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  1. 3 hours ago, ne0m1s said:

    Yes, I know that Excalibur Umbra is Objectively better but honestly I like Excalibur more because he just doesn't have the scarf and everything thats on umbra, I wish i could turn everything off on umbra so i can play looking like the og

    Same bro same! Excalibur is the best frame!

  2. 23 hours ago, InfinitusPhoenix said:

    Nothing can beat Volt Prime with max power strength build. Nothing!


    That speed is insane. Gauss, you wish to be that fast.

    Nah Excalibur is the only true best warframe. Hes even the posterboy!

  3. On 2019-07-18 at 10:13 AM, 844448 said:

    Salt ephemera : grains of salt fall from your body and leaves a trail when you walk, standing still will accumulate the salt, making it into piles of salt

    I want it. this. this is the best idea any human could have ever thought of. you are brilliant!

  4. "Bring Back Elite in ESO"


    5 hours ago, (PS4)OmegaSlayer said:

    Lately reaching the end of the 8th zone of Elite Sanctuary Onslaught has become harder and harder

    What don't you get about 'elite'?

    If your team quits they have the right to its their time.

    1 hour ago, bl1te said:

    The thing is called recruit chat. Try it. You'll like it, I believe

    This. This player got it daown.

    5 hours ago, (PS4)OmegaSlayer said:

    An odd


    5 hours ago, (PS4)OmegaSlayer said:



    5 hours ago, (PS4)OmegaSlayer said:

    is to remove the chance to leave Elite Sanctuary Onslaught between zones


    5 hours ago, (PS4)OmegaSlayer said:

    which would be stupid

    I agree. That odd idea is what you say. I agree with this formation of your words.


    5 hours ago, (PS4)OmegaSlayer said:

    "I want a challenge and I go from beginning to end in it"

    Then y dont you go in alone instead of blaming it on your team for being smart enough to know their limits? 

    u could also make friends and have a team of them. or/and communicate with your team.

  5. 29 minutes ago, RubbleRain said:

    Just an idea, but I'm hoping that after we save/retrieve/defeat Natah in the New War quest we sort of prove our independence, "grow up" if you will. Basically just show that we can fight for our own beliefs. What this will mean, ideally, is that we don't need lotus as our mission voice-over, instead being able to choose who vocalizes the objectives. Voices could include Lotus, Teshin, Ordis, a faction leader (offering unlock?), or our own tenno. Thoughts?

    Yea or we ditch the old and find someone new. but i want them to make it an option that we could make Lotus into a warframe ourselves.

  6. I totally get this. They need to stop this being a thing its not right that it could happen. idc if it would cost money to have a clan bound to you. i cant speak spanish but i feel ya. im worried about this happening with my own and i wanted to use it with a wager with a friend to start a clan war to stream. I cant help though possibly support gotta have an undo button or something.

  7. 3 hours ago, (XB1)The Neko Otaku said:

    So were starting see more interesting designs with frames with grendal coming out and i wondered, what if DE made a warframe that isn't the traditional humanoid what if we got and animal frame of some sorts?

    Someone forgot to put this up there so im gonna help.

    ^^ Enter the furries:

  8. Okay so I read anothers post of taking warlordship after theyve been gone for a certain amount of time-is there a way to stop that from happening? I woulda just asked in their thread but it didnt feel right since this is my question and its difference from the topic hes talking about. And i already know the answer of not to be gone long but for some of us thats not up to us.

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  9. honestly even if it is in their 'to do' books it would take many years to complete. if theyre still saying things like they 'want' to do it means they havent even struck earth with any of the companies involved yet. my perspective is extremely outside though so dont take it to heart. i dont work for them and i dont know anything passed what i know about making games cross-platorm from my friend who was part of a game that did it and what they said recently about wanting to do it.

  10. 2 minutes ago, (XB1)UpgradeAcorn989 said:

    no, you don´t control them, you recruit them, and then they help you and you help them, it a win win situation.

    you cant just command a clan member to do something and they´ll do it no questions asked

    Each to their own. What I do with my clan and how I run it is up to me. not you. You can get gud and be like me or do it your way, but I'm looking to start a clan war not make a peaceful settlement.


    12 minutes ago, (PS4)The_Verethragna said:

    You're fighting the Terra Embattor Moas, and not just regular Terra Moas right?

    yep its the rng problem i think but im wondering if theres a way other than boosters and nekros or khora or hydroid to get it to go better

  12. Okay how do you get it i know what to farm but nothings happened? Even my friend who plays this more than I ever would hasnt gotten it and THATS saying something. Shes farmed the MOAs for longer and not even she has gotten it. I have all of the boosters and nothings happening and i think she does too.

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