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  1. Happening to me as well - it's the "self-revive" precept mod causing the problem. Unequpping it means the Vulpaphyla doesn't enter larval form, which is where it loses all gained affinity. Means you have to manually revive it when it downs though.
  2. Can confirm: Mission: Deimos Bounties Companion: Panzer Vulpaphyla - Adra Mutagen - Desus Antigen Description: When the Panzer goes into larval form and the player Downs or enters Archwing, the Panzer appears to lose all gained Affinity - even Affinity gained in previous missions. [EDIT]: Additional Info - It's the precept Mod. Unequipping the mod meant this problem stopped occurring.
  3. Granted Quiz Kit access. However, the Quiz was unplayable. None of the media questions played the animation or image, so....couldn't answer them Screen constantly froze, so I saw a stillshot and logo, but no motion. Half of my selections didn't 'click', so I didn't answer, despite clicking on answer. Email popup never showed.
  4. Mission: Fossa, Venus. Frame and Loadout: Mesa Prime, Primary Kitgun, Kuva Brakk, Xoris Glaive. Smeeta Kavat Bug Description: When fighting the Jackal, a situation can arise where the "X to parazon" prompt appears, but pressing X removes the prompt and does not do the Parazon finisher, allowing the Jackal to regenerate. Appears to be related to use of Operator Mode during the fight, as missions where I do not use OpMode do not trigger this bug. First Health Bar: X fails to activate properly twice, succeeds third try. Second Health Bar: X activates properly first time Third He
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