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  1. Was wondering how other Tenno feel about stasis and how it impacts their choice of companion? For me it is sometimes a hassle and then i just use a Sentinel.
  2. There is already a scaling for the endless mission in form of 25% incremental booster. I would agree that they feel a bit lackluster but i still use endless for relics and some other stuff, yesterday i made 400 oxium on the side by just cracking some relics open.
  3. Try Titania with a good evasion build fly somewhat high and refresh Razorwing as soon as the Razorfly go down, you wont ever have problems with these stages again. Sometimes drop ship get stuck in geometry wich include trees, the counter will keep going down but shooting soldiers off the ships without them touching ground wont count for you.
  4. Alternative to Chroma would be Oberon with Phoenix Renewal. Should solve the Revive problem but the best advice to give is watch some good Youtubers doing it solo there are plenty guides.
  5. Same issue. For Cryotic i only take low level ones as there seems to be an abundance of energy cells compared to the higher level and Infested in general are better because the carriers won't get that easy stuck. I use Gara or Limbo, that way i can at least get around without the extractor evaporating in a few seconds.
  6. I do not see any downsides but clear upsides, great idea!
  7. As someone who started with Warframe very recently i can't get enough endo. As far as i can tell kuva can be optained faster then endo (maybe that is just because i only solo). No Forma would be ok i think, based on my experience there should be enough blueprints for working on relics.
  8. The reason the game incentives social bonding is for player retention, that should be common knowledge imo. That some people need help to socialize is a bit perplexing for me anyway the game already is strongly rewarding group play on many fronts, why has it to be on something like nightwave as well?
  9. Just wanted to post this. That is now the third week in a row that two elite weekly are "do x with a friend or clanmate". Sure it is my decision to play Warframe exclusive solo and in most parts of the game i see it more of a challenge for me, this on the other hand is just wrong the nightwave weekly should not depend on friends and clanmates.
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