very limited 50/60+/- degree vertical view, with about 1/4 of the vertical view completely blocked by the railjack itself. Giving the artillery seat access to armaments is probably one of the more useless additions you could give to the space boat. I can only imagine the thought process behind it was "oh, it'll give the player something else to do while the AI pilots", but as you said, the AI does nothing in the way of allowing you line up shots, so all it a
  8. So players ask for the ability to use the Forward Artillery from the pilot seat to help alleviate the Start/Stop gameplay that's been one of the biggest downsides of the Railjack, and instead we get access to armaments on a turret seat that has less than 1/8th the view of a normal turret and what view it does have is also obstructed by the railjack itself. Yeah, fair trade.
  9. This is kinda why I'd like to see them take the 'Prime' Nidus in a different route from other frames. Something perhaps in line with the infested naming conventions and have an Ancient/Ascendant Nidus rather than a "Prime", and rather than slapping the usual Orokin gold bits on him, have him more overtaken by infestation. I feel this would be a better fit as well for the weapons rather plastering them with the Prime moniker and making them look fancy. Though I have a feeling they're just going to couple Nidus Prime with two regular weapons that don't have prime variants yet. It's the
  10. A contribute all function has been something that people have been asking about for years now and they said that it would be addressed in a Dojo QoL update at some point.
  11. A whole slot for just those mods doesn't seems feasible unless they were to also roll out an entire slew of other peculiar mods along with it. I was a big fan of Peculiar Bloom, but once you go beyond certain difficulty thresholds you're kinda shooting yourself in the foot if you burn a full mod slot on nothing but a visual effect. I would really like to see them reworked in some way and I think the Weapon Ephemera idea is probably the best way to go about it. The game already has all the status effects that could easily be made into ephemeras should a player enjoy a specific effect over o
  12. The RCV-001 'Sovereign Dawn' and her crew. My Kingdom for an infested Railjack and crew.
  13. Well that's neat I suppose. Kinda wish there were percentages for the frames to show the POWERGAP between Nidus and the others, as he's sitting at 60% usage versus the 5% the other two have. And Friendship ended with Gram, now Caustacyst is my Best Friend, but that'll take a hot minute to cycle out.
  14. The only time I use a pilot is when the game has me sitting on a time gate objective, in which case I just have my gunner pilot so the tub isn't sitting like a brick. Guess they're confident enough in that regard in that this ship isn't sitting still. Other than that it seems like a pretty pointless skill.
  15. Kuva Quartakk, you just can't go wrong with a four barrel assault rifle. I was a fan of the regular Quartakk and the Kuva just improves upon it in just about every way. A well placed quad shot can bring down even high level, armored enemies; while full auto just rips through weaker ones with little effort. Precise and heavy hitting, it's just a well rounded, versatile weapon. I would have preferred a select fire button rather than it being based on if you're aiming or not as it can be a little finicky, but it's still my go to weapon for just about any occasion. For a secondary I re
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