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  1. Watched stream on Monday, got the drop (already had this part) Watched stream on Tuesday, did not get the drop (already had this part, not too fussed about the problems) Watched stream on Wednesday, did not get the drop. (do not have this part, now very fussed about the problems).
  2. Can confirm. Two issues: a) Board assembly incorrect - only with the Feverspine. Roky must really dislike Infested stuff. b) Incorrectly placed parts do not follow the base Board during tricks. Also can confirm that Previewing the board in v29.5.2 had all board parts in correct positions, and I was able to swap Fortuna bits in and out - all correct. In 29.5.3, the "Gristlebuck" reactor, "Nodulite" nose and "Steeba" jets parts are all centered in the middle of the "Feverspine" board - swapping in Fortuna parts (eg: Coldfusor reactor, or Fatboys jets in Preview mode) shows this cle
  3. Missions: SPY, SABOTAGE, EXCAVATION Problem Description: At end of mission, credits earned from Cache, Vault or Round Rewards are not being applied to player credit total. Example: Went into a Spy (Oceanum, Pluto) Mission with exactly 5,000,000 credits. Earned 18,072 (pickups, reward, credbooster, vault cache) credits, which shows in Mission End breakdown screen. However, my credit total is only 5,015,572 - exactly 2500 credits short of what it should be. The Vault credit cache is exactly 2500 credits. Problem also occurred on Sabotage (Cervantes, Earth), and Excavation (Heiracon,
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