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  1. I don't know if this is possible but all I ask is for a toggle to switch between old and new UI to satisfy both sides of people who like or dislike this new UI. The new UI just takes up way too much unnecessary space, please make it more compact like the old UI.
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: I was buying tokens from father and I noticed the one parts requisition called "Fill requisition manifest" could be used infinitely or atleast until items changed after it expired (I post this whilst it has not expired). Another bug I found is that the timer only counts down on the parts requisition when I hover over it to see the item and the timer updates. When I stop hovering over it, the timer freezes. VISUAL: Notice the time remaining and amount of Father tokens I have. https://imgur.com/a/uFDnWeq REPRODUCTION: I kept clicking and e
  3. Classic DE with the nerfs! After all this time, I'm no longer surprised.
  4. Please add toggle for end mission screen UI so we can switch back and forth between old and new UI!
  5. Might just be me but changing the color from blue to white when enemies show how much affinity they give after they die was not a good idea. My eyes hurt just looking at my the screen especially when I kill a a lot of enemies in one go. Edit: Add an option into the interface settings so players can switch between old and new UI for mission end screen and checking progress while in-mission.
  6. Maybe remove the mission complete background after our ship departs where it shows the entire squad's warframes? I think this would be a nice QoL change because most of the time I didn't realize I was back in my orbiter.
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