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  1. Yeah, the Phryke pack as a whole has had a layer of filth caked on them for about a year now with no word on when or if its going to be reverted. Sorry, brain autocompletes to the phyrke pack when ever I think of Helminth, as for the colors the Chargers now have a random color chance now like the other pets. No way to revert it to the original colors, all you can do is play around with the colors you can unlock from the hunter in Cetus until you get something you want.
  2. I'm not sure if I'm just misunderstanding your post, but what you're saying sounds like the Bill Board facing option which you can turn off by hitting R1. Never mind, I just realized what you're saying, yeah, it would be nice to be able to lock an X-Y-Z direction without using the Constrained Placement option.
  3. I'd like the central statue customizable, but as ZeroX4 said, some smaller frame statues would be great as well. It's called the Hall of Honor yet you have no way to actually honor anything.
  4. I understand, it just seems like the skeleton crew they have working on the dojo stuff don't really like to do things in half measures, it's usually all or nothing which is what has me skeptical. I'd be more than happy to be wrong on this, I'd love to see the ability to actually clip objects together in an easier fashion. This would have been a mess easier to piece together if the walls and collisions weren't fighting me the entire way.
  5. This is why I wish they wouldn't go ahead with the whole "in development" change. Saying something is in development is such a nebulous statement as to be near meaningless. Updates can and are in development for months before we even know about them, saying that does nothing to narrow down the timeframe for a release. At least when you say something's in cert you can say, "okay, at best we might see it in the next few days." I understand that simultaneous releases on all skews isn't feasible I'm not going to fault anyone for that, especially now with the new consoles bringing their own sle
  6. Had rescue listed twice. Doing three finished one of them, but not the other. However, I just ran an exterminate mission and got a 1/3 show up at the end, so it may just be mislabeled as a rescue in the menu.
  7. I'm surprised they didn't add some way to randomly have him spawn on Saturn nodes; either just giving him a flat percentage chance at the start of any mission or possibly something similar to the kuva larvaling system wherein by completing some sort of parameter in a mission one of the Wolf's underlings would spawn and then upon killing it you get a Death Mark similar to the other stalker type hunters. It would give people that just want to passively farm his stuff a chance to do it, those that want to not have to hassle with it can ignore it, and allow the beacons to remain a viable option
  8. The only real big change I'd like to see is requiring a relic to run the mission. Now that they've done away with relic leeching, there is zero reason for anyone without a relic to run them, yet you still see people, either those who must not know about the anti-leeching or just don't understand the system, running them without a relic and bringing the groups chances of getting something good down. Which is a better teaching tool for someone that doesn't know what fissure missions are; Trying to start a particular fissure and getting a message stating that you are required to have a reli
  9. Hunter Adrenaline or Rage coupled with Zenurik's Energy Pulse is a good start, though against higher level infested I will admit I often find myself without a drop of energy to spare. It's a major annoyance to be sure, especially in things like Arbitrations and SP where it seems every other enemy is a disruptor that'll drain you in an instant, but his general survivability at least makes it so he's not entirely ability dependent.
  10. Yeah, came here to ask the same thing. Sitting on a mess of rivens with no way to get rid of them short of burning them. I feel like this has been an issue before when they've rewarded people with slots for other things, but I can't quite remember what they were off the top of my head.
  11. I have a feeling that DE isn't going to give us native clipping for objects as to get around people losing objects through walls and what not, they'd also have to give the build camera clipping which would make it easier for people to build out of bounds, which DE is doing their darnedest to keep people from doing.
  12. I'd settle for just having them just wander about on my ship. Since they won't give us ship themes, I've had to deck it out with hundreds of copies of the infested stuff from Grandmother's Oddities, so I'd love to have some cryptilexes wandering about. Or the Condroc and Kuaka decorations be more than just window dressing with little more than a slapped on idle animation. But having them as companions, it's honestly shocking that DE hasn't really done much for something like that. A staple of a good number of MMOs is letting a player transmog a pet or companion to look like an enemy, y
  13. This right here's is something I'll never understand. When you're loading into a mission they'll take the time to load in the assets of not only your lander but everyone elses' and let you twirl it around for no reason other than to kill time, but when loading out you can't let us tick through some menus to actually see the things we've gotten or done? And while not necessarily an issue with the menu, but the fact that when a PS4 player gets coupled with a PS5 player they either have to contend with the 5 player setting up and force starting a new mission while you're still loading into your
  14. I was incredibly exited when the system was first announced, just at the idea of the plethora of combinations and new strategies one could come up with. Then DE announced it was only going to be a single ability from each frame which kinda snuffed that flame a bit, but I was still excited because even then that's a good number of options available. Then I saw the list with its obvious winners and losers, but again was interested in that maybe some of the bads would get some reworks or buffs to bring them in line with the goods and in the end everyone would come out on top. Then in typical D
  15. That's why I said not to necessarily make things stronger, it was about the feel of the weapons. Nothing in Railjack feels like it has any weight behind it. There are some fun visuals for things like voidhole but its shock and awe wears out quick when there's no real impact behind its use, and along with it all the other weapons just feel flaccid when you use them. A game that surprisingly had great weapon feel and the like to their space combat was Infinite Warfare. You could feel the effect of every weapon you shot, be it simply controller feedback or the recoil of the heavier art
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